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Best Chinese Chef Knife That Will Up Your Game In The Kitchen

A high-quality chef’s knife is one of the essential elements of a cook’s utensil collection, as any experienced cook will tell you. In recent years, however, many professional and amateur cooks have opted for Chinese chef’s knives rather than the U.S.-standard curved chef’s knives. 

A Chinese chef’s knife, also known as a Chinese cleaver, is a multipurpose chef’s knife with a rectangular, heavy-duty blade. These knives have become so popular in the United States and abroad because their shape makes them ideal for most cutting-related kitchen tasks, including chopping and dicing vegetables and sometimes even cutting through bone. 

In addition, their handles are typically more ergonomically designed, making them more comfortable to hold for extended periods. 

We have researched and compiled a list of the top Chinese chef’s knives on the market. With our assistance, you’ll revolutionize your cooking style in no time! 

Our Top Picks 


Why Should You Use Chinese Chef Knife? 

There are many reasons to use a Chinese chef knife in your kitchen. For one, these knives are incredibly sharp. This means they can easily handle all sorts of cutting tasks, from slicing meat to chopping vegetables. 

Another reason to use a Chinese chef knife is its versatility. They can be used for various tasks, including slicing, dicing, and chopping. Finally, Chinese chef knives are also exceptionally durable. They are made from high-quality materials that withstand a lot of wear and tear. This means that they will last you for many years to come. 

So, if you are looking for a sharp, versatile, and durable knife, then a Chinese chef knife is an excellent option. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Chinese Chef Knife 

As you can hopefully tell from the products we have reviewed, Chinese chef’s knives are incredible pieces of kitchen equipment, and some genuinely outstanding models are currently available. 

Check out this buyer’s guide if you need more assistance in deciding! 

Blade Construction 

The most important aspect of a chef’s knife is its durable, sharp, and high-quality blade. These characteristics may be even more essential when it comes to Chinese chef’s knives. This is because the multifunctionality of these knives necessitates that they perform optimally for most basic cutting tasks. 

High-carbon stainless steel is the most used material in constructing Chinese chef’s knife blades. Naturally, stainless steel is an excellent material for knife blades due to its resistance to corrosion, strength, and flexibility, making it less likely to break under pressure. 

Carbon is added to stainless steel to increase its hardness and resistance to impact damage, such as scratching and deformation. 

However, carbon can also make a blade more brittle, so it will break before it can bend. Fortunately, most of the Chinese chef’s knives we have reviewed have been vacuum-treated to increase their durability, mitigating this issue. 

The next factor to consider is the blade’s shape. You may have noticed that some Chinese chef’s knives have a slight curve, even though the standard form of a Chinese chef’s knife is rectangular. 

This curve is beneficial for slicing vegetables and other ingredients quickly and smoothly because it enables a rocking motion that is ideal for such tasks. 

On the other hand, a completely straight blade is preferable for the actual slicing of meat you desire. Consequently, choosing a flat or curved blade will depend on the type of food you prepare most frequently. 

You will also need to consider the blade’s sharpness. According to the angle, the blade sharpness of kitchen knives is measured in degrees, with a smaller number indicating a sharper edge. 

The average kitchen knife has a sharpness rating of approximately 20 degrees. Our reviewed products show that high-quality Chinese chef’s knives are significantly sharper, ranging from 15° to 8°. The greater the difficulty of the cutting tasks you perform in the kitchen, the sharper your blade will need to be. 

Blade Dimensions 

Most Chinese chef’s knives have blades between 7 and 8 inches long. This may not seem like an extensive range, but a difference of 1 inch can significantly impact functionality. 

Before purchasing a Chinese chef’s knife, it is, therefore, necessary to consider the types of foods you will be preparing and the tasks you will ask for. 

A 7-inch knife will suffice for the majority of your basic kitchen tasks. However, due to the additional leverage of its length, an 8-inch blade will perform marginally better for heavy-duty jobs, particularly those requiring sawing action. 

For individuals with smaller hands, we recommend a 7-inch blade. This is since it will be lighter and easier to manage. However, if you have larger hands or prefer a chef’s knife with a bit more weight (as many cooks do), we recommend an 8-inch model. 

Handle Construction 

The handle is as crucial to constructing a Chinese chef’s knife as the blade itself. The quality and structure of the handle will determine how ergonomic and comfortable your knife is to use, so it is essential to prioritize this characteristic. 

As you may have deduced from our product reviews, there are numerous handle material options for Chinese chef’s knives. Pakkawood is a popular option for all knife handles and is a ubiquitous material. Pakkawood is a type of engineered wood that was initially developed in Egypt. 

It is composed of multiple layers of hardwood to which a resin has been added for added durability and water resistance. Pakkawood is not susceptible to the same flaws as natural wood because it is not genuine. 

It is waterproof and will not warp or crack similarly. These characteristics allow pakkawood to give the handle of a Chinese chef’s knife the appearance and feel of natural wood without the inherent durability concerns. 

We would suggest a fiberglass handle if you’re looking for maximum durability. Fiberglass is not only very lightweight, making a knife lighter and easier to work with, but it also matches the strength of steel without the weight. Additionally, fiberglass is corrosion resistant. 

A chef’s knife with a rosewood handle can be an aesthetically pleasing addition. In addition to its strength and durability, rosewood is easy to polish for a luxurious finish. 

This type of handle will require additional care and maintenance to prevent it from splitting or warping when subjected to stress or water. 

On our list is also a knife with a Santorini handle; Santorini is a rubber-like material that is straightforward to clean and maintain. 

Additionally, it is softer than many other handle materials, so it is comfortable to hold. However, the primary disadvantages of Santorini are that it is not as durable as other materials and makes the knife appear and feel slightly less expensive to some users. 

