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Top 10 Best Cleaver Knife In The World

The kitchen can be challenging, especially if your knives are outdated. There is nothing worse than an old knife that no longer appears to sharpen. 

When it comes to slicing and chopping, you may have an abundance of knives, but none of them appear to be up to the task. Consequently, you may wish to purchase a new knife, such as a cleaver that can effortlessly slice through vegetables, meat, and even bone. 

However, how does one select the best cleaver? How do you determine which cleaver knife is suitable for you? There are numerous fantastic blades available, and this may be your first. It is difficult to determine which cleaver knife will bring you honor. Thus, we are here to assist you. 

Whether you’re a home cook looking to spice things up in the kitchen or a professional chef in search of a new cleaver knife that can live up to their high cooking standards, you’ve come to the right place. We have the answers you seek. 

Our Top Picks 


Why the best cleaver knife is an essential kitchen tool? 

cleaver knife is an essential kitchen tool for any home cook. It is a versatile tool that can be used for chopping, mincing, and slicing meats and vegetables. A good-quality cleaver knife will last for years and make your cooking tasks more accessible and efficient. 

There are many different types of cleaver knives on the market, but not all are created equal. When choosing a cleaver knife, it is essential to consider the size, weight, and blade material. The knife size should be appropriate for the tasks you will use it for. For example, a smaller knife is better suited for chopping vegetables, while a larger knife is better for slicing meat. The knife’s weight should be comfortable for you to use, and the blade material should be durable and easy to sharpen. 

The best cleaver knife is made from high-quality materials and designed for durability and comfort. It should be able to handle all your kitchen tasks with ease, and it should be a pleasure to use. If you are looking for the best cleaver knife, we recommend the following models. 

How To Use Cleaver Knife 

A cleaver knife is a great tool to have in your kitchen. It can be used for various tasks, such as chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and even opening jars. If you’re unsure how to use a cleaver knife, don’t worry – it’s simple. This article will show you how to use a cleaver knife like a pro. 

First, you’ll need to choose the right knife for the job. If you’re only going to be using it for chopping vegetables, then a smaller blade will suffice. However, if you plan on using it for slicing meat or opening jars, you’ll need a larger knife. 

Once you’ve chosen the right knife, it’s time to start. To chop vegetables, place the vegetable on a cutting board and position the cleaver blade horizontally. Then, raise and lower the blade to chop through the vegetable. 

If you’re slicing meat, you’ll need to hold the cleaver at a slight angle. Start by positioning the blade near the top of the meat, then slowly draw the blade down. For thicker cuts of meat, you may need to use a sawing motion. 

Opening jars can be a bit tricky, but it’s doable with a cleaver knife. First, make sure that the jar is secure on the countertop. Then, place the blade of the knife against the lid of the jar and apply pressure. Slowly twist the knife to loosen the lid. Once it’s loose, you should be able to remove it by hand. 

There you have it – everything you need to know about using a cleaver knife. With a bit of practice, you’ll be chopping, slicing, and opening jars like a pro in no time. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Cleaver Knife 

Before purchasing a new cleaver knife, you should consider how it will function. Whether this is your first cleaver knife or an experienced user, you want to ensure that the blade is of the highest quality and matches your intended use and capabilities. 

Let’s examine some of the most fundamental considerations. 


Undoubtedly, the blade is one of the most important aspects when purchasing a cleaver knife. From the blade’s tip to the end of the handle, cleavers are typically no more than 15 centimeters long. 

Most of the time, the best blades are crafted from a single piece of stainless steel. The ideal blade is hefty enough to tackle large food types and sharp enough to make clean slices. The blade should also be well-forged to retain its sharpness despite heavy use. 


The handle is the most critical aspect of a knife, as it becomes an extension of yourself. Full tang is an important quality to look for. 

If you do not know what a tang is, it is the core of the handle, typically metal and running down the middle; it is generally covered in rubber or plastic. A handle with a full tang will be long-lasting and well-balanced. 

You should also consider the handle’s comfort; if you intend to use it frequently, you want to avoid any discomfort. 

Seek out a blade whose handle shape is praised for its user-friendliness. Full-tang handles encased in rubber or wood, such as pakka, offer comfort and non-slip properties. Although plastic and stainless-steel handles are usable, they can become slippery and should be avoided. 


Another factor that you are going to want to consider when it comes to choosing the best cleaver knife is the price. You will want to find a blade that is affordable for you but that is also going to be able to provide you with the quality that you need. 


Finally, you are also going to want to consider the warranty that is offered on the knife. You will want to find a knife with an excellent warranty to ensure that it will last you for a long time. 

When choosing the best cleaver knife, these are some of the main factors you will want to consider. Make sure that you consider all these factors before making your purchase to be sure that you are choosing the best option for your needs. 

10 Best Cleaver Knife In The World

As a home cook, you might not think you need a cleaver. But, believe it or not, this big knife can be one of the most versatile and indispensable tools in your kitchen arsenal. 

A cleaver is a large, heavy knife that is used for chopping through bone and other rigid materials. It’s also great for mincing and dicing vegetables and can even be used as a makeshift hammer to tenderize meat. 

So, a cleaver is an excellent option if you’re looking for a versatile knife that can handle just about anything. But with so many on the market, it can be tough to know which one to choose. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the ten best cleavers on the market to help you find the perfect one for your kitchen. 

1. Best Overall: Wüsthof 6-Inch Classic Cleaver

WÜSTHOF Classic 6" Cleaver Knive


User reviews

Wusthof 6″ Cleaver #4680. The Wusthof 6″ Cleaver is an exceptional blade. It is also a blade designed for axe-like chopping through heavy muscle and bone, it is not the intended for knife-like cutting. Very sharp blades tend to dull very quickly when chopping, which is why cleavers are supposed to have an axe-like edge. The cleaver has an especially tough edge meant to withstand repeated blows directly into thick meat and dense cartilage and bone.Wüsthof does NOT make a set specific cleaver for any of their premium cutlery collections, with the exception of the Grand Prix II (4675). The 4680 and 4685 cleavers are forged in Germany from one solid piece of Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium steel alloy. They also match my Classic and Classic Ikon knives very well.*Note: Some people commented about getting a Gourmet Cleaver (4688). That is NOT a cleaver, that is a stamped, stainless steel Chinese Chef’s knife; there is no cleaver in the Gourmet line. It looks very much like a cleaver, but it is designed for slicing vegetables, not chopping through meat and bone. If it isn’t a 4680, 4685 or 4675, then it isn’t a Wüsthof cleaver. (Confirmed with Wüsthof USA.)
Great handle and cleaver. My husband (a chef) loves using cleavers nit inky fir meat but for regular slicing and dicing. He’s pleased with the size and weight of the knife as I guess this is important for some (he likes a heavier knife). Only issue I have is the knife pictured is a bit different than the one we received but found out it is due to Wustof changing the design on the handle. This does not detract from the overall quality of the knife at all…
Great Cleaver, Great Company. It is a great cleaver, a little heavy for me but for the right application you will not find a better one.
Great Christmas Gift. This is a great christmas Gift. My daughter-in-law is a great cook, and had a cleaver on her Christmas wish list. I looked at several, and like the curve in the blade and balance. It’s much nicer than my old handmade meat cleaver. More importantly, though, it’s a great gift, opening the opportunity for a ton of jokes about finding a “hatchet” under the tree.
horrible care of the knife. The knife have metal shavings on it like someone forgot to sharpen it and then did a horrible job it was fairly dull and when told about it was offered 15$ or to return it. I do not trust this seller and no one should horrible care go somewhere else better!
Great knife. Christmas gift to go w knife set.
Great sturdy knife, with it’s flaws. It’s a great addition to any chef’s knife set. There are three major draw backs though. First, you may not always find a use for it, so it may sit in your case gathering dust. Secondly, the handle can be tough to get used to. I am used to holding any knife higher up on the handle for better control, but you have to hold lower on the handle with this cleaver or it will tear up your hands while you’re cleaving. The third is how different of a honing technique this has than any other Wusthof blade. Other blades are usually held at a sharper angle when honing, but the cleaver is held at a much steeper angle. It takes some getting used to, but after a while it’s easy to remember and easy to keep in shape. Other than that it is great. It guts through light bones quite easily, once you get down the different honing technique it stays extremely sharp, and it makes loads of cutting so much easier.
A classic meat cleaver. Wustoff makes good knives, and this is one of their Classic series. It’s a good meat cleaver.
Fantastic product!! Got this for my mother for Christmas and she absolutely loves it!
I do love it and even love the fact it was sharpened a bit which isn’t that common with cleavers.The only thing that didn’t go perfect was that the blade could’ve been properly finished on the sharpening as it came with an annoying burr that stood out as soon as I washed and how fast it started pulling on the cloth I used to clean it.I’ll need to work it out when I have a bit with a stone and a strop, but even without those, it was good and ready to go as it arrived.
Excellent article , j adore cet instrument ,la qualité allemande est au rendez vous , achat sans regret , le prix n ‘est pas donné mais la qualité est la
Buon prodotto, adatto ad un uso saltuario come il mio e per tagli di carne medio piccole. Lama affilata, impugnatura buona.Bella pesante e robusta.
A bit pricey but excellent quality

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Anyone who has ever held a WÜSTHOF knife knows that the company is a quality premium. Their knives feel good in the hand, both in terms of ergonomics and balance. The WÜSTHOF 4680/16 – 16 cm Cleaver is not an exception. It is a very comfortable blade to hold. 

