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Best Blender For Making Body Butter

Since body butter is becoming a more popular choice for people looking for skin care products, it’s important to know which blender is the best for making this type of product.  

In this post, we will recommend the best blender for making body butter and explain why it is the best option. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a blender. Thank you for reading! 

Our Top Picks

What Is Body Butter? 

Body butter is a skin moisturizer that has an oil-in-water emulsion with a high content of fatty alcohols which have at least 25% cetyl or stearyl alcohol.  

The main components in body butter are oils (both vegetable and nut derived) and water, and it contains a high percentage of oils in relation to water (olive oil and coconut oil are common ingredients).  

Body butter keeps skin moisturized for hours by creating an oily layer on the surface; this keeps moisture from escaping. Common types of commercially available body butters include shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and cupuaçu butter. 

Body butters are used in cosmetic formulations for their moisturizing properties to dry skin. Some commercial products contain other emollient ingredients such as jojoba oil, glycerin or lecithin that contribute to the moisturizing effect.  

They are also ideal because of their smoothness and buttery texture which is appealing for use by children, for people with skin allergies or skin conditions such as eczema. 

Benefits of using Body Butter

Are you looking for ways to improve your skin? Or are you just here to investigate what body butters have to offer? If so, keep reading! 

Body butter is the new trend in the beauty industry since it provides many benefits for all types of skin. Body butter usually comes in jars or tubs, and they are thicker than regular lotions. You can identify body butter by its thick, creamy texture. 

These are the listed benefits of using body butter: 

  • They make your skin soft and well nourished  
  • They are usually made up of all natural ingredients  
  • Some even help with dark spots or hyperpigmentation on your skin! 
  • They make a great makeup remover  
  • They can also help with acne scarring! 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Blender For Making Body Butter 

Nowadays, making homemade products has become a trend for many people. There are many kinds of homemade products that you can make to pamper your skin and maintain your health. One of the common ones is body butter which contains natural ingredients such as essential oils, carrier oils, herbs, flowers, cocoa butters etc. If you want to make your own body butter, it is important to choose the best blender. 

Today we will discuss this matter in more detail and list some points that you need to remember while choosing a blender for your homemade products. 

List of factors to consider when choosing a blender for making body butter: 

  1. Number of blades: Usually blenders come with two blades, but you can also find models that have four or six blades. However, these are used for commercial purposes whereas for home use two-blade blender is best. 
  2. Horsepower: The power of a blender determines how effectively it can process the ingredients at high speeds to become smooth and creamy. A good horsepower for household purposes is about 0.75 to 1.5 HP per liter of tank capacity. A 2 or 3 HP motor is suitable for commercial purposes, and you need a 5-7 HP motor if you want to process larger quantities at one time. 
  3. Speed: The speed of the blender depends on your needs and usage, but we recommend that you choose a blender with about 5 to 10 speeds. 
  4. Size of the jar: Blenders come in varied sizes and shapes for different capacities, choose one according to your need. Normally a liter size is good enough for home purposes. 
  5. Material of the Jar: Blender jars are made up of either glass or plastic material, both works well for body butter, but if you can avoid using plastic jars. Blender Jars are the most delicate part of a blender, and they break easily when it falls from a height or when there is too much pressure on it. 
  6. Power Cord: Power cords come with different lengths, and you can choose one according to your needs. 
  7. Warranty: You should try to find a blender that comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. A good warranty period is 1 year. 
  8. Price: The price of blenders varies, so you need to select one according to your budget. Also, do not forget to check if all the parts are easily available in markets or not. 
  9. Easy to use: Please choose a blender which is easy to operate and clean. If the blender jar breaks, it becomes more difficult to clean as compared to other parts of the blender. It is better if you select a model that has all attachments such as chopper bowl or juicer jar etc. 
  10. Warranty: You should try to find a blender that comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. A good warranty period is 1 year. 
  11. Customer Reviews: If you have no time to do research on different models then read reviews of other customers who have used this product before, and their experience will help you to know more about it. 
  12. Easy to Clean: Cleaning of blender should be easy, otherwise you will find it very annoying for daily use. 

Follow the above-mentioned points when buying a blender so that you can get the best one which is suitable for your home needs. Also, before purchasing always ask about delivery charges because some companies offer free delivery while others charge a certain amount for it. 

Best Blender For Making Body Butter

Looking for the best blender for making body butter? Check out our top picks! We’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision, plus tips on how to use your new blender. 

1. Best Overall: Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick Immersion

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender Heavy Duty Copper Motor Brushed 304 Stainless Steel With Whisk, Milk Frother Attachments


User reviews

Great power- Sturdy. Love this immersion blender. My old one broke as the casing that hooked the arm onto the motor was plastic and the plastic cracked. When I would use it the arm would spin with the blade because the plastic couldn’t keep it in place. I love the full stainless steel of the attachment on this one. The openings at casing around blade allow for enough air and food to pass in and out so you don’t create suction to bottom of container when using. It purées quickly and smoothly. It’s a little noisy but quieter than my last one. The motor is strong and works perfectly. I love the weight of it – it’s enough to feel substantial but not too heavy to easily use. The placement of the button is comfortable and easy to use while grasping the blender. The blade arm is easy to detach and clean – I just rinse it and toss it in the dishwasher. I have already used it to blend hot and cold items and haven’t had a single issue. I love It. I have had three immersion blenders and use them all the time. This is my favorite one so far. I would definitely recommend and would buy it again.
Super powered and easy to clean. Love this thing. SO easy to use and clean. I need a hand mixer here and there and don’t want to lug out the big stand mixer. I also love it for beating eggs! We make a lot at a time and it is so convenient.
Super Powerful. My old stick blender wore out a while ago, so I shopped around on Amazon to find a replacement. I came across an article that highly recommended this product, and then I saw it was top-rated on Amazon, so when I saw a price drop, I went for it.Fantastic purchase. It works better than I thought – it is wonderfully powerful. I loaded up smoothie materials – and promptly had stuff spinning out of my oversized cup. Once I adjusted to the power, it was quick and easy to use. Occasionally I had to take my finer off the button because the suction the blades created sucked the bottom of the glass up so not much blending was getting done. But about two inches from the bottom of the cup, and everything gets liquified just fine – and very quickly.The device itself, chrome and black with dark blue lights, looks like it cost well more than twice what I paid. And it comes apart easily for washing. It is also easy to rinse clean since it does not have nooks and crannies like my last stick blender, so I don’t have to go digging in to clean it out.I might not have actually needed to get this stick blender, but I have no regrets or remorse over picking it up. It has been a great addition to my kitchen just for making smoothies. But I am also looking forward to making cauliflower soup again as well as other recipes.If you want a stick blender, this is a high quality and effective device. Really glad I bought it.
Works well – don’t break anything though. We have been happy with our Mueller Hand Blender but recently had a negative experience with Mueller. We mainly use the hand mixer for immersion blending soups and such. The whisk is also very handy for whipping eggs and egg whites. Sadly we decided to test the limit of the whisks ability on some cookie dough and the whisk broke. We don’t fault Mueller for that, we used the whisk beyond it’s limits.What disappointed us however is that Mueller does not sell replacement whisk attachments, but has them to send for free if you’re within the product’s warranty. We purchased on Amazon but not through Mueller, so they won’t send us a replacement and WILL NOT SELL a replacement to us.Overall, it was not a deal breaker but it is something that felt helpful for future buyers to know. Don’t push the wisk limit!
Worth every penny. This is the best immersion blender ever! It’s super powerful, well-made, and easy to take apart to clean. We’ve had it for 2 years and love it as much as the first day we used it. Definitely worth it!
Great Quality. Works as expected, good value for the cost, maybe not the easiest to clean after use at least with the blade attachment if you dont do it right away but still a good choice.
Love it. Best of any hand held immersion blenders I’ve ever used! Lightweight, works as advertised and so easy to clean!
Good for a few years, then whisk breaks. I just purchased my third version of this immersion blender and thought it might be useful to others to share my experience.Handles most blending jobs well, including thick split pea soup, potato soup, etc. So much easier than dealing with hot liquids in a blender. I’ve had more expensive immersion blenders that didn’t work as well.BUT, there is a design flaw with whisk attachment. I rarely use it and only for small amounts (cup or less) of whipping cream or similar liquids. (Otherwise I use the stand mixer.) But, after a couple of years, the white plastic part holding the metal whisk breaks. This has happened twice now. I’ve read about others who had the same experience. There’s no way to replace just the whisk attachment.It’s nice the price is low enough that I can purchase another, but it’s obviously annoying and wasteful. I donated the first one so someone could at least use it for blending and suppose I’ll do the same with the second when the new one arrives. Yes, I repurchased, twice. However, I strongly recommend that anyone buying this item understand that the whisk has a limited lifespan and be prepared to replace it every few years.
I had a hand blender I bought from a very reputable company but was a real pain to use and was so disappointed. I once again checked on Amazon. I appreciate their choice recommendations. Well what a pleasure it’s so nice to use, easy to clean and comes with some fun attachments. Once again a very happy customer!
Great product
El producto lo usé para hacer una pasta… el primer día funcionó como me esperaba… super bien, la siguiente vez prendió solo un minuto y se apago, me espere y lo intenté de nuevo… sucedió lo mismo… lo regresé. La estupenda atención, a los ocho días ya tenía mi dinero en la cuenta . Mil gracias
After years of service my previous immersion blender died so I read reviews and took a chance on this one. It has so much more power than my old model and makes quick work of pureeing large pots of soup. I don’t use any of the other attachments so I can’t speak to them but I love this blender for what I use it for.
This is a really decent blender for the money. Blends ice easily. Not too noisy to use. Easy enough to clean. Good value for money.