We recommend a full-tang handle for your Chinese chef’s knife to achieve the most excellent ergonomics and durability. This signifies that a portion of the blade extends completely through the knife handle. A knife with a full-tang construction will have more excellent durability and leverage. 

Additional Features 

A Chinese chef’s knife will typically be sold as a single item without additional accessories. However, the few other features that usually come with Chinese chef’s knives can potentially increase the value of the product overall. 

When it comes to chef’s knives, however, the opposite is true. Chef’s knives make excellent gifts for both professional and amateur chefs, and a high-quality Chinese chef’s knife is sure to light up the face of your cooking-obsessed loved one no matter the occasion. 

There is nothing better than beautiful packaging to complement a thoughtful gift, and fortunately, many of the Chinese chef’s knives on our list come packaged in sleek, elegant boxes that are ideal for this purpose. 

If you are considering purchasing a Chinese chef’s knife for a friend, you should also consider the knife’s packaging to enhance the gift-giving experience. 

10 Best Chinese Chef Knife For Your Kitchen

As a kitchen knife, the Chinese chef knife is designed to help with various slicing, chopping, and dicing tasks. It has a broad blade that tapers to a sharp point, making it ideal for cutting through tough meats and vegetables. 

While it may look like a Santoku knife, the Chinese chef knife is quite different. The Santoku knife is a Japanese kitchen knife designed for slicing, dicing, and mincing. It has a shorter blade and a taller blade height, making it easier to control when chopping vegetables. 

On the other hand, the Chinese chef knife is designed to cut through tougher meats and vegetables. It has a longer blade and a lower blade height, which gives it more power when chopping. 

So, if you are looking for a kitchen knife that can handle all your slicing, chopping, and dicing needs, then the Chinese chef knife is the ideal choice. Here are 10 of the best Chinese chef knives you can buy for your kitchen. 

1. TUO Vegetable Meat Cleaver Knife

TUO Vegetable Meat Cleaver Knife – Chinese Chef's Knife 7-inch High Carbon Stainless Steel – Kitchen Knife with G10 Full Tang handle – Black Hawk-S Knives Including Gift Box


User reviews

Great Knives, Very Happy. I cook everyday, 3 meals a day and finally got fed up with the old beater walmart knives I’ve been using since college (8 years ago), and decided to finally upgrade, and boy howdy am I glad I did.Sharp right out of the box, well balanced, feel very natural in hand. The honing steel is very good as well, used it on my old knives from college, and in minutes those were cutting like new after years of use. Cleaver is very manageable. Chef’s knife feels very natural in hand. Santouku is my second favorite piece in the set, its versatile, easily manageable, great for dicing. The serrated knife is great so far, just used it for bread though as of now, but is very ergonomic and comfortable to use. Shears are fantastic as well. Only real suggestion I have is there is no boning/fillet knife. Otherwise, very happy with the quality and feel of the knives. I might look into Tuo for one before I roast my next bird! Honestly the only issue I can find is I want more!Materials are high quality. Forged not stamped blades. After a couple weeks of normal use they have held their edge well so far.Last but not least, Looks… THEY LOOK GREAT. Very happy with the look of the knives, modern and functional. Putting this at the end since it really wasn’t a top priority when I was looking, but I cant say I am unimpressed, they are very attractive and functional.
My first Nakiri. This is a very nice knife for the price. I wanted a full tang, check. I like to cook and saw this knife and thought why not so I’m learning how to use it correctly. I’m getting there. The edge is very sharp and it goes through veggies like butter. I’ve forbidden the family from using it because I don’t want to find it one day looking like they were trying to cut the heads off of nails (like my other knives!) So far I’m quite impressed with it. I need to learn how to properly sharpen it. Quality is great, the handle and tang are pretty well matched so it feels good in the hand. the box was quite pretty but honestly I pitched it because it’s not going to live in the box. I like the heft also. I will likely have to come back and update this review as I get used to using it more. At first blush, this is a very well made knife, so far I’ve enjoyed using it.
I like it. It’s a 40$ knife. It cuts good and looks nice.The fit and finish is off. You can feel the rivits coming out of the handle and the blade to bulster isn’t flush. Keep it clean so food doesn’t get in there.Comes sharp. Idk if it lasts. I looked up the steel and it seems to be used primarily for hole saws. It’s probably a softer steel because my knife strip has already left scratches on the blade.It’s a cheap knife. I wanted a 10 in, full tang, gyuto style knife, and that’s what I got.
Very Thin, Sharp. Bought Items as a giftKnife Sets, Sharpener and Under Cabinet shelf’sTUO Knife Set 7 piece and steak knife’sNice looking, Very Thin, Sharp, 56 RC (soft) but easy to sharpen5″ Utility had bad tooling marks on the bottomand they couldn’t replace just the one.Replaced the whole set and the replacement 5″ Utility was even worse.grind is not the same on each side 8-12 except for Nakiri and the smaller knifesincluded block looks nice but not to functional, Have to move block from under cabinetto use and the point of the knifes hit the bottom when you put them inhave to be very careful.also sharp and thin knifes will have a tendency to dig in on plastic boardsand the balance point is pretty far back because of the G10 fiberglass handleGreen Elephant Ceramic Knife SharpenerMade the knifes sharper you can still seeoriginal grind marks on one side (vertical marks)after about 50 strokes per side(will cut paper, not so much for hair)Perfect for sharpening not too smoothmade a plastic cone for the angle(will get another outside fishing use)The Drop Block Under Cabinet shelf’sVery nice product (would buy again)magnets and plastic blocks are secure and strongthe inside width is 9″ so my steak knifes were 9.5″ had to mount on anglePaper template is not very good have to cut to fitfor shelf’s that are close to the size (holes are good)template needs to be re-designed with linesthat simulate the minimum shelf and springs areasand the Knape and Vogt hinges should be bent the other wayso you can see what you are doing (like other reviewer suggested)
Knife set is complete and fulfills all my requirements
I love everything about that knife! It’s sharp right out of the box, the knife got a good weight (like a cleaver shoud have), it’s also beautiful to look at. It also come in a nice packaging box
Very sharp and handy
Excelente cuchillo, el mango es de muy buen tamaño para manos grandes, tiene muy buen filo, excelente acabado, incluso cuidaron el detalle en el estuche, me gusto tanto que compre otro

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TUO Cutlery is one of the most reasonably priced manufacturers of mid-to high-grade kitchen utensils and specializes in chef’s knives. 

