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10 Best Meat Cleaver You Can Buy

Whether you’re new to the world of cooking or a professional chef, over time, we all accumulate various kitchen tools and gadgets. Our cabinets overflow with kitchenware, from pots and pans to countless knives! 

However, regardless of how many tools you have in your kitchen, there are specific tasks that a standard set of knives cannot accomplish. And when it comes to slicing through meat, a more robust knife is required. Here, a meat cleaver becomes your best ally. 

A meat cleaver is ideally suited for filleting a large joint, slicing through a steak, or dicing beef for a delicious stew, as it is designed to cut through thick meat and bone effortlessly. 

Undoubtedly, if you’re looking for a meat cleaver, you know that a quick online search will yield thousands of results. To add insult to injury, each of them claims to be the best. 

Nobody has the time to sort through all available options and the accompanying information, so we’ve done the legwork for you! 

We have compiled a list of the best meat cleavers below. In addition, we’ve compiled a buying guide with all the information you need to find the best meat cleaver for your needs on the first try. 

In a rush? Let’s start by examining our top choice. 

Our Top Picks 


What is meat cleaver? 

The meat cleaver is a tool commonly used in a kitchen’s knife collection but rarely used. However, it is an indispensable tool for all chefs and cooks. 

There are only a handful of essential knives for every kitchen. These include the chef’s knife, a paring knife, a fillet knife, a utility knife, and a bread knife with serrations. Sushi chefs use specialized knives to prepare this type of food. Outside of sushi, the kitchen cleaver is a six-in-one tool, though not every kitchen possesses it. 

The cleaver knife is a broad blade made of hardened steel and sturdy wooden or plastic handles that can withstand heavy downward blows to cut the bone and other rigid materials. In contrast to other knives, the blade of a chef’s knife is occasionally blunt, with the chef’s downward swing providing the cutting force. Depending on the manufacturer’s approach to the product, some Cleavers do indeed have sharp blades. 

There’s simple violence of action to how a good chef wields the mighty meat cleaver to chop through carcasses, rigid beef bones, and chicken thighs as if paper-thin. Anyone passing by the window of a Chinese restaurant will frequently see chefs butchering ducks and other birds with a savagery that is initially shocking to observe. 

The primary purpose of a cleaver is to cut meat and poultry into manageable pieces before preparation and cooking. Tofu is not challenging to slice or cube, so vegetarian, vegan, and fruitarian cooks will rarely need a meat cleaver. 

How to use meat cleaver 

If you want to learn how to use a meat cleaver, there are a few things that you need to know. First, it is essential to understand that a meat cleaver is a very sharp tool. It is designed to cut through bone and tough meat. As such, you were handling the meat cleaver with care is very important. Second, it is also essential to understand that a meat cleaver can be heavy. You will need to use both hands when using this tool. Finally, keeping the meat cleaver clean and sharp is also essential. This will help ensure that you get the most out of your meat cleaver and that it lasts for a long time. 

Now that you know these things, it is time to learn how to use a meat cleaver. The first step is to place the meat on a cutting board. It is vital to make sure that the cutting board is clean and dry before you begin. Next, you will need to position the meat cleaver, so the blade faces down. Then, you will need to grip the handle of the meat cleaver with both hands. Once you have a good grip, you must raise the meat cleaver above your head. Finally, you will need to bring the meat cleaver down in a chopping motion. Be sure to use a sawing motion as you chop through the meat. 

Now that you know how to use a meat cleaver, you can experiment with different cuts of meat. You can also start to experiment with other techniques. For example, you can try chopping the meat into thin strips or even cubes. The important thing is to have fun and to experiment. There is no right or wrong way to use a meat cleaver. Just be sure to handle it with care and keep it clean and sharp. 

Benefits Of Using Meat Cleaver 

There are many benefits of using a meat cleaver. A meat cleaver is a very sharp knife designed to quickly and easily chop through meat and bone. This makes it an essential tool in any kitchen, whether you are a professional chef or just cooking at home. Here are some of the top benefits of using a meat cleaver: 

  1. Cleavers are incredibly versatile tools that can be used for a variety of tasks in the kitchen, including chopping meat, cutting vegetables, and even crushing garlic.
  2. Cleavers are also great for tenderizing meat since their sharp blades can easily pierce through tough muscle fibers.
  3. Furthermore, using a cleaver can help you save time in the kitchen since it can quickly chop through large pieces of meat or vegetables.
  4. Lastly, cleavers are durable tools that will last many years with proper care.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Meat Cleaver 

As with other kitchen tools, a quality meat cleaver can be expensive. It is also not a case of “one size fits all.” Therefore, you must choose one that meets your specific requirements. 

Below, we’ve highlighted some key considerations to keep in mind when shopping. Considering each of these before making a final decision will help you find the best possible meat cleaver and simplify the decision-making process. 


First, you must ensure that your meat cleaver is made from high-quality, long-lasting material. Many options are available, but stainless steel, German steel, and carbon steel are the most impressive. 

This is primarily due to their extreme durability. When slicing through thick cuts of meat, bone is likely to be encountered; however, these three materials are resilient enough to absorb the impact without breaking or denting. 

Stainless, German, and carbon steel are naturally resistant to corrosion and rust. This increases their durability and gives you the peace of mind that they will remain undamaged even if you leave the cleaver in a sink full of water overnight. 

The HRC rating is something else to consider when evaluating the material of your cleaver. This refers to “The Rockwell Scale of Hardness,” and the higher the HRC number, the more durable the fabric. 

For a meat cleaver, you’ll want something with an HRC between 50o and 65o. 

Blade Design  

Although the material from which the blade of your cleaver is made is of the utmost importance, you must also consider its design. This can be divided into three categories: length, thickness, and edges. 

Let’s examine the length first. The ideal cleaver blade length for slicing through meat is at least 7 inches. When working with large joints, it is necessary to make deep cuts across a larger surface area. 

With a short blade, this will take a very long time, and you will end up hacking at the meat instead of making clean cuts. 

The thickness of your blade must be proportional to its length to make the deep cuts required when chopping into large joints. A good meat cleaver will have a blade thickness of at least 2.5 mm, with some blades reaching 6 mm. 