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The ergonomic design of this ultra-stick immersion blender is ready to adorn your kitchen. However, you can also call this immersion blender intelligently beautiful because it performs exceptionally well. It has the most powerful motor and blades on opposite sides—an ideal mixer for making body butter and other kitchen tasks. 

Due to the non-slippery rubber surface, however, it provides excellent grip. Therefore, consider the Vitamix if you’re looking for a blender with a comfortable grip that lasts for years. Consequently, you may find this option to be the best option. 

In addition, its manufacturing design features a slim, detachable shaft. Furthermore, it has an effective two-speed control system. 

In any case, we are very impressed by all its features. However, its ability to pull food towards the blade and evenly blend all ingredients caught our attention. 

So, if you’re going to make your body butter in the kitchen, consider the following. Then, this immersion blender may be the ideal blender for you. 

Furthermore, you can use this blender for multiple purposes without worrying about its cleaning process. This is considerably simpler than standard blenders. 

Key Features 
  • A blender, frother, and whisk head 
  • Stainless steel, sharpened blades 
  • 500W motor for powerful blending 
  • 9 changeable speeds for increased customization 
  • Turbo mode for when you need it 
  • Didn’t overheat
  • Gives powerful performance
  • Durable and highly recommended
  • Offers one year of warranty
  • Weird whining noise

2. Best Professional Blender for making body butter: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black, Self-Cleaning – 1957


Here is another Vitamix blender that reigns supreme in the blender industry. So, if you’re looking for perfection in a blender, read on. Then this option will satisfy all your requirements because most kitchen professionals consider this best blender a trade secret for making restaurant-style smoothies and peanut butter. 

In addition, its sharp blades generate sufficient power from the motor to grind tough nuts quickly. Typically, culinary experts recommend this blender because of its ability to handle simple to complex ingredients. 

However, this container is suitable for serving family-sized portions due to its larger size. In addition, this blending tool will thoroughly combine all body butter ingredients. Therefore, you can achieve the perfect consistency. 

In addition, automated settings make it easy to clean and leave your blender to perform its function while you do other things. 

Key Features 
  • Low-Profile 64-Ounce Container 
  • High-Performance Motor 
  • Variable Speed + Pulse 
  • Programs Settings 
  • Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades 
  • Self-Cleaning 
  • Well worth every penny
  • Blender cleaning is like a breeze
  • Powerful motor and laser cut blades grind almost everything
  • Container size is amazing for families
  • Expensive
  • A bit noisy

3. Best Smart Blender for body butter: Vitamix A2300

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black


User reviews

Sturdy, powerful, well-made. I love the power on this thing and how sturdy all components are. The jar is made of this light and transparent yet thick and durable plastic. I am not a fan of plastic but I can see all the advantages this has and this particular one is really well built and so easy to clean. I also bought the small shake blender cup and love it but my wife finds that particular one difficult to tighten because she is not as strong as I am in the hands. But I have no issues whatsoever and love the fact that the blade assembly does not need to come apart to clean like on my old Oster blender. This Vitamix can blend a huge pot of soup in one batch. Amazing. And the soups come out super creamy if you just blend it for a minute or so. For cold soups you might want to add a couple of ice cubes or not blend at the highest speed because that speed can actually heat up the liquid. Things to be aware because of the power of this thing. I rarely use the max speed 10, mainly to clean the blades for like 10 seconds. Keep in mind the max speed is LOUD. The lower speeds are just normal, a bit quieter than my old Oster blender. I love this thing and the only thing it’s missing is being able to heat up liquids on lower speeds like to make custard or bechamel like the Thermomix but we are talking about a lot more $$$ for that. This is a powerful blender that I have had for 6 months or so and think will last a decade based on the feel of it.
Five years in we still love it. I rarely write reviews, but recently noticed that we bought this blender five years ago, and thought it was worth writing to share our great experience. We use it every morning for smoothies (with the smaller container), with the full-size container for soup, and even recently bought the food processor attachment to make hummus, chop veggies, and replace my old cuisinart.Yes, it’s noisy, but the quality of the blending is superb. Smoothies come out as smooth as can be, and blended soups develop a velvety texture that I never managed to achieve with our old blender or food processor.The only complaint I have is that sometimes it takes a moment to get it to recognize the container on top (usually means I need to tighten it slightly), but overall, we are thrilled with this appliance. It’s the most expensive blender I’ve ever bought (by a wide margin) but worth every penny. Would particularly recommend if you plan to get some of the attachments, or if you’re a regular smoothie maker.
My Very First Vitamix Blender!! Never Knew what I was Missing. After years & years of buying blenders that broke down within 2 years of owning them, I got so tired of dealing with cheap & flimsily made blenders!! So I finally broke down & decided to get a Vitamix blender. And I’m so glad that I did! Never knew what I was missing!This machine is like no other brand that I’ve owned before!! To say that this unit is an understatement is just nuts!! It has most of the things that you’d ever want in a blender. You’ll get quality, reliability & a long strong warranty that’s unmatched by other brands!It has an automatic timer that shuts off on its own when processing is done, an on / off switch, a pulse switch & a separate power kill switch that shuts off power when you’re done using it. Electronic timer display automatically counts down & shut machine off. High-impact plastic container has no cancer-caiusing chemicals & is completely safe. Lid is made of same materials & has silicone gasket to prevent slash-out of liquids. Has removable smaller cap for use of the tamper or for adding of ingredients. 10-year warranty on entire unit. An automatic temperature-controled safety switch helps prevent motor failure if unit becomes overheated. Tuff plastic motor base. I bought it in red.Makes smoothies, hot soups, grinds grains, kneads dough for bread, drinks, powder sugars & a whole lot more. The motor spins the blade at about 25,000rpm! This hekps create the friction that’ needed to make hot soups!! Get yours today!! You won’t ever regret that you did!!
Loud, but, worth it. I think the common complaint about Vitamix is the sound, but, that’s the power. Does a great job, and I’ll never go back to a cheap brand blender again.
00 does an amazing job turning ice into snow but a Ninja cannot. Wow. Should have bought a Vitamix years ago.I am singularly impressed with the Vitamix Ascent. I sat on the fence about a Vitamix for a while. The 5200 series with blender jar is so tall I would not be able to leave it on the counter because it would not fit under the kitchen cabinets. Some reviewers of the 5300 state it does not blend as well as the taller 5200. The E310 is much louder than all the of the other Vitamix blenders.My prior blenders included a Ninja blender, which for $40.00 does an amazing job turning ice into snow but a Ninja cannot do what a Vitamix can. If all you want is fruit daiquiris a Ninja might be sufficient but if you want to make green smoothies and with spinach or Kale the Vitamix will make a smoothie store caliber smoothie with no clumps and a completely uniform texture. The fiber in the kale is completely broken down. There is the same amount of Kale in every sip and you can see the color of the kale but not the kale itself in the finished product. A Vitamix can do this a Ninja can’t.I also tried a Blendtech which was a huge mistake. The blendtech had black plastic parts in the blade assembly mechanism that shredded or otherwise failed leaving little bits of black plastic in my frozen concoctions. Blendtech has power without precision. Blendtec is a Camero and the Vitamix by comparison is the Tesla Model S.The Ascent 2300 has a stop watch style timer that shows you how long you have been blending. To get one-touch programs you will have to pay more for the 2500 model. On Black Monday there was a huge discount on the 2300 and only a small discount on the 2300, hence this purchase. Everything I have blended so far has come out perfect. This thing can turn sugar into powdered sugar or turn vegetables into hot soup. You can pay for several “almost as good” as a Vitamix blender(s) and live with the compromise for years or go “all in” once and and enjoy the best.This is a superb commercial blender that is in a completely different class than a Kitchen Aid or Oster. Do it. You won’t regret it.
Bought it two years ago and been using it pretty much 5 times a week. Works perfectly still. If I am being nitpicking, sometimes stuff can get stuck under the blade and makes it hard to clean. Other than that, the only drawback is it being pricy.
Broken on arrival and still waiting for a refund!
Very easy to use, clean, and pretty powerful! Can also hold a good amount of volume in it so I can make full soups.
I have heard about Vitamix for years and wasn’t ready to believe all the hype. This seller was selling the red A2300 for a very good price so I decided to try it out. I went with this model because of the 10 year warranty. I was blown away how well it works. Doesn’t matter what I put in it, celery, carrots, nuts, it all becomes an extremely well blended drink without any detectable particles.Should have bought one years ago instead of the multiple cheap one I have purchased.
I wanted to buy a blender for cooking Indian foods like idli and dosa batters and absolutely love this product. I had bought a Ninja before because of cost, but had to return it as it was not grinding rice, lentils etc to a fine paste as desired. This is definitely an investment and so worth it! Also, this model is comparatively quiet and gets the job done in couple of minutes. I am a fan!