The company’s Chinese Chef’s Knife for vegetables and meat is, therefore, one of the most popular Chinese chef’s knives on the U.S. market. 

This knife is versatile and can be used to prepare both meat and vegetables, making it the ideal choice for anyone in search of an efficient, multipurpose kitchen tool. 

The extremely sharp blade, which has been sharpened to 8 to 12 degrees per side, is made of high-carbon stainless steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance. 

The steel has been subjected to high-vacuum heat treatment and liquid nitrogen tempering to increase its flexibility and durability. 

Additionally, the blade’s ripple pattern is aesthetically pleasing and increases slicing efficiency by reducing blade contact and sticking. 

Compared to other Chinese chef’s knives, its 7-inch length places it on the shorter end of the spectrum. As a result, it may not be the best option for handling vast portions of meat, but it will be lighter and more comfortable to hold than some larger models while still providing sufficient blade length for most tasks. 

This Chinese chef’s knife’s handle is made of G10 fiberglass and has a full-tang structure with triple rivets. This impressively durable handle is also highly ergonomic due to its comfortable grip and balanced weight distribution. 

Key Features 
  • 7-inch High Carbon Stainless Steel 
  • Sleek Blade Pattern 
  • High-standard Craftsmanship 
  • Ergonomic Design 
  • Suitable for meat and vegetables
  • Sharp and durable stainless-steel blade
  • Ripple patterning for efficiency
  • Strong, ergonomic fiberglass handle
  • Some reports of damage on arrival

2. Runner-Up: Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Chinese Chef's Knife

Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Chinese Chef's Knife with Santoprene Handle


