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How to make body butter by blender

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Can a blender really make a rich, creamy body butter? 

Yes! I have made body butter with a cheap blender, and it works great. It can even be whipped up in minutes – no hand-stirring required! In this article I will show you exactly how to do it. 

If you would like to learn more about different ways to make body butter, please visit my blog post about the differences between making body butter with a blender, food processor and hand-stirred method. I will also give you some nice recipes for creamy body butter to try out! 

How to make Body Butter Using a Blender 


You can use any ratio of butter and oils that you like. For a reference point, I usually use about 30 grams of cocoa butter and 30 grams of shea butter. Then 60 milliliters (ml) of apricot kernel oil and 60 ml grapeseed oil.  

You can even do 100% oils, such as 90 ml sunflower oil and 10 ml sesame seed oil. The possibilities are endless! 

I prefer to use cocoa butter and shea butter in my butters. You can buy them in bulk at reasonable prices online. I also enjoy using apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil and rice bran oil. My favorites for body butters are sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil. 

If you use pure oils in your recipes, remember to add a few drops of vitamin E per 100 ml of the base oils. Vitamin E helps prevent rancidity. If you have any questions about this step, please post them in the comments section! 


1. Start by melting your butters and oils over a double boiler or in the microwave (be careful with the hot liquid). You can even melt them directly in a cup or mug using very short bursts of heat from the microwave. I usually do it all at once and then transfer everything to a larger glass jar to have a blend-once-use-twice kind of situation. 

2. Once everything is melted, add a few drops of essential oil if you want to and stir well. The amount will vary depending on the oils you’re using, but just go with what smells nice to you!  

3. Pour your liquid mixture into your blender and blend until you get a creamy consistency. Make sure to scrape down the sides occasionally so that everything can be blended evenly! 

4. Pour your body butter into a jar and leave it to thicken. It might take an hour or two, depending on how warm your home is and how much liquid was in the recipe. Less liquid will speed up the process. 

5. Done! Enjoy your body butter and use it as needed on dry skin spots or all over your body for a luxurious experience! 

What Are the Benefits of Body Butter? 

Body butter is rich and creamy, just like you see in most commercial creams and lotions that you buy from the store. But commercial creams and lotions usually contain added chemicals to make them lighter, creamier, more fragrant etcetera. These can irritate sensitive skin and clog up pores for those with acne-prone skin. 

Body butters are a great alternative! They are all natural and generally do not cause any irritation or clogged pores. In fact, I have not come across a body butter recipe yet that caused negative reactions on my skin. So, they are perfect for those with sensitive skin and/or acne-prone skin! 

In addition to being all natural, they also make your skin feel nice and soft. They sink into the skin quickly and you can also use them before applying makeup to keep your skin silky and smooth. 

Why should you make homemade Body Butter? 

Homemade body butter is the answer to many problems you might have with skin care. Mainly, here are some reasons why you should try making your own homemade body butter: 

  1. Usually Body Butter is not cheap, but when you make it yourself, it will be easy and fast. 

  1. Homemade body butter is extremely easy to make.    

  1. DIY (do it yourself) body butter is fun and fast to make, and you can customize your own blend of essential oils for fragrance or skin-healing properties. 

  1. Homemade Body Butter usually comes in a tube like normal everyday lotion but is thicker and more moisturizing. 

  1. Homemade body butter can be made with all-natural oils such as cocoa, mango, shea or other exotic butters that are usually found in the B&BW lotions that we love so much! 

  1. You can customize your homemade body butter: you can add in elements like Vitamin E (which acts as an antioxidant to help promote skin elasticity), mango butter (an exotic butter that is known to moisturize the skin), etc., etc. 

  1. You can make your own homemade lotion which saves you even more money than before! 

  1. The only ingredients you need to make your own homemade body butter are a double boiler, a hand mixer, and some ingredients. 

  1. Homemade Body Butter can be customized; it can be made with all-natural ingredients which won’t clog pores or cause allergic reactions like other commercial products. 