When considering the thickness of your cleaver’s blade, you should also consider what other purposes you may have in mind for it. Thicker blades are required for chopping meat into wide joints, whereas thinner blades are needed for cutting thin slices of meat. 

Now, let’s examine the blade’s edges. There are a few design characteristics to look out for here. Curved edges are optimal for slicing thin slices and chopping vegetables quickly. If you’re looking for a versatile meat cleaver, a blade with a curved edge is the best option. 

While most meat cleavers have a single-edged blade, some have two. This means you can chop with equal precision with either hand, making this ideal for left-handed or ambidextrous individuals. 


Even though the blade of your cleaver will be doing most of the work, you must also ensure that the handle is equally durable and dependable. Again, there are several aspects to consider, beginning with the material. 

The handle of a cleaver can be constructed from various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Each of these is highly durable, and your decision will depend on how comfortable you are working with each. 

However, some materials, such as pakkawood, provide more than just comfort. This extraordinary material is resistant to cold, heat, and moisture, making it ideal for use in the kitchen. 

The ergonomic design of your cleaver’s handle can increase its comfort. This means that the grip will have curves that fit naturally with the contours of your hand, reducing the risk of muscle fatigue and repetitive strain when chopping. 

A cleaver’s ergonomic handle allows for a more secure grip without sacrificing comfort. This is especially crucial when handling a sharp object! 


We know that cooking is messy, and chopping meat is undoubtedly one of the dirtiest tasks. It is also one of the most dangerous, and if not properly cleaned, your cleaver could serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. 

It is therefore essential to ensure that your chosen meat cleaver can be cleaned thoroughly without causing any material damage. 

Most meat cleavers must be washed by hand with hot water and dish soap. This helps to eliminate any bacteria while maintaining the cleaver’s integrity. 

However, some meat cleavers can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This is significantly more convenient and assures that your meat cleaver has been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. 

However, you must ensure that the item is dishwasher-safe beforehand; otherwise, irreparable damage could occur. 


Finally, it would be best to consider how you intend to store your meat cleaver when it is not in use. There are a few features to look out for, and each one is ideal for various kitchen configurations. 

The first is a stand or presentation box that is included. This gives you a designated place to store your meat cleaver and protects the blade. This also eliminates the possibility of the edge being scratched by other knives, preserving its pristine condition. 

The second option is to hang the meat cleaver using a pre-drilled hole and a hook. These are located directly on the blade and keep the cleaver safe when it is not in use and out of harm’s way. 

By hanging your cleaver, you won’t need to remove it from its packaging or detach it from a stand, allowing easier access.

10 Best Meat Cleaver You Can Buy

Are you looking for the best meat cleaver to add to your kitchen arsenal? Whether a professional chef or a home cook, a quality meat cleaver is essential for preparing meat and poultry. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a meat cleaver, such as the size of the blade, material, and weight of the cleaver. This article will review the ten best meat cleavers on the market to help you find the perfect one for your needs. 

1. Best Overall: WÜSTHOF Classic 6" Cleaver Knive

WÜSTHOF Classic 6" Cleaver Knive


There are also 8-inch, 9-inch, and 16-inch versions of the Wüsthof Classic cleaver made from German stainless steel. Wüsthof’s Precision edge technology produces a cutting edge up to 20% sharper and retains its edge 200 percent longer. 

This heavy-duty full-tang cleaver is suitable for nearly all bone-cutting tasks. The blade’s 14-degree cutting angle on each side permits precise cutting and brute force cleaver use. The blade is buffed and given a final polish by the German craftsman before being packaged. 

This blade is ideal for all my slicings and preparing tasks. As advertised, the ridge prevents potatoes from sticking to the blade. The handle is sufficient in size and weight to match the edge. The blade is sufficiently long for all chopping tasks suited to this style of knife. It is already sharp out of the box. 

It has remained sharp for several weeks of work; however, I am away from home and do not have a sharpener with me, so I will not sharpen the blade until I can do it properly. If you can afford a pricey knife and enjoy cooking and food preparation, you should treat yourself to this superb piece of steel. 

Key Features 
  • Knife is precision forged from a single piece of sturdy high-carbon steel (X50 Cr MoV 15) that resists stains and corrosion 
  • Full tang is triple riveted to the handle for exceptional durability 
  • Perfect for breaking down larger cuts of meat, this heavy German cleaver is designed to cut through bone. Its finely honed high-carbon-steel blade works equally well for chopping and mincing tough vegetables. Heavy razor-sharp blade is designed for both heavy-duty and precision cutting 
  • Wüsthof’s Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) ensures a 20% sharper blade with twice the edge retention 
  • Made in Germany 
  • German stainless-steel blade made from high-carbon materials
  • 20% sharper edge and 200% improved edge maintenance
  • Cuts through thick bones due to Cleaver’s heft
  • Made in Germany
  • Polypropylene molded handle won’t suit chefs who prefer wooden handles

2. Dexter-Russell 8" Stainless Heavy Duty Cleaver

Dexter-Russell 8" Stainless Heavy Duty Cleaver, S5288, TRADITIONAL Series


The cleaver is a large knife that cuts beef, lamb, pork, poultry, fish, and bones. The rigid edge of the blade, designed to be swung like a hammer, can withstand repeated blows directly into thick meat and dense cartilage.  

The blade’s broad side can be used to crush foods such as garlic and ginger. Acquire a cleaver so you can chop your meat and vegetables without risking damaging your kitchen knives. We’ve heard of people cleaving through their cutting boards, so ensure your heavy-duty cleaver is paired with the appropriate cutting board. 

The most popular handle material for knives in the world is wood. The traditional cutlery line has withstood the test of time and is favored by many individuals who prefer the feel of a wooden handle. The Dexter Traditional product line features a proprietary DEXSTEEL blade made from stain-free, high-carbon steel that has been precisely ground for longevity. 