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Are you looking for the most effective blender that could be worth your money? Then, acquire a blender that can be used for more than just making body butter. However, it also facilitates completing the numerous kitchen tasks that nearly every recipe requires. 

A wise investment will allow you to utilize your blender for many years. Therefore, this blender can be easily stored in your kitchen cabinet. Additionally, its long cord makes it convenient to use. 

However, if you have children or live in a family, it will significantly simplify your life, from whipping up healthy smoothies in mere seconds to preparing baby food and much more. 

In addition, its pulse function will impress you with its speedy performance. Meanwhile, you are comforted by an investment’s return. 

Well, each feature is valuable. But its most significant characteristic captured my full attention. Amazingly, it unlocks the Vitamix perfect blend app. Therefore, you can access over 500 delectable recipes across 17 programs by pairing with the app. 

Key Features 
  • Low-Profile 64-ounce Container 
  • Self-Detect Technology 
  • Variable Speed + Pulse 
  • Built-In Wireless Connectivity 
  • A built-in digital timer 
  • Pair with the Vitamix Perfect Blend AppUnlock 
  • Easy Cleaning 
  • Stainless steel blades resist corrosion
  • Powerful motor works perfectly
  • Durable and reliable
  • An affordable blender
  • A little bit noisy

4. Best Seller: Nutribullet NBR 0601 Personal Blender

nutribullet Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending, 24 Ounces, 600 Watt, Gray, (NBR-0601)


User reviews

Absolute Game Changer. The NutriBullet has become an absolute game-changer in my quest for healthier living! This compact powerhouse effortlessly transforms fruits, veggies, and nuts into silky-smooth blends that are not only delicious but packed with nutrients.The high-speed blending technology ensures that every ingredient is pulverized to perfection, leaving no room for chunks or lumps. I love the convenience of the single-serve cups – just blend and go for a quick and nutritious boost!Cleanup is a breeze with the detachable, dishwasher-safe components. The sleek design and compact footprint make it a countertop-friendly addition to any kitchen.What sets the NutriBullet apart is its versatility. From morning smoothies to nut butter and even soups, this blender handles it all with ease. The included recipe book is a fantastic bonus, providing endless inspiration for creating healthy and tasty concoctions.If you’re on the hunt for a reliable, efficient, and versatile blender, the NutriBullet is a must-have. It’s more than just a blender; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Highly recommended for health enthusiasts and busy individuals looking to fuel their day with nutrition-packed goodness!
Nutribullet experience. Love my Nutribullet! It’s so easy to use and clean. Am now enjoying making shakes and juices for a healthier life. It’s so durable it can crush chunk of ice. Delivery was fast. Just the right size for me.Highly recommended! Value for money thumbs up!
High Quality, high powered single use shake and smoothies blender. I love this blender. I am glad I thoroughly examined all the photos and saw that this blender actually has 6 blades. It was hard to tell and when I asked questions, every one of them answered with 4 blades and gave negative feedback. Am glad I bypassed it and researched thoroughly because for what it is designed for , it couldn’t be a better choice . I like to put greens and raw ginger in my protein shakes. This blender does it super smoothly, easily and effortlessly in under 1 minute!! I needed a replacement for the magic bullet I used for years which was never powerful enough but it did last awhile. I was eyeing both the ninja and nutribullet personal blender bc even though I have a vita mixer and love it, it’s not always quick and easy nor portable for traveling. I decided to give one of the off brands a shot and of course it wasn’t solid but what the heck as long as it worked well enough. It worked for just shy of 2 months and started smoking and leaking . I feel like all those off label cheaper quality and versions of either nutribullet or ninja blenders are all low end garbage and most likely every one of them is under one umbrella of a Chinese corporation that just does cheap copies of the legit ones even though the legit ones are manufactured in China as well…. If you don’t need all the accessories that go with the full set , this is a great value and does not disappoint!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Very powerful, easy to use and clean. This is a great blender! I’ve never owned a full size blender and got by with immersion blender for ages.This is minimal and can stay out on the counter. It’s so powerful and couldn’t be easier to clean.Great purchase!
Worked great for about 18 months, then quit. I’m so bummed, I love this thing so much and use it multiple times a week for smoothies. It suddenly quit on me today—I guess I can’t complain after about a year and a half of regular use, but I’m disappointed it didn’t last longer, especially since the warranty is only good for a year. It didn’t burn up (no burn/electrical smell), just stopped running mid-smoothie and can’t get it going again.
Blending Innovation and Health in a Cup. I recently purchased the NutriBullet, and I am thrilled with its performance and the unique perspective it brings to my daily routine.What sets the NutriBullet apart is its sleek design, powerful blending capabilities, and how it has transformed my approach to nutrition. As someone always on the go, the NutriBullet has become my go-to solution for quick, nutritious meals.The powerful motor effortlessly blends fruits, vegetables, and even nuts into smooth, delicious concoctions in a matter of seconds. The result is a tasty treat and a nutritional powerhouse that fuels my day. The convenience of preparing nutrient-packed smoothies has made achieving a balanced diet more accessible than ever.Beyond the typical positive attributes, let me share an interesting perspective. The NutriBullet has turned my kitchen into a personal nutrition lab, where I experiment with various ingredient combinations to create not only delicious but visually appealing blends. It’s like crafting a work of art with every smoothie, and the vibrant colors and textures make the entire process a sensory delight.Cleanup is a breeze with the detachable and dishwasher-safe components, adding to the overall user-friendly experience. The NutriBullet has seamlessly integrated into my lifestyle, making it easy to prioritize health without sacrificing time or flavor.In conclusion, the NutriBullet isn’t just a blender; it’s a catalyst for a healthier, more creative approach to nutrition. If you’re looking to elevate your daily intake of vitamins and minerals while enjoying the process, the NutriBullet is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It’s not just a blender; it’s a lifestyle enhancer!
Blends exceptionally well, simple to use. I was looking for a new blender that blended better than my smaller personal blender but was quieter than my Nutri Ninja blender that sounded like a jet taking off. I went with the nutribullet after reading reviews. I love how simple it is to use, just put the cup on the blender and press down and within 5-15 seconds I have a perfectly blended smoothie. It’s still fairly loud but not as bad as the Nutri Ninja so I feel like I can use it in the morning without waking up my apartment neighbors. I’m amazed at how well it blends, I hate having ice or fruit chunks in my smoothies and have not had that problem at all since using it. Definitely recommended if you want a simple blender that works great.
Works how I hoped it would. This works amazing. It blends fast and efficient and is easy to clean. I really like how the rubber gasket is not removable that way it doesn’t come lose and wrap around the blades like the cheaper Wal-Mart ones do. It works exactly like I was hoping it would.
Es un producto muy bueno y viene con dos vasos (uno grande y el otro chico), es un producto muy práctico y facil de usar
Funciona súper bien y el vaso extra ayuda mucho para portar los líquidos
Muy bueno, me encantó!
Me gustó mucho esta licuadora , práctica el vaso para licuar se le quitan las aspas y se le pone una tapa y lo usas para tomar esto es útil y rápido.
Llegó a buen tiempo, funciona al 100% yo lo uso solo para licuados y frapes y es una maravilla. Siempre ando de prisa y así licuó, tapo y me lo llevo a mi trabajo, me ha facilitado mis mañanas diarias

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The Nutribullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor NBR 0601 is an efficient and straightforward blender. A 600-watt motor turns the extractor blades, which makes quick work of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and even ice cubes. There is only one speed, but that’s all that’s needed because the extractor blades are so powerful. Filling a 24-ounce tall cup with frozen ingredients is not a problem. 