Blade sharpness is where the 4680/16 – 16 cm Cleaver departs from standard WÜSTHOF knives. My experience with WÜSTHOF’s Classic line of knives, for instance, has been that their edges are lovely and remain sharp for a long time. 

However, cleavers are distinct. A cleaver of superior quality does not have a sharp cutting edge. A cleaver with a razor-sharp blade is undesirable. Cleavers utilize their considerable weight to slice through bone, thick slabs of meat, and other rigid materials—a cleaver with an edge that is too thin risks breaking. 

The WÜSTHOF 4680/16 – 16 cm Cleaver is a superb example of a cleaver that has been meticulously crafted. The blade must be chunky to achieve the desired weight. It is the lightest Cleaver in WÜSTHOF’s collection. This makes it ideal for beginners like me. It’s not too heavy to be unwieldy, but it has sufficient strength to complete the tasks I’ve assigned it. 

A further indication of the Cleaver’s quality is the solid piece of high carbon steel that runs through the entire handle (known as full tang). This design ensures the Cleaver’s durability and contributes to the excellent balance I mentioned earlier. 

I mentioned before that cleavers don’t have a fine edge like general purpose knives, but that doesn’t mean there is anything dull about the cutting edge of the WÜSTHOF 4680/16 – 16 cm Cleaver. WÜSTHOF emphasizes the blade’s 33 precision operations, which include “shaping by a high-intensity laser beam.” This is a cleaver that is engineered to be excellent at its job. 

The WÜSTHOF 4680/16 – 16 cm Cleaver is a specialized product, but it is a compelling option for anyone with a few good kitchen knives who wish to expand their cutting capabilities. It accomplishes tasks that few other blades are capable of and does so exceptionally well. 

Key Features 
  • Knife is precision forged from a single piece of sturdy high-carbon steel (X50 Cr MoV 15) that resists stains and corrosion 
  • Full tang is triple riveted to the handle for exceptional durability 
  • Perfect for breaking down larger cuts of meat, this heavy German cleaver is designed to cut through bone. Its finely honed high-carbon-steel blade works equally well for chopping and mincing tough vegetables. Heavy razor-sharp blade is designed for both heavy-duty and precision cutting 
  • Wüsthof’s Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) ensures a 20% sharper blade with twice the edge retention 
  • Made in Germany 
  • Well-known and respected brand
  • Ultra-sharp blade
  • Very sturdy
  • Expensive

2. Utopia Kitchen Cleaver Knife

Utopia Kitchen Cleaver Knife Chopper Butcher Knife Stainless Steel for Home Kitchen and Restaurant (7 Inch)


User reviews

Nice, High Quality Cleaver, no matter the price. I received this cleaver and was very impressed with the quality and durability. It is every bit as good as advertised. It is medium-large and adequately heavy with good heft in the hand. Like my daughter said upon picking it up, “Wow. You could do some real damage with this!” Yes, you can buy a few larger cleavers but I don’t really think you will want to get anything larger, unless maybe you are in the business of commercial meat preparation.It is made of High Carbon stainless steel and the tang goes all the way through the handle. I know a few people have complained that they had trouble with the handle on theirs, but the handle is strong so far, with no sign of problems, and I don’t expect any problem. The full tang is surrounded with a fitted molding of high impact ABS PVC plastic, for the grip. It is strong and durable, and I expect that it will be plenty long lasting, unless you drop it on hard concrete (not the best idea, anyway) or otherwise impact the ABS handle.This cleaver was very sharp, right out of the box. I routinely test my blades by using them to shave the hair on my arms. Some blades are never sharp enough. Some will shave, but require a lot of pressure. This cleaver just shaved my hair cleanly and smoothly. Very nice.I tested it on some very soft, ripe (but unbruised) avocados. It bisected them neatly, right through the seed and everything. Whack. Whack! Now, you would expect that a cleaver could cut through the soft flesh of the avocado. And you would expect that it would even, easily, cut through the avocado seed. But the impressive part was the cleanness of the cut. Right through both the hard seed and the soft flesh without bruising the flesh, squashing it, or pushing it aside by the seed as the blade passed through the seed. Very good.I could not feel good unless I give you a word of warning: PLEASE be CAREFUL with this cleaver. If you don’t know how to use it, then learn how. My daughter, carelessly, let the cleaver drop an inch or two, onto the cutting board. Unfortunately, her finger was on the cutting board. The cleaver went right through her fingernail and cut some into her flesh, though it didn’t penetrate farther because it was only dropped an inch or so. But, this cleaver WILL take off your finger if you are not careful. I mean it. No joke. You can use it to slice, just like a knife blade, with the proper precautions for your hands, but if you are using it as a cleaver, to whack stuff, then KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM THE CUTTING BOARD when chopping. And, if worst comes to worst and you DO cut off a finger (I am serious) then take your finger, put it in a bag with some ice, and drive immediately to the nearest emergency room. Because the cut will be so clean, and without extra tissue damage, there is a reasonable chance that they can be successful in re-attaching it.If you are looking for a cleaver, I recommend this one. A great value for the price.I should note that this cleaver is EXACTLY the same and the same model as what is sold by a different company here. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DKMY3K3I promise you that these are the same exact things, but sold under different names, possibly by different companies.
Nice and sharp. Beautifully finished, i could just imagine how cheaply it was made but the finish is super nice and they still work great,,
A Cleaver option on a cleaver knife. The media could not be loaded.  As shown on video, this knife is very, very sharp right out the box. It’s weight is appropriate for what it is intended/ designed to do .Only issue would be the handle that which could be less polished hence less possibilities of slipping.I have not use it yet but it is sturdy and hopefully durable.I would recommend to exercise caution and proper technique when using it and storage it
Packaging. The Grip is gorgeous. Nice heavy handle that fits into the palm of my hands handsomely. Whenever I clutch this thing I feel like going on an adventure….a place beyond my kitchen…. maybe to a farm or restaurant to cut more meat and vegetables….it’s just so much fun to work with…I have no complaints about the knife apart from the fact that tge packaging was suspect. I don’t believe it was tampered with, but it wasn’t sealed so I needed to submerge it in a huge pot of boiling water to sterilize it… Other than that it’s a sharp, heavy handle that isn’t too long or short and a blade that requires one to proceed with caution but once you understand the risks and rewards you quickly find the work of dissecting a whole chicken, cutting through bones, and tendons; and slicing and dicing a real pleasure. I haven’t had any vegetables lately ( potatoes, eggplant, cabbage, carrots, and squash and the like yet, but I am looking forward to it when/ if inflation goes down, so I can return home with more grocery bags for my buck as i did maybe two years ago when I was able to add more fruits and vegetables to my grocery list….
Good buy. I bought this after reading reviews. I am going to list the pros and cons. The knife is very sharp when its fresh out of the box, however if you chop too many bones it does lose its sharpness very soon. But, it can be sharpened easily and can be done multiple times because the knife is really heavy and has lot of metal in it. The handle is seamlessly built and merges into the blade beautifully. I use it for pretty much anything, cutting vegetables (I know right? but its got some weight to it so cutting vegetables is easy. Whatever it lacks in sharpness the weight compensates it because it helps in chopping). I use a trick to sharpen my blade everytime when I use it. I take ceramic coffee mug or a bowl and use its underside (the rough round edge) to sharpen it. Takes 10-20 slides on each side to make it sharp again. Use this technique guys ceramics are abbrasive can be used to sharpen steel blades anytime. Instead of buying blade sharpners use this trick. If you really really want an absolute soul cutter, I would suggest you buy a knife which is made from damascus steel. But if your budget is less and you want a good value for money cleaver, go for it.
Heavy duty. Heavy duty and high quality. sharp blade.
Insane cleaver for the price. This thing rocks!!! I’ve been using it almost daily for, I think, over half a year, and it works just as well as when I bought it. Great for raw/cooked meat, veggies, etc.(Note: I don’t, and have never tried to, use it on bones, but I feel that it would definitely work for at least smaller bones, like chicken/fish/etc)I’m really glad I found this thing, it’s a great weight, looks cool, and works very well. It’s been super durable so far and I have no doubt that it’ll last for years. Easily worth the price and then some, just a quality cleaver.
Great product and great price. Very well made and very sharp.
A un buen precio, filo ideal y con un perfecto equilibrio al utilizarlo.
This is the first cleaver I’ve ever purchased and I really do love it. I was just showing it to my neighbor who was also impressed with the feel and look of it. I started making soup and wanted to have something to cut beets with and this works perfectly. Right now I’m using it to cut down the tops of carrots when they are too big for the intake of my juicer. It so nice to not have to worry about the knife not cutting properly. This cleaver is well balanced and I can see many years of perfect cuts ahead. It’s also a great price so it is really a win-win situation here.
Well mate, well worth it I can recommend this to anyone
Really good knife. Especially the shaped handle which gives in a nice grip and balance
Very nice product.

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This is an obvious choice for anyone who requires a high-quality cleaver but has a limited budget. It costs as little as possible to spend on a cleaver, but it performs and lasts as well as much more expensive products. 