Key Features 
  • Superior blade shape for easier slicing 
  • Unique edge geometry for long lasting, easily restored performance 
  • Hand honed to the ultimate edge 
  • Formed handle for comfort and functionality 
  • Polished Rosewood handles 
  • Large brass compression rivets 
  • Hefty cleaver to defeat bone easily
  • Durable steel built to last
  • Lovely rosewood handles with three brass rivets
  • Smooth side for smashing garlic cloves
  • Blade tip is flat
  • Handle shape won’t be to everyone’s liking
  • Sometimes too large and unwieldy for chefs with smaller hands or people with arthritis

3. Utopia Kitchen Cleaver Knife Chopper Butcher Knife

Cleaver Knife – imarku 7 Inch Meat Cleaver – 7CR17MOV German High Carbon Stainless Steel Butcher Knife with Ergonomic Handle for Home Kitchen and Restaurant, Ultra Sharp


Utopia’s 7-inch Cleaver Knife, made entirely of heavy-duty stainless steel, is the ideal kitchen tool for slicing through thick cuts of meat. 

It is strong enough to quickly cut through bone, making it ideal for chefs and butchers. The 7-inch blade length allows you to make longer cuts, which is ideal for working with large meat joints. 

The blade’s 3mm thickness and its long-lasting, razor-sharp edge enable you to work with greater precision. Comfort and safety were also considered in the design of this cleaver, which features an ergonomic handle that always provides a secure grip. 

Additionally, the handle is made from ABS+430, making it highly durable. Due to its stainless-steel composition, this cleaver is naturally resistant to corrosion and rust, which contributes to its durability. 

It is also simple to clean, as it can be placed in the dishwasher. This also enables you to sterilize it in between uses, making it safer to use in the kitchen without the risk of cross-contamination. 

Key Features 
  • Heavy duty cleaver is made from 100 percent stainless steel 
  • 7 Inch cleaver knife cuts easily through large pieces of food and is perfect for bone cutting, chopping and cleaving 
  • ABS 430 handle allows for easy grip and hassle-free maneuvering and the superior quality stainless steel blade holds an ultra-sharp edge providing lasting and superior cutting performance 
  • Designed and built exclusively for the tough day-to-day demands of the commercial kitchen 
  • Dishwasher safe; hand washing is recommended to retain the fine quality of the exceptional blade 
  • Made from 100% heavy-duty stainless steel for extreme durability and enhanced chopping performance
  • The 7-inch long, 3mm thick blade has an ultra-sharp edge that makes cutting through thick meat and bone super easy
  • Features an ABS+430 ergonomic handle that offers a comfortable, secure grip
  • Is naturally resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Although this cleaver is dishwasher safe, washing by hand is recommended to prolong the life of the blade

4. HENCKELS Meat Cleaver

HENCKELS Meat Cleaver, 6", Black/Stainless Steel,31134-161


User reviews

Sharp and well-weighted. Very nice cleaver. It has a very sharp blade and feels good in my hand! A nice price as well.
Hefty. Good quality; sharpens well
I should have ordered one of these a long time ago. Use it for more things than I thought I would. Didn’t think I needed this but got tired of trying to cut into hard squash with a chef’s knife. I usually buy Wursthof classic but didn’t want to spend that much on a knife I didn’t need, just wanted. This is great quality at a great price point. I use it to whack into frozen items and chicken wings and for the first chop at onions and potatoes.
High quality. Great balance, sharp and makes quick work of chopping meats. My girlfriend loves it and hasn’t used it on me yet so hopefully it stays that way.
Get to the choppa. This thing comes razor sharp and the edge lasts a long time. Sharpens up well when the time comes… everything you’d expect from a Henckels blade.My only complaint is with the handle. The edge of the tang is not quite flush with the handle pieces on each side. When you run your hand crossways over the top of the handle you feel that tang edge. And it’s a square edge, not rounded over, so it feels sharp. It’s not something that really comes into play while using the blade, it’s just a fit & finish thing. It’s not a defect I would have expected from a blade of this price and brand. Given all the 5 stars reviews and no other mention of this problem it seems probable that I just happened to get a slightly faulty knife. Manufacturing defects happen.On the whole I’m happy with the purchase and I’d buy it again. I use it for 90% of the kitchen work I do, and find it’s a great all-rounder. Not too big, not too small. Fair price.
Works great, but a little heavy. The cleaver is great quality and very sharp. It’s bigger and heavier than expected and is easier for my husband to use. I don’t use it much because of this, but it’s still an excellent clever.
brand. Didn’t expect to find a cleaver in a good brand this cheap. My husband loved it
Loved this knife. I’ve never had a cleaver, mny people complained about the Weight, but it’s perfect for me.Just had to kill the edges with a grinder and now I enjoy cutting things without hurting my fingers.
I have used the 6 inch clever for about a week now and very happy it. It is very sharp. Feels very solid in your hands, yes it has a little weight to it but that just helps with the cutting, as its so sharp. The only disappointing thing about it was , the is no edge protector, when you want to put it way. Would have been nice to have with it, maybe with their future sales they should include a edge protector.
Good product. Feel is also nice.The postage was terrible. No fault of the seller
It was very sharp and chopped rabbit with almost no effort.
all was great and at a good price point
This was a gift. While the knife is of high quality, with price I paid, I was not impressed with the cheap plastic packaging it came in.

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The precision, fine-edge blade of the Henckels International CLASSIC 6″ Meat Cleaver is honed for long-lasting sharpness. The broad, rectangular blade is ideal for preparing large pieces of meat and slices through bones, allowing you to break down the chicken and portion pork loin effortlessly.  

With a seamless transition from blade to handle, the fully forged construction of these knives provides balance, while the traditional triple-riveted handles promote tireless cutting. Henckels International manufactures indispensable kitchen tools for every home cook.  

The 6-inch Henckels Classic Cleaver is a dishwasher-safe, full-tang meat-cutting instrument. German high-carbon stainless steel blades are forge-heated to increase their strength. The triple rivets on the handle’s curved end ensure the handle’s rigidity. The item is manufactured in Spain. 

The blade has a hole for hanging when it is not in use. Henckel’s knives are renowned for their dependability and include a lifetime warranty. 

Every item, from steak knives to spatulas, is of exceptional quality and value. This value-driven brand, founded in 1895 by Zwilling J.A. Henckels, guarantees the same durability, design, and usability for which the global company is renowned. Utilize Henckels International to equip your kitchen with skill. 