User reviews

the best thin vegetable cleaver i’ve tried. i don’t normally write reviews but i am so impressed with this knife i had to write it. i’ve always wanted a chinese chef’s knife due to its versatility and practicality. when i did my initial research my top choice was the dexter chinese cleaver, which was very popular. in the end, i opted to try the mercer primarily because of the rubber handle.i was very happy with the knife. over time i got more interested in knives, german vs japanese steel, and i decided to “upgrade” to the  ZHEN VG-10 Damascus Cleaver . the steel was noticeably sharper when you touch it, and the damascus pattern was beautiful. however, when it came time to actually cut, the mercer was actually better. the secret here is that the mercer has a convex grind, while the zhen was a more conventional V-grind. this meant that vegetables did not stick to the blade nearly as much. with the mercer, i can half a cucumber, and slice into thin slices by draw cutting through the cucumber. i could not with the zhen — the cucumber would stick to the other side of the blade.next up, i tried the  Wusthof Chinese Cleaver . i disliked it immediately — it was very heavy. in fairness, heavy is in the title, but i didn’t expect it to make that big of a difference. the fit and finish also wasn’t as good; the spine was not smooth, and neither was heel…which meant holding the knife properly by choking up to the heel was uncomfortable. the mercer’s spine and heel of the blade are smoothed. and speaking of weight, this is when i realized that the mercer is 8.8 ounces, which is super light. it’s also only 2mm thick at the spine.still wanting to find “the best” knife, i tried the other german brand,  Zwilling . this one was slightly heavier than the mercer, slightly thicker, but the balance was off. i prefer the 7 inch size of the zwilling more, but the size of the handle relative to the blade was awkward and made for weird balance. if you’re holding a chinese chef’s knife properly, you’re pinching the blade, so in the zwilling half of the handle is sticking out the back of my hand. and this was when i realized that i really, really like the non-slip rubber handle of the mercer.next up, was the  Messermeister Asian Precision Chinese Knife, 8-Inch . i don’t know why i didn’t try this one first before the others, since this is the knife that celebrity chef Martin Yan uses. it was the only knife that was competitive vs the mercer. it is a little bit heavier, which makes certain cutting tasks easier as the weight of the knife helps, but not so overwhelming like the wusthof. it’s thicker at the spine, but it actually gets even thinner than the mercer (which you can see in the picture, is already very thin). it’s full-tang, 3 rivet, with a nice “ping” when you tap on the blade vs a “thud” of the mercer, so it definitely feels like quality in your hand if you’re into that kind of thing. i still liked the rubber handle of the mercer more, so i eventually ended up wrapping the messermeister handle with rubber splicing tape.5 chinese chef’s knives later, the mercer and messermeister are my favorites. for the mercer, the only downsides i can think of are not really downsides at all, but personal preference. the tip is a bit more rounded than the others, not a 90 degree angle. this makes rocking and draw-cuts easier because it doesn’t dig into the cutting board as much, at the expense sacrificing ease of delicate tip work. it’s also 8 inches instead of 7, but i’ve gotten used to it.if you’re looking for a thin and light vegetable cleaver, this is incredible value at this price point.
Great thin vegetable chopper. I’m used to using a western chef knife when cooking, but I’ve noticed that 99% of the time I’m chopping vegetables. I find that a Japanese nakiri or Chinese vegetable knives are much better for slicing vegetables. I have the cheap carbon steel Wokshop cleaver. It’s thin and slices well, but it’s carbon steel, so it rusts. On top of that the handle is wooden, so it’s just not something you can leave in the sink. I was looking for a Chinese vegetable knife and ended up purchasing the Shibazi F208-2, a Winco KC-601, and a Daways knife (a Dexter 5198 knockoff that can be found in Asian groceries). The Winco and the Daways have a thicker blade. They are more of a heavy multipurpose knife that can be used to break down a chicken as well as slice vegetables. The thicker blade doesn’t glide through vegetables the way the Wokshop cleaver does. The Shibazi and the Mercer have lighter and thinner blades and slice through vegetables with little effort. I would not use these on meat with bones. The Shibazi has better fit and finish, as well as what appears to be harder steel. I also prefer the flatter blade profile of the Shibazi. The Mercer blade is somewhat flexible, and the shape of the blade is more rounded. However, the plastic handle of the Mercer really makes it a low maintenance knife. Between the plastic handle and stainless steel, I can let it sit in the sink and not worry about the blade rusting or a wooden handle soaking up water. The softer steel means it’ll require a honing steel and a sharpening stone more often, but so far the edge has really held up. It’s now my go to knife.
Light weight knife. Gave my first pair away and got me another one. Fantastic vegetable knife (can cut meat too but it’s a light knife) that has an abundant area surface to lift the cut veggies, much like the Chinese restaurant knife – one for all. Except the material feels solid quality, edge stays sharp and easy to handle. It’s light and not cleaver like so I’d recommend it for chopping vegetables. Much better than the other so call veggie knife that you can’t even cut flat to the cutting board surface (see my other review). Overall recommend if you want something similar to the Chinese style restaurant knife. The blade is thin enough to cut fine pieces of green onions or garlic and the handle feels comfortable to handle. Would recommend!
It is sturdy, well-balanced, and sharp. Mercer’s Chinese chef knife is suitable for general kitchen cutting tasks. Although shaped like a cleaver, the blade is thin and will chip if used to cut through bones, stored improperly, or dropped in a ceramic sink.I purchased this knife because… It is the size I was looking for; It’s priced reasonably; And Mercer supplies cutlery to culinary schools, so they must know how to make a good blade.When the knife arrived, I immediately took it to the kitchen to play… cook something. At first, I was afraid of cutting myself while scooping up food. (A sharp knife is *not* a safe knife when the cutting edge is directed toward one’s self.) The fear subsided after a few days. The knife is sturdy, well-balanced, and sharp. The weight of the knife with a forward motion is enough to to slice through garlic, onions, carrots, celery, and all of the other foods I commonly cut. Butternut squash isn’t a problem, but takes a bit more effort. Kabocha (“Japanese Pumpkin”) is tougher — I use my guiding hand on top of the blade to apply pressure after embedding the knife with an initial cut.The edge does need to be maintained. It can be honed by stropping or steeling. For those who prefer steeling, use a high-quality steel to avoid damaging the edge with the steel. The blade is easily sharpened with a ceramic.
Solid mid-range quality at a budget price. Very nice. Thin and light. If you like MAC knives that are really thin and keep their edges well, you are getting almost the same thing here, just not the crazy blade edge angle like MAC’s.
Excellent introduction to chinese style chef knives. Handle seems weird at first but since you hold more of the blade than a french or gyuto it works even with big hands. Nice affordable knife that can do a ton of work and you dont have worry about rusting or it getting too beaten up. Factory sharp was very sharp and is holding up still.If you’re looking to try out a chinese chef knife or want a cheapish workhorse house knife this is it. Once you really learn how to use it it’s hard to go back to western or japanese style knives. My daily driver for kitchen work; will reach for this before my $300 carbon steel nakiri.
I bought this because I wanted to try this style of knife before splashing out on anything more expensive. As others have pointed out, despite the shape, it’s not a a ‘cleaver’ in the sense of something to bash bones with, it’s a general purpose tool for cutting up relatively soft things like meat and veg.It’s taken me a few cutting sessions to adapt to the geometry, but it is a very versatile tool when you get the hang of it. The wide blade seems to make cutting thin slices of stuff without wandering easier and being able to ‘scoop’ things from the cutting board to the pan in one go is a plus.Out of the box I found the ‘factory edge’ very sharp – good enough to score pork rind cleanly and with control, which needs a good edge.The edge has held up reasonably well for a stainless steel knife. After two cutting sessions it was noticeably dulled, but a few swipes with a ceramic rod restored it. This isn’t unexpected for the steel – there is always a trade-off between corrosion resistance and edge quality/retention and the compromise here leans towards corrosion resistance. I’ve left it out wet on the draining board, and not a spot of rust.It’s a very good knife for the price IMO. I’d recommend, but don’t expect the edge to hold up like super-hard high end knives. Much easier to sharpen though!
Very versatile. The product is well made and extremely sharp. The handle is good, although I would have preferred it to be to be longer. I am happy with my purchase.
Tiene un buen balance, es ideal para un chef profesional o para cualquier amante de la Cocina, ligero y con buen buen filo, el mago pudiera ser de mejor calidad pero te funcionará de una manera cómoda, lo recomiendo ampliamente
Great value knife made out of a premium German steel. I still use this quite a bit despite having Japanese knives which cost many times more.Good sharpness out of the box.Fairly thin behind the edge, and goes through big dense things like squash and swede really well.Big flat blade is great for scooping / moving food.Edge retention has been good so far (as you’d expect with X50CrMoV15).Took 1 star off as the spine and choil are quite sharp, which for me made it uncomfortable to hold unless they’re rounded off slightly.

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Mercer Culinary manufactures inexpensive chef’s knives of sufficient quality to compete with more expensive, higher-end brands. 

This knife is the only one on our list with an 8-inch blade. The length of the blade enables it to perform well on more significant cuts of meat and other foods that may require a sawing motion with greater leverage. 

Stainless steel with a high carbon content is rust-resistant and highly durable. The blade has been taper-ground to a fine stone finish to increase its stability and sharpness. 