The Nutribullet has a simple design and is easy to operate. Separating the cup from the blender’s base after blending (without making a mess) is the most challenging skill to acquire. The bottom base is made of stainless steel, whereas the 24oz cup, removable lip ring, and travel lid are made of BPA-free, hard plastic. Indeed, the cup’s travel lid is designed for smoothies on the go. Moreover, the entire Nutribullet blender is portable and does not require much counter space. As with any blender, they attempt to “juice” ingredients for an extended period, which can wear out the motor prematurely. 

The Nutribullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor NBR 0601 is a good travel blender that is ideal for making smoothies for one. Still, it is not the same as a conventional high-capacity blender. While the NBR 0601 may appear a bit pricey for its size, it is a high-quality product that costs significantly less than a Blendtec Original Professional Grade Pre-programmed ten-speed. The Nutribullet is well-constructed and comes with a one-year limited warranty. If you only make yourself a daily smoothie, then the NBR 0601 is challenging to beat. If you are looking for a blender with a more extended warranty, the Oster Core 16-Speed Blender is an excellent alternative. 

Key Features 
  • 600 Watt 
  • 24 Ounces 
  • Twist Extractor Blade 
  • Essential design 
  • Recipe Book Included 
  • Simple to operate
  • Travel cup
  • Powerful motor
  • Difficult to assemble

5. Best Budget: Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender

Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender to Puree – Crush Ice – and Make Shakes and Smoothies – 40 Oz Glass Jar – 12 Functions – Black and Stainless,8.66 x 6.5 x 14.69 inches


User reviews

Great value. This blender works so much better than I was anticipating. Great for smoothies, milkshakes and really anything that needs to be blended to a purée consistency. The food processing features are not great, so don’t get it for that.
I’m stunned. We are all familiar with the visual of the crotchety, old man shouting at cars driving 3 mph over the speed limit in his neighborhood. When we see him we may think to ourselves, “Geeze guy, settle down, you’re going to pull something…” before it dawns on us that before long, WE will be that crotchety old man or woman. For me anyway, there is this realization that given how jaded I already am at 35 about all of life’s little annoyances that full-on crochetyness is an inevitability…and that it isn’t all that far off.What makes me particularly salty are all the CRAP products out there that CRAP OUT on you before they should. When did it become a bleeping foregone conclusion that 80% of consumer products will turn to worthless CRAP in mere months? $200 for this? CRAP in a heartbeat. $120 for that? Yep, turned to CRAP in lightning speed. Sure, the more you spend the lesser the probability the product will be CRAP but there is no hard and fast rule where “you spend X and you’re guaranteed to avoid CRAP.” It’s a poor commentary on the whole human race in my opinion…but I digress.Every so often however, in the midst of thousands upon thousands of CRAP products here and CRAP products there, you come across a gem. THIS BLENDER, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, IS THAT GEM. I think I paid $29 for this thing when I bought it a few months ago. I figured meh…I can either spend $29 and get a CRAP blender or $100 and get CRAP blender like I’ve historically done in the past…so I decided to go the cheap CRAP option. You can imagine my surprise and utter delight when this beast turned out to NOT be CRAP…but a ray of light and hope in a dark, dark CRAP consumer-product world.I use this blender virtually every night and I’m not easy on it. I jam a lot of frozen fruit down it’s gullet before slamming the puree button without remorse and it gobbles the frozen fruit like Joey Chestnut gobbles hotdogs on the Fourth of July. It’s incredible. I love this blender. I LOVE IT. And to have paid $29 bucks for this thing?! You kiddin me?! Unreal!Despite relying upon reviews, I seldom write them because I’m a busy guy…and that is something I feel badly about. But this freaking blender… I couldn’t NOT write a review. So I hope it helps you make the decision to buy this thing…and I hope when you buy it and start loving it like I do…that it helps you to become just a little less jaded too.March 2022 Update – Oh yes, she’s still goin’ strong! So if you came here looking for CRAP, best keep a walkin’!
Great blender, so far – and a recipe for a delicious smoothie. I picked this up after being unable to find a blender under $30 in any local stores that had decent reviews (I always check Amazon.com for pricing and reviews before purchasing anything). I had purchased a VERY similar model (same brand, and similar features) on impulse at a local store for right at $30, but decided not to even take it out of the box after reading the reviews on Amazon (my phone was dead when I purchased it, or I would have checked the reviews before pulling the trigger). After a bit of research I came across this unit which was a few dollars less, and is the same brand with almost identical features – so I was surprised that it had so much better reviews, but I figured it was worth the gamble and I needed a new blender for my morning smoothies ASAP (my old one was not working at-all). I never took the other one out of the box, so I can’t compare this one to that one – but I can say that I’m very happy with this blender – it works perfectly for what I need it for, and although I have only had it for a few weeks, I haven’t had any problems yet and it seems sturdy enough to last for a while. The problem with my last blender was that the gears the connected the motor in the base to the blades in the pitcher were made of rubber or soft plastic, so over the years they eventually got stripped until they were unable to catch each other enough to make the blades spin. During my search, I came across several models that had metal pieces connecting the blades to the motor which seems like it would be ideal. This model uses plastic, however it seems thick and sturdy enough to last a while. The pitcher is also very wide all the way to the bottom. Many blenders have a ‘funnel’ shaped pitcher that is smaller at the bottom (by the blades), sometimes causing ice or frozen chunks to get caught in the blades which can cause problems with the motor and/or the gears that connect the blades to the motor. Because the bottom of this is so wide, it seems like this happens less frequently because the blades will simply push the frozen chunks aside rather than getting them stuck between the blades and the glass. I rarely used the lid on my old blender, as I don’t usually have issues with the ingredients splashing out – however, the lid of this blender has a couple of features that I really like. One is the spout that allows you to more easily pour your smoothies into your cups with less mess/dripping, and the other is a little ‘flap’ that allows you to easily pour in ingredients while blending without worrying about splashing.I’ve only had this for a few weeks, but so-far it is working very well and I feel confident that it will hold up for a good while. I definitely recommended this for anyone looking for a sturdy, powerful blender in this price range. I’m only withholding the 5th star because I would really like to see metal pieces connecting the blades to the motor instead of plastic – but hopefully this won’t be an issue.BONUS: DELICIOUS SMOOTHIE RECIPE!1. Optionally put 1/2 or 1 full avocado (removed from the skin and separated from the seed/pit) in the blender (depending on how much you are making and/or how creamy and how much avocado flavor you want.2. Optionally add a banana to help thicken it up a bit and add some more nutrients3. Add 2-3 cups (or your desired amount) of any type of fresh or frozen fruit you like. I especially like peaches, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, mango, and cherries.4. Optionally add a scoop of protein powder to add some more nutrients. I use vanilla flavored powder to add a bit of flavor as well. You can also add powdered vitamins such as Airborne, vitamin C, or fiber.5. Mix in about a cup or so (depending on how thick you want your smoothie) of juice. I personally prefer fresh squeezed orange or apple juice, but use whatever you like or have available.6. Optionally add a half cup or so of GoodBelly, or any other type of probiotic or nutrient rich juice. You can also use wheat grass, or something similar to get some extra nutrients.7. Optionally add a half cup or so of kefir or a few spoonfuls of yogurt. I prefer either vanilla or berry flavored kefir which adds some probiotics to your drink, and a bit of sweetness and flavor. Obviously you can leave this out if you prefer a dairy-free smoothie.8 Start blending the ingredients on low, then turn it up to medium once the big chunks start to break down.9. Optionally add a couple tablespoons of agave nectar, or honey as a natural sweetener. You shouldn’t need much, especially if you used sweet juice or flavored yogurt. I prefer raw light agave nectar, and just a couple of squirts is enough.10. Optionally, add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract, or other natural oil or extract for additional nutrients.11. Blend on medium until it begins to ‘fold’ (you should basically have a smoothie funnel/tornado) – if this doesn’t happen within a minute or so, it may be too thick and you may need to add some more juice (or use a thicker straw). Then you are ready to drink. Taste a bit with a spoon or straw first, and add more ingredients as desired to get the perfect texture and taste before pouring.12. Rinse the pitcher and lid with hot water right away to ensure you have a clean blender to use the next morning.This may seem like a lot of steps, but once you do it a few times it takes less than 5 minutes to have a healthy and delicious breakfast that you can drink on your way to work. I always make enough to share with my kids, so I know everyone gets a nice dose of fruit, protein and vitamins each morning. Give it a try, and you will probably be hooked! Enjoy…
Good Quality, Low-Maintenance Blender. We’ve used this blender almost every day for two months for smoothies. It’s a much better option than the two blenders we had before. It doesn’t take long to blend all the ingredients to the ideal consistency without all the obnoxious noise that usually comes with the process. The lid is easy to remove and clean. It’s a good, expensive option for simple blending jobs. It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s just right the price, size, and quality.
Great, great, great. This was a smart purchase to me. Great quality, right weight to stand blending without moving around and it’s glass vase is strong. Great price. GO for it!
Product appears exactly as listed
The product reached totally damaged as in broken in pieces. Have returned the same and asked for a refund.
thank you very much
I’ve used this blender more or less on a daily basis with frozen fruits and vegetables for about two months. I knew that I would be getting a lot of use out of it, and have had experience with both low end blenders (always disappointing) and high end blenders (from working at a smoothie making business), and was a little bit hesitant to purchase one at this price point, rather than investing in a higher end, more powerful one.However, I was happily surprised by both the quality and easy of use of this blender. It has a very solid glass jar (I’ve had bad experiences with cracks in the jars of cheaper plastic blenders). It also comes apart for easy cleaning and can go in the dishwasher. It’s so easy to clean and used so frequently in my household that I rarely need to put it in the dishwasher unless I’m in a rush. The motor may not be as powerful as some more high end blenders, but as long as you make sure to start with a liquid base, it has no trouble blending frozen foods.The only caveat that I have is that, about a month into use, my unit started leaking. At first, I thought it was because I was putting it back together incorrectly, but then I noticed a small crack in the plastic/rubber ring in the cutter assembly. After wondering how difficult it would be to get the part replaced, I continued using it for a few weeks, but finally made the call to the Hamilton Beach office in Canada today.The real reason that I had to post this review was the pleasant and quick service that I got while making that call. All I had to do was give them the product model/series and describe the part that was affected. There was no fuss about proof or purchase or anything else. The new part is free because of the 3 year warranty and they charged me $5 for shipping (which I knew I would be paying anyway because of the clear warranty policy). It should arrive within 7-10 days. When you purchase a product that is not so high end, you sometimes worry about the service that you’ll receive if any problems come up. I will not hesitate to purchase similar products from Hamilton Beach in the future if they have such an easy to access warranty service.
While it’s not supposed to make perfect hummus or baba ghanoush, it actually does! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a food processor and it’s not claiming to be. But it can do a lot more than it says! The blender is very powerful. I have run it for an extended period and the motor didn’t burn out or something. The glass jar went through subsequent hot and cold water and nothing has happened to it so far. So far very pleased with its performance and build quality.I would recommend 100%. Definitely value for money!!