Key Features 
  • Made in Spain 
  • Fabricated from high quality German stainless steel 
  • Fully forged construction offers durability and a seamless transition from blade to handle 
  • Professional, satin finished blade boasts precision cutting and is finely honed for long lasting sharpness 
  • Ergonomic, traditional triple rivet handle gives balance and comfort 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Heavy 6-inch cleaver for chopping through joints and bones 
  • Made of stain resistant carbon steel that’s hot drop forged for durability 
  • Triple riveted handle surrounds a full tang 
  • Hole in top corner so for hanging on a hook or peg 
  • Handwash with mild cleanser; lifetime warranty; made in Spain 
  • Sharp meat cleaver
  • Tough carbon stainless-steel
  • Hole in the blade to hang it up
  • Excellent balance
  • Not always enough heft to cut thickest bones
  • Handle isn’t completely smooth
  • Surprisingly small and not ideal for people with large hands

5. Meat Cleaver 7 inch Vegetable and Butcher Knife

Meat Cleaver 7 inch Vegetable and Butcher Knife German High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife chef knives with Ergonomic Handle for Home, Kitchen & Restaurant


Aroma House’s 7″ Stainless Steel Cleaver is a stunning, aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen, as it combines form and function. 

This is primarily attributable to the pakkawood handle that gives the cleaver its modern-classic appearance. It’s not all about appearance, however. Additionally, the pakkawood handle is incredibly durable and resistant to heat, cold, and moisture damage. 

It has also been designed to offer the most secure grip without sacrificing comfort. What about the blade, though? This is made from a single piece of German steel that has been hardened to 58o HRC and is highly durable. 

It also features an ultra-sharp, double-sided blade and a 17-degree cutting angle. This makes it extremely simple to cut through thick meat and bone and makes it suitable for use with either hand. 

This cleaver is corrosion- and rust-resistant, as well as stain-resistant. Additionally, the 7-inch length of the blade enables you to make clean, long cuts with greater precision. 

This cleaver’s quality is backed by a lifetime warranty, providing you with complete peace of mind and extra value for your money. 

Key Features 
  • 7 inches 
  • German High Carbon Stainless Steel 
  • No-slip Ergonomic Handle 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Kitchen knife blade is 17° 
  • Features a Pakkawood handle that is resistant to cold, heat, and moisture
  • Forged from a single piece of highly durable, 58º HRC German steel
  • The blade is double-sided with a 17-degree cutting angle, making it suitable for left and right-handed use
  • Is ergonomically designed for comfort and safety, as well as being corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, and stain-proof.
  • Comes complete with a lifetime warranty
  • Cannot be washed in the dishwasher. However, the quality of the materials used in the construction of this cleaver make cleaning it with soap and water super easy

6. Global Meat Cleaver

Global Meat Cleaver, 6 1/2", 16cm, Silver


User reviews

Collect them all. I have gone through many many knives trying to find just a “good” knife. Got this brand of knives to try out and I couldn’t believe it. These are the BEST knives I’ve ever owned. I had to buy the cleaver. It cuts through meat so easily it’s unreal. It came with a catalog of all the products, I hung it in my garage because I will collect them all! You will not regret it one bit.
Kitchen power tool. Received this as a surprise from my husband to complete my kitchen knife set. This is a powerful tool–extremely sharp, nice heavy-weight, and a comfortable handle with good grip! This baby really does the job…cuts through meat with bones “like buttah” (would not recommend this for young, or amateur cooks). Excellent tool to have on hand for prepping chicken/beef parts for bone broth. One down side: I wish this would have come with some sort of blade guard or sheath, as it is too large to fit in my knife block and I have to store it in a drawer. I am now researching some sort of blade guard or sheath for storage purposes. We also purchased a small sharpener specifically for this cleaver. Would definitely recommend this cleaver…worth every penny!
Excellent product! I am going to get many years of use out of it. I just wish the price was lower. I am cutting through whole chickens and chicken quarters(including bones) to make small enough pieces to put through a grinder for making raw food for my pets. My previous knife was similar to this but I figured out it was designed for vegetables. The handles of both are a similar shape which is very comfortable for my hands. I love the weight of this knife. It is very light compared to so many cleavers on the market. It is very sharp and it is taking less effort to get through the bones. I have only used it for a few hours but my hands are happier for doing so.
Piece of 💩. This isn’t a meat cleaver, it’s a vegetable cleaver. That’s a huge difference and very important if you actually need a tool for cleaving meat.
Excellent Quality, Balance, Weight, and Sharpness. Love Global Knives. Very pleased with the quality, balance, weight, and sharpness of this cleaver. Another great Global knife in my collection. It fits in my in-drawer knife block as well as my drawer. Very pleased.
The second one seems to be better. This was a gift to my son. The first blade pitted immediately when it was washed (and it was not left to “soak”). It was replaced. The second one seems to be better.
A serious Chefs Solution. It’s like having a surgical instrument in my kitchen. It’s no joke. The quality of the workmanship is just so impressive, as are the balance and the style points. The clean up is easy but do give it time after a good wipe down , to let it air dry. I store mine on magnetic strips on the door of my pantry. My friends think it looks mid evil … but I decided to purchase a gambit of prep , and sue knifes. With them all lined up it leaves geusts with the impression that I’m not the Chef to upset. Be very careful with this knife. I maintain it’s razor sharp edge with a multiple set of grained wet stones, as my father taught me as did my Grandfathers. This knife may be passed along for generations as long as its maintained. I still saw dense bone just to protect it but it can part up a whole chicken in a flash. Enjoy. Lowell L King
Sharpest knife ever tbh. Defiantly the only Chinese cleaver anybody will ever need. It’s extremely durable; it will absolutely destroy bone with ease. The knife has a very good weight to it, and it’s not super heavy buts it’s noticeable. For a cleaver I would recommend 10/10 gets the job done.
Il est très bien équilibré. J’ai plusieurs couteaux Global et celui-ci est exceptionnel.
I have numerous Global knives and this was just one more to the collection! It’s very sharp 😅
Versand und Service einwandfrei. Das Global G-12 ist noch nicht benutzt worden. Da sich bereits ein Produkt von Global im Haushalt befindet, mit welchem wir sehr zufrieden sind, gehe ich davon aus, dass das G-12 ebenfalls gut zu händeln ist.
J’ai entendu parlé de ces couteaux par les médias sociaux et c’est un grand coup de cœur. Excellente qualité! je les recommande fortement!
Egal ob Hünchen mit Knochen oder einfach zum Pizza zerteilen. Alles sehr handlich, schnell, effizient und ohne große Anstrengung zu erledigen. Wer zuhause eine Global Magnetschiene hat, der wird es nicht bereuen auch das Knochen-G-12 dort zu anzuhängen. Vielseitig einsetzbar.