Due to the rubber-like texture, the Santoprene handle is designed to be non-slip and comfortable to grip. NSF hygiene standards have sanitized it, and the faux-bamboo texture gives this knife the feel of a traditional Chinese handle. 

This knife feels just right. It is razor-sharp, well-balanced, and very controllable; for the first time, I was able to slice spring onions lengthwise and paper-thin. My favorite knives were my dependable Santoku, fillet, and boning knives, but this item is currently in the lead.  

Regarding the knife’s quality, I am delighted. I can easily slice through the full sushi rolls I’ve been preparing. I was surprised by the knife’s well-balanced heft. I am confident in recommending this product. 

Key Features 
  • Razor sharp, high-carbon, stain-resistant German steel resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration 
  • Single-edge blade is taper ground with a fine stone finish 
  • Offered with an NSF certified slip resistant Santoprene handle 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • Hand wash knives for blade edge and surface care 
  • Long 8-inch blade
  • High-carbon stainless steel
  • Non-slip Santoprene handle
  • Blade could be sharper

3. TUO Vegetable Cleaver knife - Chinese Chef’s Knife

TUO Vegetable Cleaver knife – Chinese Chef’s Knife – Stainless Steel Vegetable Meat Cleaver – Pakkawood Handle – Gift Box Included – 7 inch – Fiery Phoenix Series


This 7″ vegetable cleaver has a tapered, rectangular blade with a smooth top curve. This Chinese cleaver knife has everything you could desire: a sturdy build, an anti-fatigue handle, and a razor-sharp edge. 

This knife is visually impressive, attractive, well-finished, and easy to handle. Moreover, the packaging was more than adequate. The combination of the blade’s form and the sheen of the Pakkawood handle immediately drew my attention. Its appearance compelled me to search for defects in its craftsmanship. I could not locate any.  

The fit and finish of my seven-inch vegetable cleaver are flawless. For a cleaver-style blade, the balance point appears to be ideally situated in the location of my pinch grip, just forward of the bolster. This knife’s push-cut performance on vegetables is exceptional.  

Expectedly, this knife excels at chopping, and indeed it does. Its edge and weight make quick work of carrots and potatoes, but it is also elegant and sharp enough to cut delicate herbs like Italian Parsley. This TUO Vegetable Cleaver knife is so enjoyable to use that it has become my go-to knife and is always within easy reach of the cutting board. 

Key Features 
  • 7 Inches 
  • Pakkawood Handle 
  • Forged with premium High Carbon German Stainless steel 
  • Life-time Aftersales 
  • Specially designed for vegetable preparation
  • High-carbon German steel blade
  • Curved blade for faster cutting
  • Ergonomic pakkawood handle
  • May be too large and heavy for smaller hands

4. SHI BA ZI ZUO Chinese Cleaver Chef Knife

SHI BA ZI ZUO Chef Knife Chinese Cleaver Kitchen Vegetable Knife Superior Class 7-inch Stainless Steel Knife with Ergonomic Design Comfortable Wooden Handle