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The Hamilton Beach 58148A could be the ideal blender for you if you want to make milkshakes, smoothies, protein shakes, and sauces that are creamy and smooth. This blender has many speeds and functions, blades designed to produce the softest blend possible, and a compact design. This makes it ideal for those seeking a high-quality, reasonably priced blender that takes up little space and is relatively quiet. This is an excellent option for many people, especially if you can’t afford something like the Vitamix, which is hundreds of dollars more expensive than this one. 

This blender is not perfect, but it works exceptionally well and is an excellent value for many people. In fact, due to its impressive power output, superior speed options, and sturdy construction, the Hamilton Beach 58148A may be the best option for a typical household where juicing and food processing are equally important. 

Key Features 
  • 700 watts: Peak blending power for powerful ice crushing. 
  • Wave action system: 700-watt power blender continuously pulls mixture down into the blades for consistently smooth results. 
  • 12 blending functions: multi-function blender with only 5 simple buttons on the easy-to-read control panel. Power blender creates smoothies, icy drinks, shakes, and more. 
  • Easy to clean: Blades remove for easy cleaning. Jar, blades, and lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. 
  • Clean, easy pour: multi-function blender with unique, no mess pouring spout. 
  • Peak blending power for smooth ice crushing
  • 700-watt power blender continuously pulls mixture down into the blades for consistently smooth results
  • 12 blending functions to meet varied requirements
  • Inconvenient to use

6. Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender

Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented Technology – Powerful 350 Watt – Dual Speed – Includes Beaker, Whisk, 505, Black, MQ505


User reviews

Powerful & easy to use. Love love love this. Easy to hold, easy to use. Works way better than I thought it would. I wish I had bought it sooner.
Lightweight, Easy to use and clean. This immersion blender has only 2 speeds and is not a super high wattage. It does exactly what it needs to do. It is easy to handle, easy to use, most parts are dishwasher safe, and it does a great job.
Woth The Cost. I’ve had, and gotten rid onf, any number of inexpensive immersion blenders over the years. This one is a keeper. The major issue with other blenders has been that the blender to motor connection falls off with the slightest pressure. This one is designed to stay together properly. Yes, it costs as much as three times what the cheap ones do but it will provide 100% less aggravation and last you nearly forever. Not sure why all immersion blenders come with accessories like cups and whisks, I have never used them and, when tested, they’re annoying and useless.
Very Happy So Far. I have experience with a KitchenAide version of a immersion blender very similar to this Braun. So far they are pretty much equal in quality and functionality.I bought this Braun to make fruit smoothies, and have used it just twice so far…. so small sample size. Early impressions are: the 2-speed motor is plenty strong enough; the device and jar are easy to clean; seems pretty ruggedly built; fits well in my hand during use – the motor buttons are easy to reach and operate; the blender shaft release buttons are easy to reach and manipulate; the cord is an appropriate length for use on a kitchen counter; haven’t used the whisk attachment.The mixing jar included in the set is the weakest element here. The volume scale etched/printed on the side is so feint as to be almost impossible to see it. Nearly invisible! (minus 1 star) I’m considering adding some marks / numbers with a permanent marker for easier reference.The KitchenAide version I’ve used has slots in the sides of the cutter-head’s bell shaped housing which allow for flow around and through the housing causing a nice whirlpool like action in the liquid etc you are blending; creating a strong top-to-bottom mixing action. This Braun does not have those slots, and it does not seem to produce that top-to-bottom mixing action. But I dunk and lift the blender up down and around while blending anyway. I’m no cook, so I don’t know if that sort of mixing action produce by the KA version is important to the outcome or not, or just looks cool. What I can say for certain is that using this Braun the fruit gets totally chopped/liquefied and thoroughly blended and the smoothies so far have been delicious!I’d buy this again if needed and I recommend enthusiastically. Happy Blending!!
very powerful. This blender is more powerful than my old one. I like that it is dishwasher safe also, and It’s so easy to clean.
Bought due to ATK recommendation. Very powerful immersion blender. Nice to have the whisk as well. Works well and quickly. Would buy again. Hope it lasts a long time though.
No splash. Solidly made. No splash. Worth it.
Nice, convenient and powerful. I had an old model of the same brand that worked great for many years. When it finally broke down I replaced it with this one. Very nice, more powerful, works great. I am looking forward to using for many years.
I got this because i didn’t like getting out and cleaning up the mixer and blender for small jobs. So far I’ve only used it to whip cream but it does a great job. Takes less time than the mixer, doesn’t splatter all over and makes a lovely thick cream. Seems sturdy and is easy to snap together, take apart. Could to whip cream for a generous portion for 4 desserts. If I had to make enough for 12 I’d use my mixer.
Es muy buena compra, funciona perfectamente, lo único que no me gustó fue que el recubrimiento de plastico que tiene el cuerpo del motor, en donde se sujeta, tiene una superficie que no es tan agradable al tacto, al final ese detalle no es de mi gusto, pero todo lo demás es bueno, lo volvería a comprar
I purchased this mixer about ten months ago and first thing that impressed me was the build quality. The Braun MultiQuick 5 feels sturdy and well-crafted, giving me confidence in its durability. The design is sleek and ergonomic, making it comfortable to hold and control, even during extended blending sessions.One of the standout features of this hand blender is its exceptional power. The 700-watt motor delivers strong and consistent blending performance, effortlessly tackling everything from soft fruits to tough vegetables. I’ve used it to make silky smooth soups, creamy sauces, and even smoothies, and it performs flawlessly every time.The variable speed control is another great feature that allows me to adjust the blending speed according to the consistency I desire. Whether I need a quick pulse or a continuous blend, the MultiQuick 5 delivers with precision.However, since the mixer is pretty loose, I’d rather use a mixer instead. I the whisk part only twice.
Me gusta esta batidora por lo práctica que es para hacer licuados!. Con la licuadora pierdo mucho tiempo en limpiarla y ocupa mucho más espacio, en cambio, con esta batidora manual la limpio en segundos y puedo guardarla en el cajón junto con los cubiertos. Además, es mucho más durable, segura y funcional que otras marcas que conozco a través de amigos y familiares. Maravilloso producto!.
It s just good and durable. Have been a fan of braun forever and this tool is great and handy for soup and easy mixing. Easy to clean and easy to store