The 7-inch stainless steel blade is sharp and efficient and has a convenient hanging hole. Additionally, it is corrosion- and rust-resistant. The ergonomic handle is robust and impact-resistant acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and is angled to reduce wrist tension during use. This item is dishwasher-safe, but as stated previously, handwashing is preferable for maintaining the quality of any knife, especially the blade’s sharpness. 

This could be the best sub-$20 cleaver available. It even outperforms some cleavers in the $30-$40 price range, so if you’re looking for a low-cost cleaver that can cut through thick pieces of meat and bone easily, the Utopia 7-inch Kitchen Cleaver may be just what you’re looking for. 

It is best to keep your hands and the cleaver’s handle dry, although the handle is comfortable even after relatively long periods of use. The weight of the blade is ideal for slicing through meat and small bones, and this is where the Utopia cleaver distinguishes itself from other cleavers at this price point. It performs complex tasks superior to all other budget cutters. 

There is always a disadvantage to purchasing inexpensive cutlery, and this product is no exception. It does not come with the sharpest possible edge, so it will require a bit of sharpening for optimal performance. It also comes with a blade guard but no sheath. 

Overall, it is a good cleaver at a reasonable price that can handle complex food preparation tasks and last for years. 

Key Features 
  • Heavy duty cleaver is made from 100 percent stainless steel 
  • 7 Inch cleaver knife cuts easily through large pieces of food and is perfect for bone cutting, chopping and cleaving 
  • ABS 430 handle allows for easy grip and hassle-free maneuvering and the superior quality stainless steel blade holds an ultra-sharp edge providing lasting and superior cutting performance 
  • Designed and built exclusively for the tough day-to-day demands of the commercial kitchen 
  • Dishwasher safe; hand washing is recommended to retain the fine quality of the exceptional blade 
  • Excellent Value
  • Full Tang
  • Good Balance
  • Very Sharp
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Sharp Tip Instead of Rounded
  • Handle Can Get a Little Slippery When Wet
  • No Sheath

3. Best for Amateur Cooks: J.A. Henckels 6-Inch Meat Cleaver

HENCKELS Meat Cleaver, 6", Black/Stainless Steel,31134-161


User reviews

Sharp and well-weighted. Very nice cleaver. It has a very sharp blade and feels good in my hand! A nice price as well.
I should have ordered one of these a long time ago. Use it for more things than I thought I would. Didn’t think I needed this but got tired of trying to cut into hard squash with a chef’s knife. I usually buy Wursthof classic but didn’t want to spend that much on a knife I didn’t need, just wanted. This is great quality at a great price point. I use it to whack into frozen items and chicken wings and for the first chop at onions and potatoes.
Hefty. Good quality; sharpens well
High quality. Great balance, sharp and makes quick work of chopping meats. My girlfriend loves it and hasn’t used it on me yet so hopefully it stays that way.
Get to the choppa. This thing comes razor sharp and the edge lasts a long time. Sharpens up well when the time comes… everything you’d expect from a Henckels blade.My only complaint is with the handle. The edge of the tang is not quite flush with the handle pieces on each side. When you run your hand crossways over the top of the handle you feel that tang edge. And it’s a square edge, not rounded over, so it feels sharp. It’s not something that really comes into play while using the blade, it’s just a fit & finish thing. It’s not a defect I would have expected from a blade of this price and brand. Given all the 5 stars reviews and no other mention of this problem it seems probable that I just happened to get a slightly faulty knife. Manufacturing defects happen.On the whole I’m happy with the purchase and I’d buy it again. I use it for 90% of the kitchen work I do, and find it’s a great all-rounder. Not too big, not too small. Fair price.
Works great, but a little heavy. The cleaver is great quality and very sharp. It’s bigger and heavier than expected and is easier for my husband to use. I don’t use it much because of this, but it’s still an excellent clever.
brand. Didn’t expect to find a cleaver in a good brand this cheap. My husband loved it
Light and Very Sharp. Just used it for the first time the other night; it was a sheer joy to use! Can’t comment on how long it holds its edge, since I just started using it, but the weight and balance of the blade and handle is perfect. I used it to crush garlic, dice tough daikon radish, and slice through fried aburage tofu. It crushed, diced, and sliced beautifully.I was concerned about the weight of this when I ordered it, since I’m not that big or strong and consequently struggle with heavy or unwieldy kitchen apparatus. But it feels PERFECT. It’s just light enough so I can flourish it about on the chopping board like I would my smaller long bladed kitchen knife, but heavy enough so that the weight of it was perfect for crushing garlic for flavor when I turned it on its side. The handle has a comfortable grip, with no fear of accidentally slipping or dropping when grabbing it.All in all, extremely worth the price, highly recommended if you are serious about cooking and/or intend to do a lot of Asian (especially Chinese) cooking.
I have used the 6 inch clever for about a week now and very happy it. It is very sharp. Feels very solid in your hands, yes it has a little weight to it but that just helps with the cutting, as its so sharp. The only disappointing thing about it was , the is no edge protector, when you want to put it way. Would have been nice to have with it, maybe with their future sales they should include a edge protector.
Good product. Feel is also nice.The postage was terrible. No fault of the seller
It was very sharp and chopped rabbit with almost no effort.
all was great and at a good price point
This was a gift. While the knife is of high quality, with price I paid, I was not impressed with the cheap plastic packaging it came in.

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The Henckels 6-Inch Meat Cleaver is a good choice if you’re starting in the kitchen because it’s easier to use than other alternatives. Why? The knife is a relatively lightweight cleaver, weighing just under 1 pound, with a shorter blade (6 inches).  

With these dimensions, novices will not feel overwhelmed by the instrument in their hands. Still, the knife cuts precisely and quickly because it is forged from a single billet of German stainless steel of the highest quality. 

It also has a satin finish to reduce resistance and drag, allowing easier cutting. The blade is slightly curved to feel like a traditional chef’s knife. This knife is technically dishwasher safe as a bonus. 

This item is considerably less expensive than the best overall cleaver, so it should appeal more to beginners. Small and well-balanced, with a super-sharp, thick German stainless-steel blade, this cleaver is ideal for those with less experience using cleavers. The blade also has a satin finish, which reduces resistance as it cuts through food. 

The full-tang, triple-riveted construction is durable, and the ergonomic stainless-steel handle is easy to hold. Like the preceding item on this list, the cleaver’s blade is slightly curved to facilitate batoning. In addition, this item is dishwasher-safe, though handwashing is generally advised for maintaining any high-quality knife. 

Key Features 
  • Made in Spain 
  • Fabricated from high quality German stainless steel 
  • Fully forged construction offers durability and a seamless transition from blade to handle 
  • Professional, satin finished blade boasts precision cutting and is finely honed for long lasting sharpness 
  • Ergonomic, traditional triple rivet handle gives balance and comfort 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Heavy 6 inch cleaver for chopping through joints and bones 
  • Lightweight
  • Satin finish
  • Curved blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Slightly small for big jobs

4. Best Cleaver Knife for Experienced Cooks: Dalstrong 9-Inch Cleaver Knife

DALSTRONG Cleaver Knife – 9" – Gladiator Series – 'The Ravager' – Heavy Duty – Forged High Carbon German Steel – Sheath Included – NSF Certified