User reviews

I love this a LOT more than I expected to. This knife is good and *sharp* and it’s smaller than I imagined, but big enough to lift a lot of chopped food at once on the broad blade. I was raised in a household that used vegetable cleavers all the time, but I got trained using European chef’s knives. This is an interesting blend of both, with the very sharp point of a Chef’s knife on the body of a light vegetable cleaver.This knife i much lighter than it looks, but the steel is quite good at holding an edge for a lot of use. It’s also strong enough to take on squash while still sharp and maneuverable enough to debone pork shoulders and really great at cutting a while chicken into its parts.
Low Cost High Value Slicing machine. Disclosure: Both knives I bought from this company with my own money so this is an honest overview of what I think so far….After purchasing the 8” cleaver from this company…I was definitely impressed with the value to cost ratio and how much of a veggie slicing beast the thing was…to the point that I ordered this knife as well… It did not disappoint.This knife has a Nice edge outta the box…The blade has a nice useable profile to facilitate all styles of cutting, whether you like push/pull cuts, chopping or rocking style. I prep a lot of veggies and boneless meat and this knife works great for either.I use these knifes daily in my home kitchen and the factory edge, although slightly more coarse, is holding up well after 3-4+ months of use with just a minor touch up on a honing rod here or there.Both of these knives have a solid construction and are built solid but simple. The blade has got good weight without being too heavy…It has a nice brushed finish that doesn’t show scratches..The handle has a good feel and has a nice classic look to it…Lil mineral oil on the handle every now and again to keep it hydrated and these will probably last a long time. …The blade has a stainless cladding layer which makes it very rust resistant..that being said… you should always hand wash and dry kitchen knives that you want to last.If you’re on the fence about one of these…Don’t Hesitate and purchase this knife and the 8” or 9” cleaver too..Solid kitchen tools.
Perfect all purpose knife. I work in a restaurant kitchen where we chop ALL of our own ingredients. Ranging from small kiwi, limes, and cherry tomatoes, to hard shelled pineapple, watermelon, and squash. I also chop up leaves like parsley, basil, and mint, the blade chopped it up nice and finely with minimum effort! It also works wonders on meats, cuts through chicken like butter! It comes in a nice thick cardboard box that’s perfect to keep it safe/away from chemicals and water when not using. Super sharp when I first opened it and though I chopped up over 100 lbs of chicken and plenty of veggies throughout the week, I still do not need to sharpen it!
Best $40 I ever spent on a knife. It’s a $40 knife, not a $400 knife, and should be judged accordingly, but that said, it punches well above its weight. The blade arrives sharp – at least compared to Western chef knives; it’s not designed to compete with the ultra-hard, ultra-thin, ultra-sharp Japanese blades – and a little regular honing keeps it that way: in that respect, it compares favorably to Western-style knives three times its price. It’s well-balanced, comfortable in the hand, but the handle construction? As I said, it’s a $40 knife, not a $400 knife. The blade profile is flat enough to allow push-cutting smaller veggies, but curved enough to rock-chop almost anything. It’s a little on the heavy side, which I find helps to cut through squashes and the like, but some may find off-putting. I appreciate this knife’s versatility, and its sharp point always comes in handy, but my next knife will be a traditional flat-bottomed Chinese slicing knife: not to replace this knife, but to complement it. Best of all…NO STICKERS!!! Overall, color me, “A Satisfied Customer.”
SHI BA ZI ZUO Chef Knife Chinese Vegetable Cleaver for Kitchen. It’s 2024 This knife is good and no rust do not let this sit in water always keep knife clean make sure u have wet towel to wash and dry towel to dry hang knife or put back in box make shure it’s dry
Very good for cutting meats and vegetables. I really enjoy cooking, and the previous knife set I bought just wasn’t cutting it – they were too slow. But this one? It’s super sharp, and I’m loving it. Seriously considering grabbing the whole set from this brand next time. One thing though – this knife is pretty thick compared to my others, so my current storage solution doesn’t work. Any suggestions on how to store these things?
good knife , even better customer service. I have a number of knives in my kitchen. This has become the one, the only one I use for cooking. It’s sharp and has kept its sharp edge very well. It’s very versatile. Best of all, their customer service will respond to any issue promptly. A great buy.
Great knife, great value. I’ve had this knife for a couple of months now and find myself using it for much of my vegetable prep. Very precise, easy to handle. A great value for $40 or so.My only complaint is that the instructions are only in Chinese. But take a picture with Google Translate, all is explained. (The instructions are mostly the overwhelmingly obvious cautions about being careful with sharp knives, not letting children play with them, etc.). It’s even clear without translating that the sharpening angle is about 15°, which is the main thing I needed to know.
Bought this along with the meat cleaver. This is a really good quality knife for the price (~$35 CAD). Out of the box the factory edge was easily able to shave the skin off a tomato, and after several months of use still no problems easily slicing a ripe tomato and similarly delicate fruit/veg.I’ve been using it for about three months and quite happy with it. I normally cook from scratch for a family of four six days a week, so have used it for a variety of chopping, dicing, and cutting. It’s a nice combination of blade height and weight, so is great for everything like cutting melons, peppers, onions etc, but because the blade isn’t as long as a standard chef knife, find it a bit easier to control. It’s hefty enough that you can let gravity do the work for you, and the edge has enough of a curve you can quickly dice anything pretty fine. (For example, recently made enough a huge serving of tabouleh; used this knife to dice three large bundles of parsley into small confetti size pieces in a few minutes).Handle is pretty comfortable and utilitarian. You can see the full tang at the base as well, so should be easy enough to put a new wooden handle on if eventually needed, but shouldn’t be an issue with proper care.Overall, this is a great knife for a working kitchen. It’s not fancy, but it’s made with good steel, and should last a lifetime for home use if properly cared for.
Every serious home chef deserves a chopper/knife to work with.Sharp as & very versatile.Not heavy & fits beautifully into my hand.
Started using the day upon receipt. It’s favourite kitchen knife now as the form, fit and weight is great. The cutting blade is sharp and efficient in slicing, cutting and chopping different cooking ingredients instead of using different knife and cleaver for slicing and chopping respectively. It comes in a elegant box too. Would recommend to family and friends.
Excellent item. Prompt service, well packaged and very sharp. I plan to purchase more as gifts.
Love this knife. Sharp and good quality.

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SHI BA ZI ZUO, owned by Yangjiang Shibazi Group, is one of China’s premier brands of kitchen knives. Over the past several decades, Shibazi has grown from a small workshop into a sophisticated modern enterprise with a vast selection of kitchen tools. 

The raw material of the Shibazizuo F214-2 Chinese kitchen knife is clad steel (Ferritic Stainless+Martensite Stainless Steel), which has superior durability and corrosion resistance. We use a unique method of wet sharpening to ensure that the blade edge remains sharp for a very long time. 

This knife is ideal for use in households, restaurants, the outdoors, and different environments and is perfect for mincing, chopping, dicing, and slicing vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and other food materials. 

The broad blade could be used as a spatula to transport prepared ingredients to the wok or bowl or as a garlic crusher. A well-polished rosewood handle is more aesthetically pleasing and provides users with a superior grip and enjoyable cutting experience. 

This knife’s craftsmanship is truly remarkable. Listening to customers and honing have vastly improved; removing stickers is no longer difficult. I coated the handle with Danish oil to prevent the wood from drying. Right out of the box, the edge was excellent.  

Excellently sliced tomatoes and other vegetables, I understand how to handle sharp blades, so please do not jumble them in a drawer. No knife can withstand that. 

I have a lesser Shi Ba Shi Zou that, after sharpening, holds its edge beautifully. I have not worked on F214 because I do not need to. 

Chinese blades continue to improve. This is not a high-end knife, but it performs well, is well-balanced, keeps its edge, and has a sturdy build. This knife can perform delicate cutting tasks as well. 

Key Features 
  • High-carbon stainless steel blade 
  • Heavy duty multi-functional knife 
  • Ergonomic hygienic rosewood handle 
  • Ultimate sharp blade edge 
  • 3-layer high-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Full-tang rosewood handle
  • Multipurpose 
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Too light for some customers’ preferences

5. TUO Kiritsuke Chinese Chef’s Knife

TUO Kiritsuke Knife – Chinese Chef’s Knife – High Carbon German Stainless Steel Asian Kitchen Knife- Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle Cutlery – 8.5 inch – Fiery Phoenix Series


The long, flat blade of this Fiery Phoenix 8.5″ Kiritsuke Chef makes it ideal for chopping giant vegetables. This knife is aesthetically pleasing and offers unparalleled performance. 