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The Braun MultiQuick 5 Hand Blender MQ505 is comparable to more expensive models’ ability to puree soups and smoothies thoroughly. It has a comfortable grip, but we found that pressing its small button for the duration of the blending process quickly became tiresome.  

In addition to a jar for blending, the MQ505 includes a whisk but not a chopper. Although there are cheaper alternatives, we believe paying a little more for a model that does not spray is worthwhile.  

The other low-priced models we tested were more challenging to operate and splashed us with hot liquid, which was neither enjoyable nor straightforward to clean. The Braun MQ505 also pulverized ice and frozen fruit more quickly than the competition. 

Key Features 
  • 350W 
  • 2 Speeds + Turbo  
  • Patented PowerBell System 
  • SplashControl Technology 
  • High-Precision Durability 
  • EasyClick Accessory System 
  • Maximum Efficiency 
  • BPA Free 
  • Consistent performance with minimal splashing
  • Nearly as efficient as the higher-priced Vitamix
  • Ergonomically designed handle ensures a confident grip
  • Doesn’t get hot even under heavy-duty use
  • A generous set of accessories means greater versatility
  • The metal blending shaft and whisk may damage non-stick coatings

7. Best Multifunctional: NXONE Immersion Hand Blender

Immersion Hand Blender,500W-Stepless Speed 4-in-1 Smart Stick Blender with 800ml Mixing Beaker,Milk Frother,Egg Whisk for Smoothies/Puree Baby Food/Sauces/Soups,Black


User reviews

A wonderful blender system for the chef of the house. This hand blender system by Nxone is great for that purpose. the infinite graduated speed selector built into the top allows you to get EXACTLY the speed that you need, not a click above or below. The power button is convenient for thumb pressure, for either right or left handed folks. The ‘turbo’ button automatically kicks it into high gear, no matter what you have selected on the speed control. Now, lets get into the snap on reduction gear attachment with the frother and whisk attachments. This is the first hand blender that I’ve seen with the reduction gear attachment. It slows the speed down by something like 50%. This is much better for the frother and the whisk. It gives you much more control. For the power it has, it’s not that heavy. I mean, it’s solidly built. But, it’s not going to wear out your arm before you finish the task. The measuring / mixing cup is a nice bonus. It’s big enough that you can handle most tasks of any recipe in one unit, instead of using multiple bowls and having that much more to clean up. The whole set is great. I keep it in it’s box, on top of the fridge, where it’s nice and handy. I may be looking for some kind of plastic storage case for it. That would have been a nice thing to include. But, still, this system gets a five star rating from me. Good set.
Very satisfied. I purchased and had some issues, contacted customer service via Amazon and their reply was very quick, they replaced it with a new one free of any charge. I am very satisfied, it’s been several months and it has been working great! I use mine every other day.I do recommend.
Works great. I bought this to make soap with. After several uses, the blender attachment cracked where it attaches to the handle. I contacted the seller who was awesome to work with. They offered a replacement – I was expecting just the blender attachment but they sent a new stick blender.
Good for the price. I used this blender 4-5 times a week for about 15 months before it started acting up. TBH, I am rough on these because I make an almost-daily smoothie with frozen fruit, so it has to work harder than it would with fresh fruits. It still works but is now screeching when it blends rather than just the normal motor noises. I still recommend it, especially for the price, but am now looking for another one. Not ruling another purchase of the exact same one, but since I don’t really use the other attachments I will probably get a unit with just the blending feature.
Gets The Job Done. This Nxone Immersion Hand Blender is EXCELLENT!! Heavy Duty to get the job done. I love the variable speeds; easy power on with a quick access turbo button but you can also adjust the speed by a simple twist of the top stepless speed knob. The sturdy assembly construction may throw you off at first. It took a little more effort to put the pieces together the first time. Maybe it was me wanting to make sure I didn’t break it…? It went together easier the next times. With the attachment features, I’ll no longer need to worry about possibly getting the motor house wet during clean up. That’s a huge plus. No more ugly discoloration from tomato since this is a nice metal blender. I give this an “A”.
Perfect hand blender to make smoothies, cream soup and cream for desserts. The media could not be loaded.  I had many blenders in my life, because I like to do smoothies. This one is perfect in terms of price and quality. So far I have done 2 different smoothies, brocoli cream soup and frangipane cream. In order to make cream I used whisk.On the video you can see i put different kinds of fruits, spinach and avocado and it handles it very quickly. I enjoy this product and I like the price. Very easy to use and make smoothies !
Very powerful hand held 3 in 1 blender. I really like this hand blender. I would definitely purchase again Very powerful and easy to clean.I originally purchased to mix my shakes at work , but this is a little to loud for that. So, I changed my routine around and starting mixing at home before I go to work. 🥰
Easy set up, usage and easy to clean. So far so good…. They had a bad review on the durability but, it is doing a great job for me. I love making banana and blueberries pancake and this thing blends excellent!!
Very sturdy product and i am confident it will last for years. I have been using it for 2 years and my husband and I both love it.
Se me hizo pesado el aparato y en el primer uso, el resorte del espumador se salió
Me gustó el producto y sus facilidades, muy rápido llegó
Me agradaba su potencia pero solo me duro 2 meses !!

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The Nxone immersion best hand blender is handy for making body butter if you’re looking for an inexpensive option with robust performance to blend everything thoroughly. 

Then, this option will meet all your body butter’s blending requirements. This stick blender has a motor that can transform food into the desired consistency. In addition, its sharpening blades will aid in complete blending. 

In addition, a milk frother, an 800ml beaker, a motor base, an egg whisk, and a blender shaft are included. Also, this immersion blender can be used for multiple purposes. 