  1. You’ll get to brag that you made your own all-natural body butter!   

  1. No one else on the block makes it this way, making your homemade body butter truly unique. 

  1. It’s fun! You can make DIY body butter for gifts or just to save money. 

  1. Your homemade Body Butter will be free from colors, preservatives, and other random chemicals that are not good for your skin. 

  1. You have a new challenge that will test your creativity.    

  1. Most importantly: Your body butter will leave your skin feeling softer than ever!   

How Long Will Homemade Body Butter Last? 

The really nice thing about body butters is how long they will last you! They do not contain water, so the only thing that could go bad over time would be the oils and butter themselves (e.g., cocoa butter turning white). 

Cocoa butter will turn white after a long time exposed to light and air because it reacts with oxygen. If you’re making body butters for gifts, you’d be better off using dark glass jars instead of clear ones that allow the light in. This way your body butter won’t look as nice after a while, but it will still be safe to use and effective at moisturizing! 

As for the oils in your body butter, most can last you a very long time even if exposed to light and air. Coconut oil is an exception because it will become solid when cooled down. If this happens, just melt the coconut oil again by placing the jar in a bowl of hot water before using. 

As a rough estimate, I would say that you could expect your body butter to last for about a year without going bad. This is even more impressive if you’re using pure butter and oils. 

More Body Butter Recipes 

Here are some of my favorite homemade body butters. They’re all easy to make and the ingredients are common enough that you’ll be able to find them in any supermarket or local health food store. 

You can use the blender method I showed above to make these recipes, or you can simply melt the ingredients together. If you opt for melting them together, try using a double boiler so that you don’t accidentally burn the ingredients. 

Lavender Body Butter 

Ingredients: 2 parts shea butter 1 part cocoa butter 1 part coconut oil 20 drops lavender essential oil 


  • Melt all ingredients together except for the lavender essential oil.  
  • Remove from heat and allow to cool down a little bit, then stir in the lavender essential oil.  
  • Pour into a jar or tin and leave to cool down completely before use. This is also an excellent recipe to give as gifts during the holiday season. 

Coconut Lime Body Butter 

Ingredients: 2 parts coconut oil 1 part shea butter 20 drops lime essential oil 


  • Melt ingredients together in a double boiler or over very low heat.  
  • Stir constantly until all ingredients are melted and mixed thoroughly (this is important if you want to avoid having your body butter come out grainy).  
  • Remove from heat and allow to cool down a little bit, then stir in the lime essential oil.  
  • Pour into jar or tin and leave to cool completely before use. 

Coconut Mint Body Butter 

Ingredients: 2 parts coconut oil 1 part cocoa butter 20 drops peppermint essential oil 

Instructions: Melt all ingredients together except for the peppermint essential oil. Remove from heat and allow to cool down a little bit, then stir in the peppermint essential oil. Pour into jar or tin and leave to cool completely before use.  

If you live in a very warm country, your body butter will probably be liquid when you remove it from the heat source because coconut oil melts at 24°C (75.2°F) and cocoa butter melts at 31°C (87.8°F). This is nothing to worry about; you’ll just have a thinner body butter that will take longer to cool down and solidify in the jar. 

FAQs About How To Make Body Butter By Blender

Body butter is, as the name implies, butter for your body.  Specifically, it’s a blended mixture of oils and butters that are whipped with air to create a light fluffy texture with high staying power.  I use cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter and more, along with several different oils, but you can use whatever combination of ingredients sound good to you. 

When applied to your skin, body butter acts as a barrier between your skin and the environment. It holds in moisture and helps prevent water loss from occurring by sealing it up in your skin. This means that your skin stays hydrated, healthy and fresh for longer periods of time.  It can also soften rough, dry patches on your skin to give you more of a radiant appearance. 

You will need some mason jars or any other airtight container, a blender and the ingredients to make your body butter.  I also recommend using stick or immersion blenders because they are less likely to overheat while blending your butters. 

Blenders are more efficient at this type of mixing because they integrate air into the product, which gives it its light fluffy texture.  You can use a hand mixer or an actual whisk to mix your ingredients, but it will take considerably longer due to the added friction from having to whip the product yourself. 