This knife is insane. Razor-sharp, maintained an edge, and haven’t been stolen from yet. As a professional chef, I’ve owned numerous expensive knives. This is one of my personal favorites. Light and robust. I purchased the entire collection. Inexpensive and remarkable in quality. 

These knives are exceptionally priced. The handles are highly ergonomic. Extremely pleased with the craftsmanship, and they’re sharp. 

Key Features 
  • 8.5 inch 
  • High Carbon German Stainless Steel 
  • Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle Cutlery 
  • Lifetime Guarantee 
  • Adopted German High-carbon Stainless steel
  • Well Designed
  • Affordable
  • Super sharp and durable
  • The handles are very comfortable
  • The fit isn’t flush like my other knives, slightly uncomfortable using it for extended periods.

6. TUO Cutlery Chinese Chef's Knife

TUO Cutlery Cleaver Knife – Japanese AUS-10 Damascus Steel – Chinese Chef's Knife for Meat and Vegetable with Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle – 7" – Fiery Phoenix Series


User reviews

Great cleaver. Excellent clever for the money. Have used the cleaver for a multitude of kitchen tasks and have been very pleased. Good quality steel that holds its edge. Handle has not worn a bit with lots of use and lots of washings. I would absolutely purchase again.
Great knife. This is one of my favorite go to knives. Very sharp out the box. Have been using it just about every day since i received it, have not needed to sharpen yet, holds edge well. Recommend if you like this style. You can also use to finely chop or thin slice.
Gorgeous. Nice balance, good weight and absolutely gorgeous! A pleasure to use.
Professional quality knife, beautifully crafted. Professional quality knife, beautifully crafted. Great gift for the aspiring chef
My favorite knife in the kitchen. There was a moment when I got obsessed with professional kitchen knives and I bought a couple. Major brands. And then I found this one … and I started wondering why I bought the other 2. Super sharp, sits well in your hand, heavy and easy to cut, looks beautiful.
Half Chicken. This is the best all purpose knife I have ever purchased. This morning I took two whole chickens And cut them directly in half. I didn’t cut on both sides of the back bone. If you want a work horse of a knife this is it.Easy to use, Quality construction and really holds an edge.
Very nice for the price. I was looking for a decent cleaver without breaking the bank and this one does the job. Comfortable handle with decent weight and balance. No chips so far and I’ve been using it for everything. Be aware that I do baby my knives.. Sharpened before using, no dishwasher, washed immediately after each use and kept in a case.
Love it. Easy to hold and it’s very sharp. I like the handle design, it’s professionally made.
Update May 11, 2023: I have upgraded my rating to 5 stars. I have now been working with this knife and it has become my go to favourite knite. It retains its edge very well and a few strokes against the honing steel refreshes the blade. I am impressed with the quality. I use it for all things like meat, poultry, vegetables (I can slice tomatoes as thin as paper), shred cabbage – only thing i will not do with this knife is cut bone. I love it too much to torture it.Item arrived the next day by mid-morning. Very prompt delivery.Attractive looking and feels well balanced. Box provided by Tuo is attractive and well appointed.The damascus steel patterns resulting from folding the steel are very light and not pronounced. This is likely due to the higher chrome content over carbon.Second major point for me is that the knife is not razor sharp. The published spec says each side is at 18 degrees for a combined edge of 36 degrees. I would consider anything more that 30 degrees to be on the blunt side. This knife will still easily slice through vegetables in its current state but it is below ideal. Luckily this is easily addressed and rectified by using a high grain japanese wet stone. The test will come to see how well the steel will retain its edge. I will update after periodic use of the knife.I was hoping this knife would become my favourite go to but now I dont feel that will come to pass – not attractive enough and I suspect that with reduced carbon and increased chrome the steel does not have the hardness of traditional japanese knives. Remember, though, that high carbon knives will be prone to rust.You get what you pay for (in most cases). High end damascuss steel knives will run you north of $300. This was slightly less than 30% of that.
Non seulement il est beau, mais ça coupe en s’il vous plaît !!! Très bonne achat.
This is the finest knife i’ve had the pleasure of holding. Quality Finish to blade and handle is amazing… and the sharpness is unmatched. You instantly can tell this is high quality at first sight and then you hold it… and you smile. This friends, is a proper knife. Razor sharp, effortless to wield. Highly highly recommend
This is my second purchase from this knife maker. These knives are superb. Using this knife for the first time was like coming home to an old friend. It was like I’d been using it for 20 years. Weighted and balanced very well.
My new favorite knife!

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These hand-honed blades feature a Dragon-Keel Damascus Pattern across the face of Japanese AUS-10 67-layer steel, causing the steel’s Rockwell hardness to reach up to HRC622 on the scale. The upgraded version is more noticeable and more durable. 

Each side of the blade is honed to an angle of 18 degrees by highly skilled knife smiths using the traditional three-step Honbazuke method. This razor-sharp blade offers unparalleled effectiveness. Your kitchen duties are completed in no time! 

From the striking grain of the polished pakkawood handle to the blade’s gentle curve, this ergonomically designed handle offers exceptional comfort and durability. Each handle’s African Pakka wood is distinctive, luxurious, and beautiful. 

The knife is aesthetically pleasing due to its Damascus pattern, Tsu chime (hammered) finish, and lovely and comfortable handle. 

This knife has a razor-sharp edge, but I cannot attest to its durability as I just received it. It has a good balance for a cleaver and will likely become my primary knife. 