Key Features 
  • 500W 
  • Sophisticated Design 
  • Sharp & Anti-splash Blade 
  • Super Powerful Motor 
  • Excellent Stepless Speed Control 
  • Super Easy to Clean and Store 
  • Great replacement to heavy blenders
  • Powerful performance
  • An affordable blender for everyone
  • Doesn’t last longer

8. UTALENT Immersion Hand Blender

Immersion Hand Blender, UTALENT 5-in-1 8-Speed Stick Blender with 500ml Food Grinder, BPA-Free, 600ml Container,Milk Frother,Egg Whisk ,Puree Infant Food, Smoothies, Sauces and Soups – White


User reviews

Impressed. This tool is phenomenal, I absolutely love it. It is sturdy, solid, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. I’ve used it several times and every time I am impressed with how quickly it gets the job done, and it takes seconds set it up for use. This is user friendly and durable, very happy with it.
I love it so much. I’ve had this a couple years and until the last few months I mostly just used the food processor, which I ended up liking more than my dedicated Cuisinart processor. I very occasionally used the immersion blender for soups. I tried using the milk frother to blend some cat food into a more palatable consistency for my elderly ill cat (it did great; she still was too fussy to eat it). I don’t need to froth milk otherwise.But!! I recently got into protein shakes and so have actually been making smoothies (frozen fruit + other stuff) with this and it works great for that. I do sometimes have to stop and remove banana chunks from the blades before blending again, but that will do the trick and it will all blend up at that point.And then a couple weeks ago as I was miserably using a butter knife to stir a freshly opened jar of natural peanut butter and sloshing oil everywhere, it occurred to me that the same frother that had blended cat food could probably also handle the peanut butter. THIS! THIS WAS THE MOMENT I DECIDED TO LEAVE THIS REVIEW. It turns out this was a TikTok hack last year, I’ve since discovered. I found a couple articles with mixed feedback from people who had tried using their milk frother to blend their peanut butter and their frother wouldn’t even spin in the non-oil part. Well! Their milk frother is clearly weaker than this one! Even on the first lower setting I was able to blend, and when I kicked it up to the second higher setting away it whirred, easily and perfectly mixing up my natural peanut butter in under 30 seconds into a creamy, delicious spread. Just absolutely mind blowing after years of suffering through manually trying to mix the oil and peanut stuff and getting oil literally everywhere.All the components of this immersion blender are easy to clean, but I will say that if you use your milk frother for other stuff you might not like the peanut butter trick. Piping hot water sprayed at intense speed for a minute will clean off most of the peanut butter but there is a little residue stuck up in the very top of the frother bit. I plan to soak it in vinegar to loosen the last bits. Obviously the milk frother is not intended to blend peanut butter so this is absolutely not a criticism, just a comment if you want to try this.The only part of this I don’t use regularly now is the whisk. I tried to use that once to whisk up some egg whites to stiff peaks and the machine part got too hot to continue using way before those peaks were even soft. I continue to use my trusty hand beater for that.
Works good. Product itself seems a bit cheaply made. But it works. You get what you pay for.
My “go to” for daily use. I use my hand blender almost daily. This product has held up to the rigorous use. My 1st one held up for 3 yrs before I had any issues and since I had purchased the extended warranty I was able to get a brand new one at no cost. But the price is pretty fair for this item. The motor is powerful and fairly quiet, (compared to others I have used) the 2 speed/power buttons are large and ergonomic and it is super easy to clean. The only suggestion I would make would be to have a larger chopper attachment.
Worth buying. Very clever design. It can meet the various needs of making delicious food. Can make a lot of dessert drinks, worth buying.
Simply fantastic. Let’s be real: this is not a cuisine art quality product, but that’s not why you want to buy it. That’s not why I bought it either. I bought it for convenience, space saving, and ease of use. Check check check. And on top of that, it performs each duty I use it for just the way I wanted it to. I’m vegan so I am constantly using that food processor to make cheeses, cheesecakes and more. I freaking love the immersion blender. I’ve made countless soups and many other things with it, and it gets the job done perfectly. On up of that, there are not a million little parts and crevices to worry about when cleaning…it’s a cinch to clean. LOVE this product.
Love this. I am always hesitant to by a kitchen gadget that does only one thing. I am now an empty nester and would never use a whole blender for anything. I can blend ice with it to make protein shake and it blends with ease in a large cup. I haven’t tried anything hot, like a blended soup but I have no doubts it will perform.
Good quality. I used it to prepare my baby food
This is an amazing immersion blender. I love the power, speed and dual blade. Terrific attachments. Love love love it!

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If you’re updating your kitchen appliances and are interested in purchasing a blender, read on. Then, use the best immersion blender to complete your task in seconds. Additionally, it will fulfill your desire to moisturize your skin with homemade body butter. 

Therefore, if you’re willing to purchase a powerful blender that will make your kitchen look radiant, you should do so. Then, the immersion blender tool with its ergonomic design appears. In any case, this blender offers a wide range of capabilities. 

Since it includes a whisk, blender, chopper, and frother, in other words, it will assist in the preparation of smoothies, body butter, soup, baby food, and much more. 

Key Features 
  • 250 Watt 
  • Easy To Clean & Safe 
  • 4 blade system & 8 variable speed control 
  • High-efficiency Blender 
  • 5-in-1 attachment & warranty 
  • All attachments work perfectly
  • Durable for years
  • Offers two years of warranty
  • Requires time to detach attachments

9. KOIOS 800-Watt/ 12-Speed Immersion Hand

KOIOS 800-Watt/ 12-Speed Immersion Hand Blender(Titanium Reinforced), Turbo for Finer Results, 4-in-1 Set Includes BPA-Free Food Chopper / Egg Beater / Beaker, Ergonomic Grip, Detachable


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5 years and counting. I use this guy heavily every year with all the extra tomatoes I have to make some homemade tomato puree for canning. It’s also great for whipping cream, cooking smaller recipes, and anything that involves a smaller batch of ingredients needing blended. Pay close attention to the size of the containers – they don’t hold an insane amount, but they are sufficient for most things I need it for. And even so, I blended about 4 quarts of tomatoes into a puree/marinara sauce with just the blender stick – it took me about 10 mins to make sure I got all the chunks, but it is doable when you don’t have a large blender.Quality: These have been used regularly for 5 years now in batch cooking, small recipes, all types of things. No issues or problems with any of the parts – plastic or metal. These pieces were well designed and are standing the test of time.
Finally an affordable immersion blender that works well for my smoothies. I was apprehensive when I bought this because I hadn’t heard of the brand, but so far I’m very happy with it! I use it every day, primarily to make smoothies. I was disappointed with another blender of a similar price point, which actually had a higher wattage but I had to return it, because it left huge chunks of kale and lumpy consistency, and it was very unpleasant to have to chew through my smoothie. Not the case with the OXA. It blends spinach, kale (chopped up a bit), huge pieces of beets, bananas and berries, all frozen. I do have to use the highest setting for these ingredients, and sometimes the turbo button intermittently, but it definitely gets the job done, gives a smooth consistency and doesn’t leave any chunks. Other blenders I’ve had get really hot quickly, but this one only gets a little warm after several minutes of use, like if you’re making a large batch of soup. Make sure you have enough liquid. My only complaint would be that it is a little loud. The chopper worked quickly and perfectly when I used it to make hummus according to the recipe included in the manual – it came out very smooth and I didn’t have to keep stopping and opening it to scrape down the sides. The whisk works well too. I’m quite pleased with all the attachments, which give you many options. They are easy to change, put together and clean. An old blender I had with similar attachments had a chopper that would somehow fill with water in the top part, which I could never empty out, which was pretty unsettling. That doesn’t seem to be possible with this design though. The blender is ergonomic, with easy to use and well-positioned buttons, and feels solid in your hand. Overall I am quite pleased with the OXA immersion blender.
Its good. It works great for the small tasks, if something needs a quick whipping up perfect, but larger jobs may require something with stronger.. but I do use it often. Well made and easy to use.
Used it for 4 years. It’s a neat food processor and blender in one. I used it for nearly 4 years to chop up veggies and to make smoothies. The motor eventually gave out but definitely worth the money, I just ordered a new one.
A powerful hand blender with additional accessories. Good price for quality product. I had been blending my pureed soups from the instant pot with a standard blender and it became such a pain to transfer the hot soup from the pot to the blender each time, so this was an excellent investment. Now I can easily connect the hand blender and blend the soup right in the pot to a smooth puree consistency!Even though that was my whole purpose for purchasing this item, over the last 2 months I’ve had reasons to use each one of the items in the set. The cup is easy for single serving smoothie with easier clean up than the standard blender. It went through frozen fruits easily and had some difficulty with dates, but the hand blending option makes it easier to get at the pieces than a standard blender. The food chopper is a small size but useful for quick blending. Unfortunately there are no settings or different blades so the food chopper makes everything the same size no matter what setting or what length you blend it at. I was able to make a great cheesecake crust consistency by blending cookies and nuts together. The whisk is good for quick mix but dry ingredients do get all over the place so it’s not my first choice for baking.I’m rating this based on its function as an immersion blender itself because it was worth it for me to buy it for that purpose. The motor is powerful and it is easy to use. Other items in the set are added bonus. I like multipurpose kitchen gadgets and like that these items are small and compact for my small family. I expect if you have more mouths to feed the small smoothie cup and the small food chopper might be useless.
Great hand blender. Easy to use and has held up well
OXA 4-in-1 Hand Blender: a Powerful Device with Cheap Attachments. This is the first hand blender that I have owned and my impressions of this product have been quite positive thus far. The device itself is very sturdy and surprisingly powerful for this price point. It functions well and cleaning the device and attachments are very easy.The other goodies that come packaged with the blender are definitely on the cheaper side, but still function. The whisk attachment is rather flimsy but still performs as it should. I mainly use it for mixing small batches of liquid ingredients. I’m unsure as to well the chopper works with harder foods like nuts (as the package claims) because, to reiterate, it feels a bit cheaply-made. However, I can say it works very well with frozen fruit, which is what I primarily use it for. The 600ml beaker is easily the cheapest of the added goodies but the size/shape of the beaker works well with the device.In sum, the quality of the device itself is quite good, though the attachments are rather low-quality. It serves its purpose and works well for those with limited kitchen space. I purchased this product in November 2017 as part of a Daily Deal special and continue to use it regularly.