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The edge is the most critical aspect of any knife, and the GLOBAL advantage is its signature. As with Western-style knives, most GLOBAL knives are sharpened or ground on both sides of the blade. As shown in Figure 1, their edges are sharply ground to a point and an acute angle.  

In contrast, Western or European knives have a beveled edge, as shown in Figure 2. The straight edge produces a significantly sharper and longer-lasting blade. The edge of a GLOBAL knife is so large and prominent that it is visible to the naked eye and extends at least a quarter of an inch from the blade’s tip. 

The craftsmanship is awe-inspiring, as are the balance and design elements. After a thorough wiping, allow the surface to air dry for some time. I keep mine on magnetic strips on the pantry door. My friends think it looks a little bit evil, but I decided to buy a gambit of prep and some knives.  

Having them all lined up gives the impression to guests that I am not the Chef to anger. Use extreme caution with this knife.  

I maintain its razor-sharp edge with multiple sets of wet stones, as both my father and grandfather taught me. This knife can be passed down through generations if it is properly maintained. I still observed dense bone to protect it, but it can quickly disassemble a whole chicken. 

Key Features 
  • Square-bladed meat cleaver designed to butcher and cut through bones 
  • Constructed entirely of stainless steel, bolster less design for full edge Use 
  • Lightweight for agility, blade measures 6-1/2 inches, hand washing preferred 
  • Blade is square-shaped
  • Bolster-less design with no separate parts to come apart
  • Blade edge sharpened at 15-degree angle
  • Nicely balanced, patterned hollow handle with grips to avoid slippage
  • Hole to hang the cleaver up
  • Shorter blade than some other cleavers
  • Won’t cut through thicker bones as effectively

7. Best with Wooden Handle: TUO Meat Cleaver

TUO Meat Cleaver – Heavy Duty Meat Chopper – High Carbon German Stainless Steel Butcher Knife – Pakkawood Handle Kitchen Chopping Knife – Gift Box – 7” – Fiery Phoenix Series


User reviews

Fantastic looking knife at a great price. Hard to imagine that I got this knife, but for the size of the blade I couldn’t get a better price. First impression is fantastic, looks great, feels great even for the size of the knife not “too” heavy. It came in a box and razor sharp out of the box. Blade feels of high quality like my German forged knifes. The knife itself is not forged but it is certainly well heat treated as the blade springs back very easily back to original position when flexed. It is most certainly stamped from high quality blank, and has very fine machined surface and ground to a fine finish. The cutting edge of the blade has a funky angle as it is machine ground and not polished or honed. Either way it came razor sharp out of the box and sliced like my High End Japanese Yanagiba knife. The best part is the wood handle, I did not want to let go Of this thing once I started slicing with it. It just feels really at home in my hand. I have knifes that cost 7 times as much that are not as comfortable to grub as this one. I am not 100% convinced it is a full tang knife just doesn’t feel like one but maybe it is the length of the blade that throws the balance forward of the knife. Esthetics are great, my Japanese knifes are better but this is very good. It would be much nicer if the actual spine was polished not ground but I guess for $40 it’s what you pay for. Bolster is most probably welded on but is well blended and ground to match the thickness of the blade. I hope the blade is easy to sharpen like my German knives. Really this thing is very impressive.
Great knife – good price. Did not expect this quality of knife, as it is made in china. Nice thickness to steel and good balance. Came with a very sharp edge and very well packaged. Time will tell if it’s truly German steel and how it holds up. But very impressed so far. Cut through tomatoes very cleanly. Will definitely be one of my go to knives.
Very comfortable in your hand. I absolutely love this knife. It is really sharp, so peels easily. I love the wooden handle. It comes in a nice box. It would be easy to wrap if you know someone who loves to cook. I ordered another one that is a different size.
Sharp knife and beautiful handle. This knife is great for cheese and tomatoes. I would have liked it to be thinner and more flexible. Beautiful handle and packaged nicely- will. Be nice for a cheese board.
Beautiful knife. Well made. Very sharp. Giftable.
Beautiful affordable high quality nakiri knife. Full disclosure: I’m a bit of a kitchen knife junkie. Got way more than I will ever need, though that is beside the point. I have some expensive knives (Shun, Zwilling, and others) and as a sort of hobby collect various brands to try. This is the first TUO Phoenix series knife, and it is wonderful. The quality is great, the balance among the best, and it came really sharp. Then there are the esthetics — this is plainly a beautifully knife with the pakkawood grainy handle. Itis somewhat lighter than some other nakiri knives I have used. The beveled bolster is both graceful and useful – it makes the pinch grip easier to use. So I keep coming back to this knife for daily use. Could not recommend any higher. But I love my Shun Classic knives too.
Excellent knife. Product is beautiful, works as expected. Very sharp.A birds beak paring knife is the bomb! For coring or peeling apples or anything round. Super!
Fantastic knife for the price. I’m not kidding, this is a fantastic knife for the price. I wanted a not-too-small-not-too-big general knife.The pairing knife from my otherwise excellent German knife set was too small and the small chef knife was too big. This knife is just right for many of the misc small cutting jobs. Jobs when you only need to cut a few of something like cucumbers, mushrooms, celery, carrots etc.The handle is easy to hold and doesn’t slip in my medium sized hands. Besides, it looks beautiful with the fiery-red coloring. It very much stands out in the otherwise boring black block set.The blade is very sturdy. Far less flex that the smaller German pairing knife I’d likely compare it to. It’s sharp… and has stayed sharp. Keep in mind that I’m not a knife neanderthal that can’t be bothered to grab a cutting board. I use a cutting board, but also use the knife a bunch. I’ve not felt even close to busting out the knife sharpener.If you have made it this far in the, I have to note that this is now the second knife from this fiery red style that I *purchased*. No freebie knife-for-review here. I bought the second knife, since I loved the first so much.Here’s my only very minor issue… I’d like to have the handle coated/protected/poly’d… I never let my wood handled knives set in water nor dumb enough to place in the dish washer. I use them and immediately clean then dry them. On the other hand, the feel of that wood handle is very good.
This was a VERY cheap knife, like $25 so I am very impressed with the quality. It is packaged very well and it very sharp out of box. I like the feel and the curved blade lets you rock the knife for dicing small stuff. I havent had to sharpen these knives yet so I will update my review when I try. I gave a 5 start review because for the price it is way more than I expected.
Vale cada peso que se paga. Material muy bueno, buen filo y es súper cómodo
es un fraude para jinetear el dinero
This is a well made kitchen knife. It’s chunky, solid and goes in the dishwasher. It’s extremely sharp and does its job well. I recommend careful use if you want to avoid any accidents. I would buy it again, but I don’t think I’ll have to for a long time. It’s so well made.
The media could not be loaded.  Bello, con una buona impugnatura, molto affilato. Peso 270g., lama alta e con tagliente curvo, ottimo per tagliare le verdure .