User reviews

Doesn’t weigh as much you’d think. This knife is absolutely worth it! The design is sleek and beautiful. The blade is well suited for any task it might face. It’s comfortable to use with the curved blade, and while elegant has enough heft to handle large tough tasks like whole chickens, squash and even small pumpkins. It doesn’t weigh nearly as much as you think a blade this size would which means using it doesn’t take much energy. One thing to note is this knife is massive! If you bring this blade down, you have to mean it! The box is very well designed and they even send you a knife set pin to go with it! Extremely happy with this purchase and plan on buying more from this brand. Well done Dalstrong!
Outstanding Quality in Every Way. An awesome tool. Stout handle shaped just right, very good balance. Very high quality packaging and an outstanding sheath with a tethered pin to hold it in place to protect the blade when stored. I have only had this tool for a couple of days, but I have been cutting large, hard vegetables with it such as turnips, rutebagas, large white Japanese radishes, large squash, melons and giant sweet potatoes. It really shines when cutting melons. Sharp and very well balanced, it just screams of quality. I have a few Wusthof and Henckels cleavers and two very extensive sets of high quality Wusthof and Henckels cutlery. The steel is superior to Sabatier blades that just lost their edge too quickly in my opinion. This is an outstanding value. Might be a bit tough to hone and resharpen this very large curved blade, but my Ken Onion belt sharpener has worked pretty well on a wide variety of blade shapes and profiles. An extremely capable tool at a great price.
Like Buttah’. This cleaver is the cat’s meow. Sturdy and weighted nicely. Butchering a whole animal was not a problem at all.
Amazing Cleaver. This cleaver is amazing. It is strong, sturdy and very well made. This is a heavy duty cleaver! The cleaver is nine inches. The blade is very sharp and cuts extremely well. This cleaver makes it simple and efficient to butcher up meat products. It helps me save time when I am preparing dinner. The cleaver is heavy and will cut/chop through almost anything. The cleaver glides through steak, porch and chicken effortlessly, it is so nice to have a knife like this. I also used this cleaver to cut thin, fine cuts of turkey for sandwiches and it did a great job. It is so big that it doesn’t take a lot of effort at all. The cleaver did not need sharpening at all it came very sharp. I would highly recommend this cleaver it is a well made, high end knife. The cleaver arrived in a nice, decorative box and would be a wonderful gift for someone. You will not be disappointed with this cleaver.
Good craftsmanship overall for the home kitchen. First impression is as follows.I like the knife it feels great in the hand. Its blade heavy as expected just due to the nature of the knife. When I first got the package there seemed to be water damage inside the package wrapping. I was slightly worried the knife might have recieved some form of damage due to the water. Once I opened the package I was quite happy with the sight I saw the knife was flawless from a distance. Specially in it’s nice bpa free sheath. Pull it out of the sheath and inspect the blade it looks pretty nice great finish the edge is nice and sharp it looks as though its ground to 16 degrees one side and a bit less on the other. During my further inspection I believe I might have a small crack in the blade. For me not a terrible deal but for a kitchen or a shop this might not work with that type of heavy use.Packaging includes;1. Knife1. sheath1. Shirt pin1. Care booklet
Get it,it’s worth it. There’s a lot to LOVE about this knife! Let’s start with the packaging. Very nicely presented, classy, but no where near ostentatious. Felt like opening a present on Christmas morning.Anyway, on to the knife. Heavy! That’s the first thing you notice. Very substantial, but not unwieldy. It’s weight (and SUPER sharp blade) make it a monster at cutting through chicken bones! Make no mistake, this knife is for cutting up big things. I tried to cut some celery, but this knife isn’t made for that.As it relates to knives, I’m not sure that I understand what “balanced” really means. Does it mean you should be able to “balance” the knife on you fingers? Don’t know. But I do know that this knife feels “right” when using it. Controlling the weighty knife was almost effortless.The blade passed the paper test easily. I definitely recommend (as does Dalstrong) getting a whetstone to keep the super sharp blade super sharp.Overall, I HIGHLY recommend!
Great product. I have purchased a number of knives for barbecuing and around the house. This product is by far the best I have purchased. The customer service for this company is amazing. Great product, great customer service can’t beat that!
Scary Sharp. I’ve never had the money to buy nice knives before.Pros:-Wicked sharp, whistles through chicken bones like butter. Make sure your cutting board is a sturdy one.-Beautiful construction. Everything is smooth and the separate parts fit flawlessly-Nicely balanced, it feels good in the hand-Thickness- should I need to the blade is thick enough that it could handle a good whack with a malletCon:- Price- I purchased this item on sale. For the sale price, I’m delighted. I would not have paid full-price for it. But this is minor.- Weight. This is a heavy cleaver…..for me. For someone taller and more muscular this shouldn’t be a problem. I’m strong but I always feel slightly out of control when I’m using it. So, I’m extra careful.- Size I’m petite – my kitchen counter comes up slightly higher than my waist. Swinging it hard to cut through bone feels a little precarious because of the length. But someone taller than me probably wouldn’t have an issue.
Muy buen cuchillo, corta todo , la hoja es de excelente calidad
As much as ihoped
I’m really happy with the knife, it is fantastic – though it cannot say anything about its long term use yet.I was, however, incredibly unhappy about the delivery… it was quick, it was safe, not damaged or anything, but it came unpacked and only in its Dalstrong box. Normally Amazon packs everything up in Amazon branded boxes… why not the one time I order a birthday present for my husband who was the one who accepted the parcel?!?!?!
Perfetto per uso richiesto. Imballo perfetto e arrivato prima del previsto
Très jolie feuille de boucher. Pas si lourde que cela. Je m’attendais à pire. Très bon affutage, très bel outil. Très joli coffret. Il n’y a plus qu’à…

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If you are proficient with a cleaver, this more extensive, the superbly balanced knife will become one of your most prized kitchens implements. You will not be intimidated by the size and weight, which are advantageous for even the most difficult tasks. In addition, its curved blade permits a rocking motion, making it more versatile than a traditionally shaped cleaver in the hands of a skilled user. 

The German high-carbon stainless steel blade is razor-sharp and durable, and the pakkawood handle is nonslip, ergonomically designed, and comfortable to hold. The satin finish on the blade reduces friction, making it effortless to cut through food. This cleaver has been thoughtfully designed to reduce fatigue during strenuous or prolonged use. With its full-tang, triple-riveted construction, this item is not only attractive but also robust. 

Key Features 
  • The Gladiator Series 9″ Cleaver Knife “The Ravager” 
  • The Ultimate Steel For The Ultimate Performance 
  • Premium Imported German ThyssenKrupp Steel 
  • Heavy duty
  • Satin finish
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Expensive

5. Best High-End: Shun Classic 7 Inch Cleaver

Shun Classic 7 Inch Cleaver Ebony PakkaWood Handle and VG-MAX Damascus Clad, Blade Steel Ultimate Tool for Chopping or Slicing Vegetables, DM0712, Silver


User reviews

EXCELLENT CLEAVER. This vegetable cleaver is a big knife as all cleavers are, so the massive blade and comparatively short handle make the cleaver a bit front-heavy. The balance point is between 1″ and 1-1/2″ in front of the bolster. Even when choking up forward on the blade with a pinch grip, the mass of the blade could become tiring during a marathon dicing session, but that’s true for all large knives. In mitigation, however, since the blade of the cleaver is relatively straight, cuts are made using a “push” cut instead of the “rocking” cut used with chef knives. Consequently, the wrist stays straight and doesn’t flex, so any wrist fatigue is minimized.Fit and finish for this knife are excellent, the blade is gorgeous, and the edge easily passes the “thumbnail test.” It slides through even hard vegetables such as carrots, when the forward weight of the blade makes cutting even easier. Once the different weight distribution of the large, wide blade becomes more familiar, this cleaver may be your go-to knife for almost everything.I’m not a big fan of the “D” shaped handles on Shun Classic knives. The bulge on the right side of the handle makes the knife slightly more comfortable in the right hand than in the left. Again, the difference is just noticeable, not nearly enough to be a deal killer and not enough to make the knife more difficult to use.
Extremely sharp and super precise cut. I am a Chinese, a Chinese vegi knife is all I need for all cutting tasks (except a heavy cleaver for chopping bones). I was looking for a replacement for the knife I bought 20 yrs ago in China. Shun is a great find.- Shape: Shun is very similar to a typical knife used in China. It is a little larger, much thinner and lighter than my old one.- Sharpness: It is EXTREMELY sharp. It is effortless to cut/slice vegis such as carrots and tomatoes. The edge is sharp from tip to the end. The entire length of the knife is useful.- thinness: Shun does not recommend it for tough veggies like butternut squash. I don’t use it to smash garlic like how I typically do. Instead, I press the knife with my palm to crush the garlic. It has worked out well.- Cleaning: I follow the instruction: clean it with hot warm right away after use and dry it immediately. It is very easy.Before I made the purchase, I debated between Shun and Wusthof vegi cleaver. I own several Wusthof knives, and like them. Which one is better depends on how you cut veggies:- Japanese steel: harder, lighter and thinner, blade is 16 degree angle. Pros of Japanese steel: sharper, more precise cut; I have never given too much thought about precision before. However, once I have Shun, I find that I I am able to slice onions, cucumbers, etc in much thinner stripes. iI think that 16 degree angle definitely gives an edge to Shun over German knives if you care about precision. Con’s: more brittle.- Germany steel: softer, thicker and heavier, blade is 20-25 degree angle. Pro’s of Germany knifes: take more abuse, less prone to chipping; has more steel to handle sharpeningI decide to give Shun a try because of its reputation. I am very happy with the knife, and enjoy using it everyday.
Jealous. I’ll have to get one of my own. I bought this knife as a Christmas present for my boyfriend who is learning how to help me in the kitchen. I insisted that he need a good knife. What he got surpassed that. It’s beautifully weighted, can make the finest of juliennes, and is just gorgeous. Worth every penny. He’s so excited to help me with dinner. But I’m kind of jealous. I’m just going to have to buy my own 😉
Sharp but requires babying. TL;DR: Sharp knife, but requires care like any carbon steel. 5 stars on sale, 4 stars full price.This knife is sharp. Regarding chipping/edge fastness: I use it a lot, and have experienced no chipping. I think (I am no expert) that due to the type of steel used, any moisture left on the knife will cause a weakness in the steel and cause it to lose its edge faster or potentially chip.Because of this whenever I use it, I wipe it down between each use and clean it again once I’m done with all my chopping, particularly if I’m slicing tomatoes, strawberries, and other foods with high water content. I use this knife for anything as hard as a carrot, but not as hard as squashes, so there’s not a lot that I do not use it for.I have had to sharpen the knife fairly often (once a week or so) to keep it very sharp. It doesn’t take very long (4 mins usually) and though it’s not as sharp as when it first arrived, it’s nearly there. I would say don’t buy the knife unless you will be sharpening it yourself, the edge simply does not stay extra-sharp. I will start oiling the knife to see if it makes any difference in how long the edge holds. Also, I use bamboo cutting boards, so this may be contributing to my knife losing its edge.For those of you looking for a large flat slicing edge: this is not the knife for you. I really wanted a cleaver with a flat edge, but none seemed to compare to this cleaver. I’m happy with it, but I find that if I don’t slice in just the right way, part of the edge stays off the cutting board. This may just require an adjustment period in how I handle the knife, however, as this is my first cleaver.Despite what may seem as drawbacks, I still think this is a top tier knife. Its “brittleness” is the reason why it can achieve such a sharp edge, and it is also much easier to sharpen than a stainless steel knife. Cost is my only beef with this knife, but buy it while it’s on sale (use a tracker) and it’s worth it.
The best. Easily the best knife for cutting vegetables and more. With all of its mass and sharpness you barely even need to use any force to cut most food.
Expensive but exquisite. This cleaver is outstanding . Incredibly sharp and magnificently balanced. I could not rate it any higher. The only precaution is that the blade is brittle so caution must be taken not to chip the edge. If you can afford it, it is truly a pleasure to use in the kitchen.