You can find all the ingredients you need at the grocery store.  I recommend using cocoa butter and shea butter because they are very high in stearic acid, which helps your skin to hold onto moisture.  Pick out whatever combination of oils and butter you like the smell of or that sounds good to you! 

Stearic acid is a waxy substance derived from vegetables; however, it doesn’t contain any dairy products.  It is a common emulsifier used in beauty products.  The properties of stearic acid are like that of oleic acid, which is found in olive oil and other vegetable oils, making them ideal for use as an emulsifying agent. Stearic acid is a non-comedogenic fatty acid, which means that it does not clog pores. 

I know some people have sensitivities to products containing stearic acid, so I try to use enough of my alternate ingredients, such as Vitamin E oil and olive oil, so that the body butter formula still ends up being effective without causing a reaction. 

Here’s a basic recipe to get you started: 

Start by melting your butters and oils in the microwave until they’re completely liquid. (I like to double or triple this recipe and use 4 mason jars so that I can gift it away or store some for later). 

Once they’re melted, whip them with an electric mixer or immersion blender until they become light and fluffy. (This is also when you add your essential oils) 

Transfer the mixture to your mason jars and set overnight before using it. 

I usually package my body butter in pint sized mason jars.  I double or triple my basic recipe and use 4 mason jars to give away as gifts, which is how I ended up with the 8 different scents that can be found on my website! 

To stick with the rustic charm of the body butter, I package it in paper bags (which you can also find on my website), but you can always package it however you’d like.  I also make mini versions of the product to put in my business’s easy shop, which I package in lip balm tins or small glass jars with lids. 

Apply a thin layer of body butter to your skin after showering or whenever it feels dry.  The small jar size is perfect for traveling with, so you can take them everywhere! 

Of course! You are only limited by your imagination here.  You can add whichever healthy ingredients sound good to you or those you have available.  Some ideas include Vitamin E oil, olive oil, shea butter, coffee grounds, ground rice or oatmeal, sea salt, essential oils and many more. 

I’ve included a couple of my favorite recipes below: 

Cocoa Butter Body Butter Scrub with Coffee Grounds 

-3/4 Cup Cocoa Butter (or whatever butter you prefer) 

-1/2 Cup Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (feel free to use a combination of either!) 

-1/4 Cup Natural Sugar 

-1 tsp Vitamin E oil (optional) 

*Mix all the ingredients together until they are completely combined and smooth, then transfer to a glass jar.   

Olive Oil Body Butter with Oatmeal -3/4 Cup Shea Butter (or whatever butter you prefer) 

-1/2 Cup Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (feel free to use a combination of either!) 

-1/4 Cup Oatmeal 

-Large pinch Fine Sea Salt (optional) 

*Mix all the ingredients together until they are completely combined and smooth, then transfer to a glass jar.  Add a few large pinches of oatmeal on top before serving for a beautiful presentation!   

All the recipes on my website are 100% safe to use for this purpose.  You can also find a lot of great recipes on Pinterest. Just search “soap making” or “body butter recipe” and you’ll get tons of results!     

No. It does not have to be stored in the fridge, but it can certainly benefit from some time spent there.    

Yes!  Any nut or seed oil will do. I’ve used apricot kernel oil and soybean oil before which worked great.  You can also use a combination of several oils/butters to get the desired effect.  I’ve found that this type of body butter doesn’t need an oil with Vitamin E or it will separate, but feel free to experiment! 

In my own personal experience, this type of body butter doesn’t travel well because it melts in the heat. I package them in pint sized mason jars and double or triple my basic recipe.   


Making your own body butter is easy, timesaving and can be done in minutes. This blog post outlines the steps to making a delicious smelling all-natural moisturizer that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, so you don’t have to worry about it ever again! I hope you enjoy reading this post on how to make body butter by blender. 

This post has given you the basic recipes for making body butter, along with some helpful tips to get started. There are so many variations of this recipe that can be tried in different situations, depending on your own personal preference and needs. Keep experimenting until you find one that suits all your skin-care needs! 

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