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This knife’s blade is hand-polished by skilled blacksmiths using the traditional three-step Honbazuke method, including high-tech vacuum heat treatment and nitrogen cold treatment to enhance performance and durability. Because each side of the blade is only 18 degrees, it is suitable for chopping various foods, including meat and vegetable cuts. 

The design of the wooden handle is also an important selling point. The sophisticated appearance of the combination of tan and black is exceptional. You’ll receive more than just good looks, however. The handle’s ergonomic design ensures the most secure and comfortable grip possible. 

The price cannot be beaten. The weight distribution is exceptional. It is heavy, so it can be used for various purposes, from cutting vegetables to breaking bones. I’ve successfully used it to cut chicken bones and pork ribs. The shape of the handle makes it very easy to grip.  

The design of the handle is also admirable. I am highly impressed by this knife. I primarily use it for chopping poultry. Easy to cut through bones. I am contemplating purchasing additional knives from this brand. 

Key Features 
  • 6 Inches 
  • High Carbon German Stainless Steel 
  • Pakkawood Handle 
  • Razor Sharp Edge 
  • Lifetime Guarantee 
  • Attractive design
  • Hand polished
  • Affordable
  • Prone to rust

8. Best Lightweight: ZHEN Japanese Meat Cleaver

ZHEN Japanese VG-10 3-Layer Forged High Carbon Stainless Steel Light Slicer Chopping Chef Butcher Knife/Cleaver, 6.5-inch, TPR Handle –


User reviews

As a professional chef, I highly recommend this knife and this brand. As a professional chef, I use this knife for my prep and on the line every day. I use this knife for just about everything. Do not let the “light slicer” name fool you, this knife handles meats just as well as fruits and veggies. The minute I took this knife out I knew I had myself a keeper. After 15 years as a chef and as a knife enthusiast, I’ve been through more knives than I care to admit and this Zhen knife comes on top of all my other ones by far. I’ve had the chance to use a lot of different brands of professional kitchen knives in my career anything from Shun, Henckels, Wusthof, Global, Zwilling, Porsche, etc. The quality to price ratio on this knife is simply unbeatable. It performs just as well, if not better than a comparable brand such as Shun for a fraction of the cost.As far as manufacturing details go for this knife, everything is simply perfect. The handle material held my grip through and through even after having just mixed a salad with it’s oily dressing, the knife never once slipped out of my hand or moved. The knife is shaving sharp straight out of the box. Most knives, even the ones that advertise as professional knives need a quick hone before their first use, but nothing of the sort here. The thinner grinding angle on the blade provides a much sharper result which is, after all, what any cook is looking for in a knife.Generally, with cleaver type knives, food has a tendency to stick to the blade, due to the width. Zhen added a frost finish on a portion of the blade which allows food to slide right off the knife, saving a lot of time and making the knife much safer to use as you do not need to touch the blade after every single cut to remove food off of it. The finish on the knife is impeccable too, a lot of knives often have very sharp corners on the spine making it quite uncomfortable when holding the knife close to the blade but the grinding has been done all over meaning the surface is smooth as can be and I experienced absolutely no discomfort even after using it 8 to 10 hours in a row, every day.If you have any doubts about a cleaver type knife or with Zhen knives in particular, let me put these doubts to rest. Larger knives are actually safer to use. The width of the blade is around double the average width of classic chef knives, this means that when you make a cut, the entire blade rests on your fingers which allows for more control over the whole knife. This prevents the knife from wobbling towards the end of the cut. The manufacturing quality of Zhen is beyond good and I would recommend this knife or any Zhen knife any day. With practice you will soon be cutting as fast as lightning and safer than ever!
Great vegetable knife. I love to cook and like anyone who spends a decent amount of time in the kitchen experimenting and trying to turn our culinary delights to impress family and friends, you come to rely upon your tools. And a good knives are one of the key items. I have a few good ones that I have invested in. I wasn’t so sure about a ‘cleaver style’ knife and if it would work for me, so I liked the price point of this, it seemed enough to get a decent knife without paying a kings randsom for something I wasn’t sure I was going to like.I’m so glad I did, this is a fantastic knife. It’s really light and easy to use, but the edge is razor sharp on arrival. I’ve had it 3 months and have used it nearly every day since then, and it hasn’t needed sharpening, its still as sharp, so I’m very impressed. If you do a lot of vegetables and want to get through them fast, this is a great slicer and dicer that you won’t regret and shoots way beyond the price point, its more comfortable to use and keeps an edge better than knives that I have that are 3 or 4 times the price. I recommend it to anyone.
Great vegetable cleaver, well balanced and sharp right out of the box. Cleaver arrived yesterday so haven’t used it a lot. Had to try it out right away though. Sliced a couple of apples like a hot knife going through butter without any sharpening just right out of the box. Very impressed with the weight and balance of the cleaver. Definitely will recommend this knife. Having been trained through culinary school I have worked with a lot of different knives. This is a quality knife and a great value for the price paid. I like that I can just scoop up all the things I chopped to add them to the pan. Much easier than trying to do with a standard chef’s knife. NOTE: it is not a meat cleaver and not meant for heavy chopping. It is a vegetable cleaver.
Excellent value in a finely crafted small Chinese vegetable knife. The Zhen light “cleaver” isn’t a cleaver at all. It’s a Chinese vegetable knife – the Asian version of the chef’s knife that coincidentally has the same profile as a western style cleaver. Unlike a cleaver the blade is thin and the grinding is a much more narrow angle. This means that the blade is too delicate to operate as a cleaver, but is excellent for fine dicing and thin slicing when used as a chef’s knife. Like a chef’s knife the blade is slightly curved and is used with a rocking motion. Chinese vegetable knives have the edge over chef’s knives because their higher mass and blade height give them more inertia and cutting power. Their high blade height makes them a bit awkward for newbies however. You must hold the food carefully on one side of the blade and feed it into the blade. That’s where the Zhen light cleaver comes in. With it’s lower blade height it feels more agile and has less of a learning curve for western cooks learning to use this excellent type of blade. Held choked up on the handle the balance is perfect. The factory grind on the edge is excellent. The edge is razor sharp and has held for dozens of uses so far.Zhen is a Taiwanese knife company that specializes in knives reminiscent of the Japanese line called Shun. They have two main lines: a carbon stainless steel series and a fancier prettier damascus steel series (not the item on offer here). The carbon stainless series uses 3 layer construction, with a core of high carbon “VG-10” stainless steel in the middle (to constitute the edge) with layers of high carbon stainless on either side. The use of VG-10 steel and the 3 layer construction is a definite homage to Japanese high end knife manufacturing. The principle benefit of VG-10 steel is that its high Rockwell hardness value which means it will hold an edge better than normal stainless steel. The downsides are that it is more easy to chip, and will be less stain resistant. The handle is made of a rubber type material which is comfortable to grip. The edge of the blade is heavily frosted on the grinding bevel above the edge. I don’t know if this is meant to hide the fusion line of the two types of metal or improve the release properties of food on the broad surface of the blade but it is attractive and does help vegetables release. The blade is surprisingly thin and light for such a broad profile. The thin-ness translates to agile slicing. I doubt it has the strength to chop bones or other very tough food items (such as the stems of winter squash, for example). Indeed the instruction sheet for this knife specifically warns against using it for bones – underscoring the fact that is is a Chinese vegetable knife and not a cleaver.All in all, the construction is amazing for the price. I will follow up on how well it holds up over time. I will say for the moment that initial quality is surprisingly high for such a reasonably priced item. At this price level you usually get rustable carbon steel with a rat tail tang and a cheap wooden handle with rings of loose metal as the bolsters. Here you get an exotic fused blade of the type used in the manufacture of Samurai swords, using an exotic type of steel I’ve never seen outside of Japan before. The blade shape is clearly forged, not stamped, with impressive grinding and finishing. The full tang and nice heel piece are also unusual at this price. Performance in use has been in line with the luxury appearance: excellent. So far I’d rate this item as an extreme bargain – when used as a chef’s knife – not a cleaver. It’s a taste of high end Japanese materials and construction, but made in Taiwan, with a price to match.