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This is the utmost cleaver for those willing to spend the most money on kitchen tools. It’s a Chinese cleaver, a style traditionally used for various tasks. Due to its agile handling serves as a chef’s knife nearly as often as a cleaver. This helps to justify the price, but so does the fact that this knife offers unparalleled performance, will last a lifetime, and can even be passed down if adequately maintained. 

The blade is crafted from Shun’s proprietary “super steel” alloy, which is exceptionally sharp, strong, smooth, and long-lasting. This knife’s ebony Pakkawood handle is both comfortable and durable, and it has been thoughtfully designed to facilitate its many potential uses. And it should be noted that this item’s luxurious appearance matches its price tag. 

Japanese knives are renowned for their durability and sharpness. This tradition is maintained with this 10-inch kitchen knife from the Shun Classic. Thanks to its incredible sensitivity, you can always get clean cuts with little effort. This chef’s knife’s extra-long blade enables you to cut more items with fewer strokes. This implies that cutting through multiple products on your cutting board will speed up the process and increase efficiency. Knives from the Shun Classic line have thin blades with lower cutting resistance. Strong and capable of competing with German rivals like the Wusthof Ikon 8-inch, this Japanese knife can hold its own. 

The Shun Classic’s 10-inch blade and premium steel allow it to be used for various tasks, including chopping meat, vegetables, and other items in your kitchen. You can have a knife set that can do anything if you add a cleaver and a paring knife. The price makes perfect sense considering that this kitchen knife is handcrafted from premium materials and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Victorinox Fibrox Straight Edge Chef Knife is an excellent substitute if you’re looking for a little more reasonably priced. 

The long blade of the Shun Classic makes cutting much simpler and more effective. Additionally, it is strong and keeps its edge well. The fact that it might be too big to fit into your knife block is one of the minor drawbacks. Besides that, it’s a good blade that could be used in domestic or professional settings. 

Key Features 
  • 7 Inch 
  • Pakkawood Handle 
  • Constructed with Shun’s proprietary VG-MAX cutting core and clad in 68 layers of stainless Damascus 
  • Handcrafted in Japan 
  • Holds its edge
  • The 10-inch blade is versatile
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Very pricy
  • Might be too big for certain tasks
  • Could be too big to fit in your knife block

6. Best with Wooden Handle: TUO Meat Cleaver

TUO Meat Cleaver – Heavy Duty Meat Chopper – High Carbon German Stainless Steel Butcher Knife – Pakkawood Handle Kitchen Chopping Knife – Gift Box – 7” – Fiery Phoenix Series


User reviews

Great knife. Originally I bought. bread knife from William Sonoma for x3 the cost of this one. I ended up returning that knife because it was not great quality and dull. I am much happier with this knife! It cuts my homemade bread beautifully, is pretty sharp, and feels high quality. I love the durable wooden handle. My only wish is that it came with a protective cover or sheath rather than being in my kitchen drawer exposed.
Bought more of these knives as prsents for freinds. This is a very good quality kitchen knife, easy to handle, keep sharpened, clean. Over all my favorite knife!
Fantastic looking knife at a great price. Hard to imagine that I got this knife, but for the size of the blade I couldn’t get a better price. First impression is fantastic, looks great, feels great even for the size of the knife not “too” heavy. It came in a box and razor sharp out of the box. Blade feels of high quality like my German forged knifes. The knife itself is not forged but it is certainly well heat treated as the blade springs back very easily back to original position when flexed. It is most certainly stamped from high quality blank, and has very fine machined surface and ground to a fine finish. The cutting edge of the blade has a funky angle as it is machine ground and not polished or honed. Either way it came razor sharp out of the box and sliced like my High End Japanese Yanagiba knife. The best part is the wood handle, I did not want to let go Of this thing once I started slicing with it. It just feels really at home in my hand. I have knifes that cost 7 times as much that are not as comfortable to grub as this one. I am not 100% convinced it is a full tang knife just doesn’t feel like one but maybe it is the length of the blade that throws the balance forward of the knife. Esthetics are great, my Japanese knifes are better but this is very good. It would be much nicer if the actual spine was polished not ground but I guess for $40 it’s what you pay for. Bolster is most probably welded on but is well blended and ground to match the thickness of the blade. I hope the blade is easy to sharpen like my German knives. Really this thing is very impressive.
great blade. great blade, 4 stars because I wish it came sharpened. having to sharpen it myself was kinda a pain to be honest.
Must have for the kitchen. This paring knife is fabulous. It’s beautiful and the best pairing knife I’ve ever had.
Good product. Works, holds a good edge, good value and quality.
Many uses but great for barbecue. Buying a knife is difficult on line unless you know what you are looking for. There are so many types, handles, blade sizes and price points! I spent time searching and was willing to pay hundreds for a Wusthof Chef knife because they are highly rated. While looking I came upon this 8” Barbecue knife with fork shaped tip. It was perfect for my sons birthday! He does a lot of BBQ and Smoked meats and loved it! The handle is smooth but not slippery, with a full tang and very light in handling. My husband was also impressed and said he would like one as well. I say I am twice as impressed because I just ordered another for him! Very satisfied at one third the price!
Beautiful affordable high quality nakiri knife. Full disclosure: I’m a bit of a kitchen knife junkie. Got way more than I will ever need, though that is beside the point. I have some expensive knives (Shun, Zwilling, and others) and as a sort of hobby collect various brands to try. This is the first TUO Phoenix series knife, and it is wonderful. The quality is great, the balance among the best, and it came really sharp. Then there are the esthetics — this is plainly a beautifully knife with the pakkawood grainy handle. Itis somewhat lighter than some other nakiri knives I have used. The beveled bolster is both graceful and useful – it makes the pinch grip easier to use. So I keep coming back to this knife for daily use. Could not recommend any higher. But I love my Shun Classic knives too.
This was a VERY cheap knife, like $25 so I am very impressed with the quality. It is packaged very well and it very sharp out of box. I like the feel and the curved blade lets you rock the knife for dicing small stuff. I havent had to sharpen these knives yet so I will update my review when I try. I gave a 5 start review because for the price it is way more than I expected.
Vale cada peso que se paga. Material muy bueno, buen filo y es súper cómodo
es un fraude para jinetear el dinero
En tant que modèle de couteau japonais Nakiri et Usuba, le produit de TUO se distingue par sa qualité de fabrication et sa performance de coupe exceptionnelle. La lame tranchante en acier japonais de haute qualité offre une précision inégalée lors de la découpe des fruits, des légumes et des herbes, ce qui en fait un choix idéal pour les chefs professionnels et les passionnés de cuisine. De plus, sa conception ergonomique garantit un confort optimal lors de son utilisation prolongée. Cependant, certains utilisateurs pourraient préférer un couteau avec une lame plus longue pour certaines tâches de coupe. En résumé, le couteau Nakiri et Usuba de TUO représente un excellent rapport qualité-prix pour ceux qui recherchent un couteau de cuisine japonais de haute qualité.
The media could not be loaded.  Bello, con una buona impugnatura, molto affilato. Peso 270g., lama alta e con tagliente curvo, ottimo per tagliare le verdure .

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This cleaver is excellent if you prefer the aesthetics of a wooden handle and a safer grip. It has a sturdy, gorgeous, distinctively colored, ergonomic pakkawood handle and a strong, razor-sharp, hand-polished German stainless-steel blade. Overall, it offers top-of-the-line performance and a high-end look at a very affordable price, and it is as aesthetically pleasing as it is dependable and long-lasting. 

This cleaver has a convenient hanging hole in the blade and a curved spine for simple batoning. You’ll notice how well-balanced it is every time you use it, whether for the toughest cleaver jobs or more OK knife work. This piece works well for a variety of knife tasks. For maximum durability, a full-tang construction was used in its creation. 

This knife outperforms a variety of alternatives. German stainless steel HRC 58 is used to create the blade. This knife is from the Fiery Phoenix collection. 

This blade resists corrosion. Additionally, it is flawlessly honest and razor-sharp. The blade has been honed at 18 to 20 degrees on each side, making it efficient and sharp. This cleaver comes with a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. 

Key features 
  • Blade Length: 6 Inches 
  • Pakkawood Handle Kitchen Chopping Knife 
  • Premium Steel 
  • Razor Sharp Edge 
  • Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle 
  • Made with German steel
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Honed to super sharp
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not super heavy so it may be challenged on thick or hard bones.
  • There is no way to hang the cleaver for storage.