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Want to acquire the most powerful blender that can handle making body butter and all other blending tasks in minutes. Then, KOIOS provides a hand blender that will serve as an ideal kitchen companion. 

This powerful blender has a 12-speed control system that can be adjusted to your preference. This blender will save you money due to its durable construction and additional features. 

Well, its blades are composed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. In addition, its blades have a protective shell to prevent food from splashing or sticking to them. 

The 800-Watt KOIOS Immersion Blender is one of the best immersion blenders for soap making and other light kitchen tasks. 

Key Features 
  • 800-Watt 
  • 8-inch Blending Shaft 
  • 12-speed + Turbo 
  • 360° Installation & Disassembly 
  • Fixed Rotary Core Design 
  • Anti-splash 
  • 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Titanium-reinforced Blade 
  • Performs flawlessly
  • Has a more powerful motor than traditional stick blenders
  • Useful for multiple kitchens hacks
  • Can’t blend hot liquids

10. Elite Gourmet Immersion Hand Blender

Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X Electric Immersion Hand Blender, Mixer, Chopper, 1-Touch Control Multi Purpose Electric Immersion Stick, Mixer, Chopper, 150 Watts, For Soups, Sauces, Baby Food, White


User reviews

Indispensable Kitchen Tool. I live in a studio without much counter space, so I have no space for a blender. I decided an immersion blender would be best to purée soups. I’m glad I bought this. I used it to make roasted cauliflower soup and it’s a powerful little sucker. Noisy but powerful. Easy to clean and put away. However, just to be on the safe side, I wouldn’t use it in a really hot pot still on the stove. I usually wait until my soups are warm to purée. Highly doubt this blender could withstand that high of a heat, and also, just isn’t safe either.
Love it. I never used a stick blender before getting this one but I love it. It really does the job and super easy to clean, just rinse well or put in the dishwasher. Easy to assemble. Very happy with this little gadget.
Works well but. It works great for now but it is not high quality and I k kw I will be replacing it sooner rather then later.
Price is unbeatable@. How can I say I absolutely love it it’s just that simple! I recommend this to everybody who needs a small portable hand blender can’t beat the price quality is great and works wonderfully!
You get what you pay for. On initial use, my opinion is that this item isn’t built to last very long. The entire drive line on it is made of plastic, as is the coupling. Honestly, if it lasts a year, with minimal use I’ll be surprised. It does have what appears to be a stainless steel blade, which from a design point is useless if you use a plastic drive shaft and coupling. The instant the blade hits anything that causes resistance, the entire drive on it is going to fail. Since each shaft appears to be a single piece casting, all it will take is one bump to the blade, while it’s spinning at a high rpm, and it’s going to catastrophically fail, with no chance of rebuilding or repairing it.Even a small O.D. steel drive would’ve been acceptable, and wouldn’t have increased production maybe a few cents and would make the difference between the junk that it is, and an almost reliable kitchen tool. Save your money on this one and buy one that’s better built, would be my advice. Even with the discounted it price we paid it’s not worth it unfortunately.
Broke after first use. I used this for when I make soap and it burned out after the first use. I wouldn’t consider blending oil and water a very difficult task, but this blender did not hold up to the task. After about 3 minutes, it started smoking. I let go of the button, saw the smoke, unplugged it and took it outside. I let it cool down, plugged it back in and pushed the button and there was nothing. This also has no button for it to be continuously on. It’s only when you’re pushing the button that it turns on.Kind of dissapointed, but I suppose you get what you pay for. I thought I would at least get a few months of use out of it though..
Ok. Sent I back, did not work for me.
Perfect blender. I absolutely love this. Blending my protein drinks takes a second . Smoothies are easy to make. Lots of power
Blending soups
Me encantó super buen producto, fácil de usar. Lo recomiendo.
A great deal for $15, it works really well.
Fácil de usar y de limpiar
I feel like its going to break if I am not gentle with it, 😔.

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Another best immersion blender is available to assist you in making body butter. Therefore, if you are looking for a practical blender that is simple to use, consider the following options. 

Then, this elegant immersion blender will fulfill all of your immersion blender requirements. 

Furthermore, it has sharp blades that can transform food into the desired texture. You will appreciate using this portable and lightweight blender. In addition, it includes a removable rod that can boil eggs in a few minutes. 

Key Features 
  • Powerful 150W motor blends, purees, mixes and chops as well as blend healthy drinks, shakes, sauces, soups, and more 
  • Blend, chop, mix right in your pots, bowls, juice pitchers – few dishes mean fast cleanup 
  • Easy clean-up with dishwasher-safe and BPA Free detachable rod, stainless steel blades are durable and stain resistant 
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle takes up less storage space 
  • On/Off button with fingertip control for simple one-touch operation 
  • Easy to clean
  • Have anti-splash blades
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t last longer

FAQs about best blender for making body butter

There is no need for heating to retain the maximum amount of nutrients, and all that is required is a food processor or blender. This homemade body butter recipe is simple to prepare and makes an excellent present for friends and family! I’ve been using this recipe for over five years and haven’t experienced dry skin at that time. 

A lot of people have asked me how I’m able to successfully blend all the ingredients together without any grains or chunks after just 5 minutes. All the ingredients are frozen into blocks, so they’re easy to throw in, and you can even blend nuts without having them turn into nut butter! 

My favorite feature is the ” Wild Side ” jar, which is shaped differently than any other blender I’ve ever seen. This allows all the ingredients to be pulled down toward the blade, making the blending process a million times easier. The jar’s design also makes it way easier to remove all the finished products from the blender. If you’re going to use a regular blender, I suggest cutting everything into small cubes first and maybe letting them sit out for 10-15 minutes before trying to blend. 

Refrigerate the mixture for a few minutes after adding all ingredients and thoroughly mixing. Then, using a powerful blender, give at least 8-10 minutes to create a consistent and fluffy body moisturizer. 

Suppose you own a high-powered immersion blender. Then, you can use it for virtually any blending task because immersion blenders are compact and convenient to use. 

Yes, an immersion blender is ideal for creating body butter. All you need is a powerful immersion blender to give your body butter a velvety texture. 

Utilize a mixer to begin mixing the shea butter. If your mixer comes with a whisk attachment, use that instead of the beater heads. While a stick blender may be used, I’ve found that the results are less than ideal. Approximately 5-7 minutes later, continue mixing the shea butter. 

To begin, melt the coconut oil, cocoa butter, and 1 cup of shea butter in a double boiler or small saucepan over low heat. Once the mixture has solidified, remove the bowl from the refrigerator, place it in the kitchen aid, and whip the body butter (a hand mixer also works). 

Note: While Body Butter can be stored at room temperature, it may liquefy depending on how warm it gets during the summer months. In that case, you may want to refrigerate it. Due to the absence of preservatives, this product has approximately three months of shelf life. 

An excellent professional blender should have a power output of between 1200 and 1500 watts. They are also the most versatile due to their high wattage and power. They can perform quick chop jobs, both dry and wet, and more complex tasks, such as producing nut butter or frozen sorbet with little to no liquid. 

Again, the consistency of body butter is highly temperature dependent. If the body butter is way too soft when you’re whipping it up, try freezing it for 10 minutes and re-whipping it. If the temperature in your room is extremely high, the body butter will feel softer and possibly less airy. 


It’s a difficult task to establish a high-quality product in a crowded market. However, we have already researched the best blender for making body butter to avoid any misunderstandings. 

As a result, you can quickly obtain your cost-effective product. Hopefully, this review has aided you in selecting a blender for making body butter. 

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