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Zhen is a Chinese word that means “to attain the highest degree of perfection.” Prepare delicious meals without effort for your family or guests. They will compliment your flawless preparation and presentation of the meal. It all begins with having the proper equipment in the kitchen. 

This ZHEN Damascus Steel knife is suitable for slicing meat, fruit, and vegetables. The blade is crafted from Japanese 67-Layer Damascus steel with a VG-10 steel cutting core at HRC 60-62 hardness for exceptional durability, strength, and stain resistance.  

The brown Pakkawood handle with a full tang is non-slip, bacteria-resistant, easy to clean, and waterproof. The essential kitchen cutlery is finished with a mirror-polished steel bolstering. Each ZHEN knife is packaged in a box or storage box that is ideal for displaying or gifting. 

Key Features 

  • MADE WITH TOP GRADE JAPANESE 67-layer Damascus Steel, VG-10 cutting core, HRC 60-62 hardness for exceptional sharpness, edge retention, and durability while being easy to sharpen 
  • Blade size (length x width x thickness): 8 inches x 4 inches x 1.8 millimeters; net weight 0.75 pound 
  • Full tang design with sealed-tight, waterproof, and durable brown color Pakkawood handle for a non-slip and comfortable grip 
  • Long-lasting, sharp edge for cutting meat, fruit, and vegetables (DO NOT chop bones) 
  • Crafted in ISO 9001 certified Taiwan factory with steel imported from Japan; limited lifetime warranty against defects 
  • Top-grade Japanese stainless-steel used for the blade
  • Waterproof, bacteria resistant Pakkawood handle
  • Resistant to rust and stains on the blade
  • Not able to chop through bones
  • More of a slicing and cutting knife than a Cleaver

9. Messermeister Four Seasons 6” Heavy Meat Cleaver

Messermeister Four Seasons 6” Heavy Meat Cleaver – German X50 Stainless Steel & NSF-Approved PolyFibre Handle – 15-Degree Edge, Rust Resistant & Easy to Maintain – Made in Portugal


The stamped steel blade of the 6-inch Messermeister Four Season’s cleaver (also available in a 7-inch size) makes quick work of chicken and beef bones. The blade is crafted from a single piece of steel alloy and features a razor-like edge for effortless slicing. 

This blade’s 3 14-inch width is ideal for quickly crushing garlic cloves and other ingredients without needing a specialized tool. 

I needed a 6-inch cleaver to perform tasks beyond the scope of my chef’s knife, and this Messermeister cleaver is ideal. Its increased weight distinguishes it from most choppers of this size. This is an exceptionally well-made kitchen tool. The weighty, sharp object feels fantastic in my hands—more than adequate for most home cooks and probably also suitable for commercial use. 

Thankfully, I overlooked the negative review. They must have a faulty copy or need to improve their cleaving technique. It would be irresponsible to assert that this cleaver cannot cut boneless chicken. I do not doubt that laziness or lack of concentration could result in hand-digit severe injury in this situation. Mine cleaves chicken perfectly well. 

The price is not insignificant, but the item’s quality is evident. Some may dislike the handle’s material, but I have no objections to it—a winner. 