7. Best Heavy-Duty: Juvale 8-Inch Meat Cleaver

Stainless Steel Meat Cleaver Knife with Wooden Handle, Heavy Duty Bone Chopper for Butcher, Slicing Vegetables (8 In)


User reviews

Very sturdy product. If I have followed the bad reviews I would not have purchased this product, but after throwing caution to the wind and buy it, this product is worth the money and more it’s sturdy and sharp right out the box 📦
Must buy this Knife! Heavy Duty QUALITY. I was hesitant because the price was too low for something good.I WAS WRONG!This is very heavy duty & ready to chip whatever you need it to.It’s heavy, it’s sharp & its (supposedly) high carbon steel.The quality is 100% worth it. I say to buy it before they are gone. I say that becausethe do not sell any other knifes. I think it was a one-off deal because the price doesnot make sense. It’s too cheap.Anyway, good luck
What a great cleaver for my cooking tools. I was looking for a heavy strong sharp cleaver to add to my cooking tools and this one fit the bill perfect, well balance and fits my hand perfect
Nice product. I really like and enjoy this cleaver. Nice weight and balance and it gets the job done. I use it to cut up ribs and chicken. I love it for the price.
I love it. This item is durable, sturdy, sharp and will last a lifetime. I love it!!
Meat cleaver has some weight to it. Cleaver is heavy and sharp enough to get the job done.
Great deal. Excellent deal – I don’t use cleavers very much, but this is a great knife. For the price, it’s an outstanding knife.
Weight of it and ease of use. Hold firm and wack it. Item felt good in my hand.
Products were as described.
I own a butcher shop & it’s EXTREMELY difficult to find or replace a cleaver in Ontario.This baby shipped in a timely manner, exactly as described & was heavy!If you’re looking for a “heavy-weighted” cleaver… look no further. Would definitely buy again.
After reading the description I bought this. This was not even able to cut a frozen brisket bone. It is a waste of money.

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The 2.1-pound Juvale Meat Cleaver is a good choice if you want a cleaver that feels substantial and heavy in your hands. You can easily break down a cooked chicken in a matter of seconds because of how cleanly it cuts through more significant cuts due to its weight. 

The full-tang handle of the sturdy stainless-steel blade is covered in attractive wood. Additionally, it is ergonomic and triple-riveted for improved control. The blade has a honed edge and was hand-sharpened, making it extremely sharp. It’s important to note that the angle is steep, making cutting through bones preferable to cutting vegetables. 

If you want to add a meat cleaver to your kitchen knife set but have a limited budget, this product is the ideal combination of efficiency and affordability. The 8-inch stainless steel blade has a full tang and an ergonomic handle, costing less than the average cleaver.  

Even though it’s less expensive, it’s still strong enough to cut through meat and bone without much effort or force from you.  

In addition, it is dishwasher-safe, unlike most cleavers. (You can certainly wash by hand if you prefer.) As a bonus, the blade features a small hole at the top, allowing you to hang the cleaver from a hook or peg on your kitchen wall or even loop it through your belt when cooking or grilling outdoors. 

This knife is intended solely for cutting through meat, bone, and gristle. It’s not designed for fruits or vegetables. Additionally, the handle is not as sturdy as most; you may experience cracking or splitting over time. 

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality kitchen cleaver, you’ll adore this Juvale model. Surprisingly, it can cut through chicken bones and ribs and deconstruct whole turkeys with incredible efficiency. 

Key Features 
  • Wood Handle Butcher Knife: This meat cleaver knife heavy duty is made from durable stainless steel with full tang detailing throughout the ergonomic solid wood handle 
  • Perfect For: This long handle cleaver is an ideal meat and bone cutting knife, great for professional and home kitchens 
  • Easy Storage: This heavy duty meat knife has a hole at the top corner for easy and convenient storage on a hanging hook or peg in your kitchen or restaurant 
  • Dimensions: The kitchen cleaver with wooden handle measures 6 inches in length, the blade measures 8 inches; the meat cleaver butcher knife weighs approximately 1.9 lbs 
  • What’s Included: You will receive 1 stainless steel meat cleaver heavy duty bone chopper 
  • Full-tang, ergonomic handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for large cuts of meat
  • Prone to rust

8. Best Lightweight: Zhen 8-Inch Damascus Steel Cleaver

ZHEN Japanese VG-10 67-Layer Damascus Steel 8-Inch Slicer Chopping Chef Butcher Knife/Cleaver, Large


User reviews

Precision & Beauty in One Package. With its beautiful rosewood handle, this knife is not only jewelry for your kitchen, it is a joy to use. Perfectly weighted and balanced, it makes quick work of anything you want to slice, chop or mince.This instrument is hand-crafted; every little line you see in the Damascus design is actually a result of working the steel, folding and quenching it. They’ve done this 67 times for this blade making it extremely hard and extraordinarily sharp.The curved blade makes it ideal to ‘rock’ and cut like a professional. I have a very large set of knives; some ancient carbon steel and the rest Wusthof drop- forged blades. This one blows them away!I wish I had bought it sooner, but it only had one review and I couldn’t find too much information about it. I can only say that if you’re serious about cooking, you have to chop a lot of vegetables – and this is the blade you want!  Zhen Japanese Damascus VG-10 Vegetable Cleaver Chopping Knife 7″
Excellent knife for the price and great ergonomics. This is a great knife. If you are looking for a traditional cleaver that can chop through bones, this is not it. This knife is considered a vegetable cleaver. It is designed to quickly chop through vegetables and meat, but not bone. The thinner blade allows it to chop very easily, but doesn’t give it the sturdiness needed to chop through bone. It was never designed to chop through bone. Instead it was designed to cut very easily.As the first rater mentioned, this knife won’t be as pretty as a Shun knife. The knife came with a few light scratch marks on the blade. I wouldn’t say that they in any way affect the quality of the knife as far as how it cuts, how long it lasts or anything like that. The maker just didn’t polish it up or when they were making them, they likely threw a bunch of them into a bin. And the wood handle isn’t perfectly matched up through grounding with the steel like you’d see on a Shun, Wusthof or Henckels. However there’s no gaps where liquid could get in between the blade and the handle or where the handle might work loose.I have a Shun cleaver. And if I was going to summarize this knife. I’d say that functionally this knife is designed better than the Shun, but they just didn’t do the fine little finishing details that Shun does to make it look as pretty. Here are some of the things I really like about this knife:1. I love the design of the handle. It fits to your hand very well with the oval shape. The handle is wider than the Shun handle and just feels more comfortable and easier to grip.2. This knife is very light. The light weight of the knife allows you to do very quick chopping. It doesn’t have quite the weight behind it that the Shun has. I’d call that an advantage or a disadvantage compared to the Shun depending on what you like. It allows you to chop faster, but you also have less weight on the knife to help chop through. I tend to like the lighter weight a little better. Because really if you’re getting a Chinese vegetable cleaver it is about increasing the speed over a Western chef’s knife by chopping instead of slicing.3. The blade is thinner than the Shun’s. People may think this is a bad thing, but it is a good thing. If you use your knife to pick up chopped vegetables off the cutting board, you are supposed to use the back or spine of the knife instead of the cutting edge to pick the vegetables up. You do this to avoid dulling the knife blade and also to help avoid cutting yourself. The thinner the knife blade is, the easier it is to pick up vegetables this way. However I’d like to see some manufacturer pay a little more attention to the back or spine of the knife blade. Almost no manufacturers take the time to round the spine. The only one I’ve seen do it is the Kramer line of Henckels. And those are very expensive. I’d like to see a manufacturer do an angled ovular round so the spine wouldn’t cut you but at the same time would allow for easier pick up of the vegetables using the spine.4. I love the extra width to the blade. This makes it excellent for scooping up vegetables. Most cleavers are 3 inches wide and this one is 4. Or if you want an exact width measurement 4 1/16″.5. I like the extra length of the knife. This knife is stated as an 8 inch blade. That isn’t totally true. The cutting portion of the blade is really only 7 11/16″ or just slightly under 7 3/4″. From the tip of the blade to the handle though it measures 8 1/4″. So depending on how you measure the length of the blade, you could say that it is or isn’t an 8 inch blade. I found that the 7″ cutting blades on other vegetable cleavers have a cutting length slightly longer than 7″ of about 7 1/4″. I thought I needed an 8 inch blade because I’m used to an 8 inch chef’s knife. But I think you’ll find that the cutting length of a 7 inch vegetable cleaver ends up being about the same as an 8 inch chef’s knife because that last 1 inch of the tip of the chef’s knife really doesn’t get used due to how a chef’s knife blade curves compared to a vegetable cleaver.6. I also found that this knife doesn’t do too bad of a job if you want to do the slicing motion you’d do with a chef’s knife. The tip slides pretty well instead of getting caught on the board. And while it slides well, the tip still cuts very well.7. This knife is very sharp. This knife has 67 layers to it. I think a number of the Shuns only have about 30 some layers to them. Normally the more layers to a Damascus steel blade, the higher the quality of blade it is.8. Finally, I know this sounds kind of stupid, but I like the box it comes in. Be careful opening the box. I almost ripped the box open and ruined the packaging. Zhen thought out their packaging much better than Shun or Wusthof for their cleaver. Although they might want to print on it, “Open by lifting here.” When you have a knife this big, storage can be a pain. I mean most knife blocks aren’t made for cleavers. Zhen created a package for this knife that has a tab with a magnetic strip in it. You lift that tab up and the fold down lid opens easily up. They also have a well formed cut-out that the knife fits into. And there’s even a see through plastic window so you can see the blade. So the packaging can work great for storage of the knife as long as you don’t rip the packaging apart like I almost did. Because it is really hard to notice that tab. If you have trouble finding the tab, just turn the box over to the bottom side and look for the length side with the seam. Then reach around to the end of the box and lift the tab. My point is that Zhen designed the packaging well so that the packaging can be used over and over again for storage instead of just for a one time use specifically for the purpose of shipping it to you.
Perfection. First, this is not a cleaver, it is a vegatable cleaver, or chinese chef knife. The edge on this knife is very fine (15 degree) and is not suitable for chopping bone. The company, Zhen Premium knife, provides excellent shipping, 4 days from Texas to NY. The knife itself is perfection in design and dimension. Beautiful 67 layer damascus (or pattern welded) dragon pattern, light comfortable handle, perfectly sloped bolster and steel endcap (double bolster) make this knife both beautiful and comfortable. I work in Lake George N.Y, in a busy resort kitchen and this knife is the one knife I keep on the cutting board behind the line, the fine edge aids in final trim/presentation and the size is perfect for the limited space behind a line (sandwich cooler prep board, 7 1/2 inches wide). Perfect for scooping product into pans or onto plates after cutting, the steel butt cap makes a great mallet for garlic cloves ect. Light weight, razor edge, multi purpose design. The other knifes in my kit are Wusthof Grand Prix 2, and this is the one I use the most. This is ultra hard japanese steel (60-62 Rockwell) and should not be sharpened with a draw thru design knife sharpener, ultra fine ceramic rod ONLY, draw thru sharpeners can chip the ultra fine edge. This companys products rival Shun, for half the price…I have Wusthofs and Shuns, and this is a perfectly designed knife. I have put this knife thru the abuse of a commercial kitchen and it always performs, 5 stars for both the shipping and the product. Rivals Shun…

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This 12-ounce cleaver is made of high-quality Japanese steel for exceptional sharpness, edge retention, and durability despite its lightweight. Because it has also been heat-treated to a hardness of HRC 60-62, the blade easily slices through bread, vegetables, fish, and chicken. (However, do not use it to cut through bones, as it is too delicate for such a task!) 

This knife’s handle is as appealing as its razor-sharp blade. It has a full-tang, non-slip grip that is well-balanced and comfortable in hand, allowing for greater cutting control. This means you can score and dice with the same proficiency as you can roughly chop. 

The ZHEN Japanese VG-10 67 is the best knife for trimming meat; it is waterproof and resistant to bacteria. After completing the trials, we use soap and water to clean, but you must dry the knife with a dry towel immediately afterward. The manufacturer has also stated that this product may not be ideal for chop bones. 

It is another product with a lifetime warranty against defects, and its handcrafted packaging is exquisite and the ideal complement to a gift item. To conclude the ZHEN cleaver review, we will note that it is one of the best Asian vegetable cleavers available. 

Key Features 
  • MADE WITH TOP GRADE JAPANESE 67-layer Damascus Steel, VG-10 cutting core, HRC 60-62 hardness for exceptional sharpness, edge retention, and durability while being easy to sharpen 
  • Blade size (length x width x thickness): 8 inches x 4 inches x 1.8 millimeters; net weight 0.75 pound 
  • Full tang design with sealed-tight, waterproof, and durable brown color Pakkawood handle for a non-slip and comfortable grip 
  • Long-lasting, sharp edge for cutting meat, fruit, and vegetables (DO NOT chop bones) 
  • Crafted in ISO 9001 certified Taiwan factory with steel imported from Japan; limited lifetime warranty against defects 
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Good for scoring, dicing, and chopping
  • Extremely sharp
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for chopping bones

9. Boning Knife Hand Forged Chef Knife

Boning Knife Hand Forged Chef Knife with Leather Sheath Gift Box Bottle Opener Design Sharp Meat Butcher Cleaver Kitchen Knife for Kitchen Outdoor BBQ Camping


User reviews

Handle felt very slightly loose and bottle opener feature is useless, but HOLY CRAP it’s sharp. Since I’d been cooking more and more often lately and most of the knives I had were perpetually dull, I figured I’d get myself my own signature chef’s knife (please note I’m at best an amateur home chef and I mainly got this over a standard stainless steel knife because it was cool looking.)This knife is freaking awesome, but it does have a few slight flaws; first is less a flaw and more a caveat of this particular kind of knife. It’s a high carbon steel knife, and for those unknowing of what this means (much like me AFTER I bought this) it means it stays sharper for longer and has a nice finish to it, but it is high maintenance in that you mush hand wash it immediately after using it and dry it just as soon as well as oil it every so often, just to keep it from rusting. Personally I can deal with the cleaning and oiling (got food grade mineral oil shortly after), but I also noticed that the handle is slightly loose. Again, not that big of a deal and it could just be the one that I got but it may bug some. The leather sheathe is a nice addition and so far have had no problems with it.And finally the infamous bottle opener on it; if you read any other reviews here then let me just confirm also yes it doesn’t work, it’s too big to fit under a typical bottle cap for a beer or whatever would require a bottle opener. Can’t speak on it’s other supposed uses outside of the kitchen but regardless of all of this, as a knife, this thing is terrifyingly sharp! when I scored some meat with it I barely used any pressure and the knife left deep gashes after gliding across it! It’s so sharp if I’m not careful taking it out of the holder it will start cutting the strap that holds it in and considering how clumsy I can be, the sharpness is disconcerting but appreciated!So given the price I’d say this was well worth the purchase; Get a bit of mineral oil (I think cooking oil works too in a pinch) and keep it clean and don’t rely on it for opening your beer and I’d say you have a pretty solid knife for your uses.
Impressive workmanship and quality. Bought this for my other half as a Christmas gift to add to his knife collection. As a professional meat cutter, he knows knives and he was very impressed with the quality and workmanship of this one! I, on the other hand, know nothing about knives and picked this one because I liked the way the dragon head looked. In a nutshell, he got quality and I got pretty! This was a win-win gifting situation all the way around!!
Comfort. This knife is very comfortable and fits in your hand very well. The blade is very sharp, and seems to stay sharp. It’s a Huusk. I just ordered my second one. The smaller knife. I cant wait till it gets here. Thank you for making such a detailed beautiful knife. I’d love to be a tester if possible
Good for the money, minor flaws that can be fixed, every picture on the listing is a photoshop. Pros: Low cost, hard carbon steel, will uncomfortably shave arm hair out of the box, good cleaver weight, not to heavy or tiring, tight construction, good edge retention, thick spine, good profile, coated on non cutting surface to preserve steel, nice and well constructed leather sheath.Cons: Not a single one of the photos ares actually of this knife being used. Every single one of them is a fake photoshop picture. Indentations are not hammer marks but rather fake “hand forged” appearance, “carbon” coating is sprayed on, coating goes down the profile cutting surface when it shouldn’t, edge has a slight curve but mine has a mis-grind and there is a straight portion in that blade curvature, bottle opener is to blunted to work, blade maintenance (oil to protect and difficult to sharpen hard steel).Overall: This knife looks great and will be an amazing functional accessory for my flat black offset smoker. And for as cheap as this knife is, all of the cons except the edge grind creating that flat spot are easily resolved and 95% worth it. That one flat spot is going to be an absolute P.I.T.A. to fix, even with my belt sanders. The knife is not shave sharp, it will shave hair, but the razer burn would be insane, so it’s not shave sharp. Some good stropping takes this knife a very, very long ways. (It is quite sharp enough for most peoples use in the kichen.) The feel of the blade is heavier than most kitchen knives but lighter than most bushcraft knives. It will strike a ferro rod. I like the utility and overall style of the knife and it does make an excellent cleaver and chopper. I don’t believe I would take it as my primary knife on a camping trip in the mountains, but I may take it next time just to abuse it a little and see how it holds up next to my equally cheap Shrade and Mora, as well as my much more expensive elmax First Edge bk5050. So far, I’m please with this knife.
So sharp I cut myself instantly. I love this knife , super tough and sturdy and the design is just awesome , and not only that but it’s extremely sharp was cleaning it and it barley glided over my palm but still enough to make a cut. Just an overall amazing knife.
Quality and price. Looks great on my kitchen and keeps the sharp!!!
Dad. Great dad gift. What dad doesn’t want to cut meat with a lion?
Well made, very pretty knife. We are SCA members, and this is an upgrade for my Lady’s feast gear. It will be very decorative, and useful, at feasts.
Love this knife. Cuts well and the leather sheathe is amazing! Plus it looks absolutely bad ass when you use it!

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The Boning Knife Hand-Forged Chef Knife from Purple Dragon skews our list. This knife is forged from high manganese steel and high carbon steel, combining the advantages of both materials. Due to its unique construction, this chef’s knife is simple to clean and rust resistant. 

Next, high carbon steel retains its edge better than stainless steel, ensuring precise cuts every time. Full-tang construction and anti-slip ridges make the blade durable and safe to handle. In addition, this knife has a natural wood handle with an ergonomic grip curve that makes it comfortable for welding. 