Key Features 

  • Die-cut German 1.4116 stainless carbon alloy steel blade 
  • Blade is 6-inches long (there’s also a 7-inch model) 
  • Blade thickness is 3 ¼-inches 
  • Polypropylene molded handle for greater hygiene 
  • Stainless steel from Germany that you can depend on
  • Blade has a Rockwell rating of 56-57
  • Curved angular blade at the top with a hole to hang the cleaver up
  • Assembled in Spain, not Germany
  • The polypropylene handle won’t suit people who prefer wooden handles for their knife collection

10. Best Chinese: Shun Classic 7-Inch Cleaver

Shun Classic 7 Inch Cleaver Ebony PakkaWood Handle and VG-MAX Damascus Clad, Blade Steel Ultimate Tool for Chopping or Slicing Vegetables, DM0712, Silver


With the 7-inch Classic Vegetable Cleaver from Shun Cutlery, you can prepare vegetables like a pro. This professional chef’s knife, also known as a Chinese cleaver, is a versatile tool ideal for preparing giant vegetables such as cabbage.  

This large, square slicing knife has a thin, sturdy, and elegant blade, making it ideal for almost any type of cutting or slicing while remaining lightweight and user-friendly. The Classic Vegetable Cleaver is made with Shun’s proprietary VG-Max cutting core and 68 layers of stainless Damascus cladding for a strong, corrosion-resistant, stain-resistant, razor-sharp 16-degree edge that cuts through food with ease.  

The D-shaped, ebony-finished Pakkawood handle is resilient, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable for left- and right-handed users, and does not harbor bacteria. The blade is more than a tool in Japan; it is a tradition. Shun Fine Cutlery, located in Seki City, the epicenter of the Japanese cutlery industry, is committed to preserving this age-old custom.  

Master artisans handcraft each knife to produce blades of unmatched quality and beauty. We also utilize modern, premium materials and cutting-edge technology to provide Shun quality to millions of professional chefs and passionate home cooks worldwide. 

A Chinese cleaver differs from a standard meat cleaver in that it is frequently substituted for a chef’s knife for various cooking tasks, including slicing and dicing vegetables and hacking apart meat. As a result, it is a highly versatile tool. This is important to remember when evaluating this knife, as it helps justify the price. 

You will immediately notice the difference between this cleaver and a conventional one. This one feel sturdy but has more flexibility for more dexterous slicing and dicing. It also has a D-shaped handle made of ebony Pakkawood, a hardwood infused with resin impervious to water and durable enough for continuous use. 

Key Features 
  • 7 Inch 
  • Solid, Nimble Blade 
  • Constructed with Shun’s proprietary VG-MAX cutting core and clad in 68 layers of stainless Damascus 
  • The D-shaped, ebony-finished Pakkawood handle 
  • Traditional, Artisan Cutlery 
  • Versatile
  • Attractive design
  • Water-resistant handle
  • Expensive

How to clean and maintain meat cleaver 

When it comes to meat cleavers, there are a few things you need to do to keep them clean and well-maintained. First and foremost, you must always clean your meat cleaver after each use. This will help prevent bacteria or other contaminants from building up on the blade. 

In addition to cleaning the meat cleaver after each use, you will also need to sharpen the blade regularly. A sharp edge is essential for making clean cuts through meat and will help extend your meat cleaver’s life. You can either sharpen the blade yourself or take it to a professional. 

Finally, storing your meat cleaver properly when not in use is essential. This will help to protect the blade and keep it in good condition. Always hold the meat cleaver in a dry, cool place and ensure that the edge is covered when not used. 

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your meat cleaver will last for many years. 

Best Meat Cleaver You Can Buy - FAQs

The versatility of a meat cleaver allows you to tenderize, mince, slice, and even scale any meat in your kitchen. This is especially helpful when purchasing whole, bone-in cuts of meat. 

It’s common practice for some butchers to use the hole to attach their cleavers to their belts. Have you ever tried to cut through something tough with a knife only to get the blade jammed? If you’re trying to hack through bone, it’s bound to happen at some point. Even knives can get jammed inside a frozen piece of meat. 

Compared to other kitchen knives, the edge of a meat cleaver is typically sharpened to an angle of 50 degrees, or 25 degrees per side, which is exceptionally blunt. 

A blade’s substantial, thick spine is also a helpful feature. Those measuring at least 1/4 to 3/16 inches are optimal for breaking soup bones with force and tenderizing tough meat cuts. 

In Demon’s Souls and Demon’s Souls Remake, Meat Cleaver is a Large Hammer Weapon. Large Hammers are designed for slow, heavy attacks with a good range. Large Hammers are effective against heavily armored foes, destroying their shields, breaking their defense, and depleting their strength. 

A cleaver is a large, variable-shaped knife that resembles a rectangular-bladed hatchet. It is primarily used as a kitchen or butcher knife and is designed mainly to slice through thick cuts of meat and break up large pieces of soft bones. 

Cutting through significant cuts of meat requires a hefty instrument, and a meat cleaver knife would be the best tool for the job. 

This will allow you to quickly segment more minor cuts from the main joint. In addition to being able to cut through bone, meat cleavers are ideal for handling large meat joints. 

The hole is for hanging the cleaver when it is not in use or for attaching it to the butcher’s belt. There is a strong belief among butchers that the blade will become duller if laid flat. 

A meat cleaver is more comprehensive than a Chinese cleaver. This allows it to be used to cut through softer foods in addition to bone. 

A meat cleaver is more adept at cutting through bones of medium size with relative ease. With large-boned carcasses, a butcher shop typically uses a bandsaw or an ax to reduce the animal to a manageable extent for use with a cleaver. 

Chinese cleavers are graded from 1 to 4 for thickness. The thickness of a meat cleaver is close to the thickness level 1 of a Chinese cleaver. 

These are Japanese cleavers with a different numbering system, but anything above level 4 is too thin for bone cutting. 

Due to the blade’s size and durability, meat cleavers can cut through bones. This is also why butchers favor cleavers when working with freshly slaughtered animals. Cleavers expedite work while eliminating the risk of injury associated with other types of knives. 


The best meat cleaver for the money will make it easier to chop meat and separate bones. Its larger blade is more powerful than the average kitchen knife. 

You should purchase a cleaver with blade dimensions and weight that matches your preferences for optimal results. What do you think about these butcher knives? Please tell us which one is appropriate for your kitchen! 

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