This helpful kitchen tool comes with a portable soft leather sheath to provide maximum blade protection and make it easier to transport on your next camping trip. The Boning Knife Hand-Forged Chef Knife can be used for various kitchen tasks, including dicing, mincing, slicing, and chopping meats, vegetables, and fruits. In addition, it functions well as a boning knife, making it useful for outdoor and indoor cooking. 

Key Features 
  • Blade width: 65 mm 
  • Blade material: High Carbon Steel 
  • Blade thickness: 4 mm 
  • Handle Material: Natural wood 
  • Hand Forged knife 
  • Multi-functional 
  • Practical tool 
  • Sharp and sturdy 
  • Good for outdoor activities 
  • Ergonomic wooden handle
  • High quality steel construction
  • Multipurpose design to allow you to do more than just chop
  • It comes with a portable soft leather sheath for safety and easy carry
  • Misleading picture

10. Imarku 7 Inch Meat Cleaver

Cleaver Knife – imarku 7 Inch Meat Cleaver – SUS440A Japan High Carbon Stainless Steel Butcher Knife with Ergonomic Handle for Home Kitchen and Restaurant, Ultra Sharp


User reviews

Impressive. First time buying a knife of this design so I don’t have much to compare this to, but wow. For the price, I’m really impressed with the quality. Sliced right through chicken bone like it was a veggie. Super sharp, decent weight, fits well in both my & my husband’s hands. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Sharp and clean cutting knife. I’ve wanted one of these knives for a long time and this one has not disappointed me at all! I’m by no means a professional/skilled chef and slicing vegetables evenly and meat has always been a bit of a challenge for me. Since I’ve started using this knife, I’m able to cut meat all the way through when dicing on the first slice, I can cut vegetables a lot more even and quicker. I love the look of this knife and the feel, I could tell it was a very good quality knife as soon as I took it out of it’s case, I plan on ordering more of the set to match. I also love that it came with it’s own case, I keep the knife in it whenever I’m not using it.As of yet, I haven’t put this kinfe in the dishwasher, I’m only wash it by hand because I’ve been told that it’s better to never put knives in the dishwasher because the heat it too much. Not sure if this is 100% true but I want to take the best care of this knife so it can have the longest life possible.Knife was packaged well and arrived quickly after ordering.
Excellent knife. The knife is very sharp and cuts effortlessly. My wife loves it. High quality and a very affordable price. Highly recommend!
Fun…with an edge. Had no experience with this style of knife but it’s fun to use…*carefully*, and excels at many tasks. Hope I can keep it sharp!
The best. The Japanese knives I have are not only beautiful but they are the ones that stay sharpest the longest. This one is truly a beauty.
Very well balanced and excellent for both meat and vegetables. I have had several cleavers ( i am older than dirt ) . This cleaver is a great weight for me. Heavy enough to cut through vegetables very easily but not tiring. It holds an edge while I use sometimes for an hour cutting and/or shaving both meat and vegetables. My wife is a vegetarian so we each a lot of vegetables. I am retired so I grow all or our vegetables in our backyard ( year around Tampa Fl ). The quality of this cleaver is there. I definitely feel I got what I had hoped for when I purchased it.
Super Sharp. Fantastic knife. Very sturdy and durable. Love the case for it too.
Super quality and craftmanship! Well designed and smooth curves along the edges. Holding the cleaver is weightless and durable compared to a lot of other cleavers from the past years.Definite to have in the kitchen. Even cuts precise.
Cuts well. Good grip. Good weight. Useful.
This cleaver is sharp and holds its edge well! Easy to chop with, the handle is beautiful wood. Definitely worth the money!
Tal como descrito, uma faca de grande qualidade. Vale cada cêntimo!
A nice weight and feel to the handle. Disliked that it broke into pieces

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Imarku knife is one of the best cleaver knives we encountered during testing, and it is a versatile and multipurpose product. It did not fall short of our expectations, and we are confident that it will also meet your needs. 

Versatility-wise, it assisted us in mincing, slicing, chopping, and dicing without difficulty, and its edges are incredibly efficient and sharp. Therefore, be cautious when you first unpack it. It is undoubtedly one of the finest professional butcher knives available and an excellent option for home use. 

As the Imarku chef knife is crafted from German-imported high-carbon stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness scale of 60-62, the blade possesses all the qualities of the best knife for slicing steak. Additionally, it is resistant to rust and easy to maintain. This Imarku pro kitchen 7-inch chef’s knife features a razor-sharp blade, and it does not appear that edge retention will be an issue. 

It consistently provided error-free, pinpoint-precise cuts through the chicken we tested, and the Pakkawood handle made handling effortless. In the world of knives, Pakkawood handles are regarded as the best, and we concur. 

It consistently provided error-free, pinpoint-precise cuts through the chicken we tested, and the Pakkawood handle made handling effortless. In the world of knives, Pakkawood handles are regarded as the best, and we concur. 

The weight and length of a 370-gram cleaver knife matched our expectations precisely. At the top corner of the blade, there is a hole for hanging it safely after use, and yes, we must warn you that this is not a toy and that you should not let your children play with it because it is so sharp. 

We all enjoy purchasing items with a warranty because it eliminates risk. Imarku offers a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee, which is fantastic for a knife, particularly if you are trying a product for the first time. 

Key Features 
  • 7 Inch Meat Cleaver 
  • Ergonomic Design Handle 
  • Professional Meat Cleavers 
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain 
  • High-quality German high-carbon stainless steel made
  • Pakkawood handle for a safer and firmer grip
  • Razor-sharp edges and brilliant edge retention capability
  • Ideal for professionals and home users
  • No maintenance hassle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not ideal to use on fire or frozen food items

How to clean and maintain cleaver knife 

If you want your cleaver knife to last for years, cleaning and maintaining it regularly is essential. Here are some tips on how to do so: 

  1. After each use, wash your cleaver knife with warm water and soap. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly to remove all traces of food and debris.
  2. Dry your cleaver knife with a clean towel before storing it.
  3. If your cleaver knife shows signs of rust or corrosion, use a steel wool pad to remove the affected area.
  4. Once every few months, apply a thin layer of mineral oil to the blade of your cleaver knife. This will help to keep the edge from rusting.
  5. When not used, store your cleaver knife in a dry, safe place. A wooden block or sheath is ideal.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your cleaver knife will stay in good condition for many years. 

Best Cleaver Knife In The World – FAQs

Meat cleavers can typically cut through bone; butchers frequently use these to cut off portions of meat from a carcass and are therefore used to cut through bone. 

The sides of these blades are frequently used for crushing foods such as garlic. These blades are typically heavy and have a harsh edge, allowing them to withstand repeated strikes against thick meats. 

The size and shape of cleavers make them ideal for specific types of cooking. In this instance, the blade is used to cut the meat, while the blunt top edge is used to tenderize it. 

Additionally, the sides are ideal for crushing garlic or ginger. In addition, its large, flat size facilitates the transfer of food from the cutting board to the wok. 

This means that in Chinese cuisine, a meat cleaver is versatile enough to cook the entire dish and is therefore considered the most suitable knife style for this cuisine. 

The cleaver is a bone knife rather than a chef’s knife. The thickest, heaviest, and dullest of the three styles. They are primarily used to chop beef, pork, and poultry bones and severe connective tissue. 

A cleaver is more powerful than a chef’s knife or santoku knife when cutting dense vegetables, such as various types of squash and roots. Cleavers can also be used for pounding, mincing, dicing, and slicing various other foods besides tendons and bones. 

You can perform a greater variety of cooking tasks with greater ease if you have a greater number of cooking tools. You may want to consider purchasing a meat cleaver during your shopping trip, as it is an excellent option for those who frequently prepare chicken and other types of meat. 

A heavy cleaver can be used for various purposes, but it excels at slicing through tougher materials, such as tendons and bones. One of the best things you can do is learn how to properly debone a chicken (whole chickens are much less expensive!) Having a cleaver can be useful. 

The Chinese cleaver is surprisingly thin and light for a weapon intended for slaughtering. Known as a “vegetable knife” (Caida), it is typically the only knife in a Chinese household kitchen and is employed for nearly every purpose. 

Compared to other kitchen knives, the edge of a meat cleaver is typically sharpened to an angle of 50 degrees, or 25 degrees per side, which is extremely blunt. If you have a meat cleaver, proceed. 

The risk of damage is diminished when cleavers are stored in a proper knife block. The cleaver should be washed by hand in warm, soapy water for the best results. And do not forget to thoroughly dry; even stainless steel is not entirely rustproof. 


When choosing a cleaver knife, there are many factors to consider. The most crucial factor is the intended use of the blade. Different types of knives are better suited for other tasks. For example, a slicing knife will not be as effective at chopping vegetables as a cleaver knife. 

Another essential factor to consider is the blade material. Cleaver knives are made from carbon steel, stainless steel, or ceramic. Carbon steel is the most popular choice because it is durable and easy to sharpen. However, it is also more susceptible to rusting than stainless steel blades. Ceramic blades are incredibly sharp and resistant to corrosion but also brittle and can chip easily. 

When choosing the right cleaver knife, it is crucial to consider the intended use and the blade material. With so many options on the market, there is sure to be a knife that is perfect for your needs. 

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