Key Features 
  • 7 inches 
  • Premium AUS-10 high carbon steel 
  • Razor Sharp Edge 
  • Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle 
  • Life-time Aftersales  
  • Sharp
  • Accurate
  • Easy to control
  • Good build quality
  • The handle has no texture so it's a bit slippery

7. Cleaver Knife- Chinese Chef Knife 7"

Cleaver Knife- Chinese Chef Knife 7"- Super Sharp German Stainless Steel Kitchen Chopping Knife – Pearwood Handle – Gift Box Included


User reviews

well made. great for chopping up chicken with no splintered bones
Works great. Amazing clever for the price. Nice weight, sharp enough to cut and the handle is wood so it doesn’t get slippery.
Not bad at all. Good cleaver at a great price. Great cleaver. Not too heavy and easy on the hand motions as you use it. Stays sharp and can be use for many various cuts and slices.
Love her curve. I am very happy with this knife. The curved blade makes it so eady to prep veg and herbs.I use a rocking motion (curved blade edge), placing my non handle hand atop the blade. The depth is sovgreat, there us no possibikity of fingers curling over to the cutting side.Having lost a finger tip twenty years ago (x-acto knife), I just can’t do the normal chef style chop chop. I cringe at cooking show closeups.This knife lets me use my own technique like a pro.Yes, it is “cheap”. I have used it for almost thee years, and it is going great. Yes, the handle seems punky. It likes oiling, so I oil it from time to time. No, it is not “full tang” , the blade metal does not extend end to end. This curved edge big knife that looks like a meat cleave, is NOT a meat cleaver, in the sense that you should not try to break bones with it!The steel is not so hard that sharpening with a stone is a thirty minute ordeal. A dozen stokes and I am good to go.Try that with a 62hardness “H” brand knife.So, I can keep it just as sharp as I like.I just bought one for a gift.I love this knife. It does prep very well, and feels badass in my hand.If you can’t bring yourself to chop close to your fingers with a chef knife, consider this baby. Use her curves to your advantage. She’s a beauty. I paid what, twenty bucks and change for this knife, and still going strong.Oh yeah, brilliant for garlic- smash cloves with flat side of this hefty, WIDE blade, peel with ease, then rock your chop! Easy peasy.
Best cooking knife I have ever used. Since these reviews are for three different knives, I posted a picture of the specific cleaver I am reviewing. I cook a lot of Asian food, and I use a cleaver to do almost all of my slicing and cutting. My 14-year-old cleaver had a rivet break in the handle, so as much as I regretted it, I had to find a new cleaver. After shopping around and trying to understand these confusing reviews, I settled on this one. Let me tell you, I no longer have any regrets about having to replace my old-faithful cleaver (which I still use on frozen foods) with this one. It is literally the best cooking knife I have ever had. It’s super-sharp, with no sign of dulling after three weeks of daily use on a wooden cutting board. The cleaver is very comfortable to hold and is very well-balanced. I actually look forward to using it. I don’t have to be concerned about any rivets breaking because of the way the pakkawood handle is attached. I always wash my knives by hand so I never have to worry about the handle deteriorating. If my inexpensive Korean-grocery-store cleaver lasted 14 years, I expect this cleaver to last the rest of my life. It’s fantastic. I mean, how often do you buy something and it’s exactly what you want or it even performs better than you expected? This is one of those things. Zero regrets, and I will be giving these as gifts in the future. Oh, and I rarely, rarely leave reviews, so that’s just how special this cleaver is. On my wish list, I had a set of Victorinox chef’s knives. I have since deleted them. I’m good. Super-happy with this cleaver.
Happy Customer. Live It !
bucher. haven’t use it yet but it seems solid.
very sharp out the box. its very sharp, cut thru thick cuts of meat like butter!!
Fits nice in hand. Great sale price if you wait for it.
Very solid chopper. It makes chopping whole chicken into pieces very easy. I also use it to open coconuts. Amazing kitchen knife, almost works like an axe.
Knife was larger that I anticipated, but it is a GREAT knife! 🙂 Nice to hold while using. Sharp – great for doing fine cutting. I would recommend this as a nice knife to use. Glad I got it! 😁
No meat is safe lol
Love it easy to handle and stays sharp… Just need to keep dry after washing to avoid rust just like any other carbon steel knife…

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KITORY 7-Inch Vegetable Cleaver Knife, Razor Sharp, this ideal cleaver knife can be used for various tasks, including chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing. Conveniently, you do not need to switch knives while cooking. This is the ideal blade to use if you need to cut meat into pieces. The knife’s sharpness will allow you to cut through the meat, saving you the trouble of butchering it. 

Its curved blade facilitates the slicing of more extensive food items and enhances the traditional rocking motion. In addition, an end cap made of stainless steel holds the handle together and gives the knife a smooth finish. 

It is crafted from high-carbon German steel with an HRC (hardness rating) of 56, resulting in a substantial amount of durability. The edge retention of this cleaver is average, so you may need to sharpen it occasionally. 

The blade remains razor-sharp after three weeks of daily use on a wooden cutting board. The cleaver is exceptionally balanced and comfortable to hold. I anticipate using it. Because of how the pakkawood handle is attached, I need not worry about breaking rivets. I always hand-wash my knives, so I’m never concerned about the handle deteriorating. 

This knife is not intended for use over a hot flame or on frozen foods, as doing so can dull the blade and cause it to lose its edge. The knife is not intended to be cleaned in a dishwasher, as doing so could compromise its effectiveness. It should be washed by hand with clean water and mild detergent. Using such a cleaver to cut wood would be unwise, as it is unsuited for the task and can cause hand pain. 

Key Features 
  • 7-inch full tang cleaver knife 
  • Premium HC German Stainless Steel 
  • Peak Performance Sharp Blade 
  • Ergonomic Pearwood Handle 
  • The grip design is excellent
  • Great control and excellent balance all-round
  • It has formidable strength
  • Highly anti-corrosive.
  • The blade edge loses its sharpness after a while and sometimes gets shipped slightly blunt.

8. Nanfang Brothers Chinese Chef Knife

Damascus Cleaver Knife 7", 67-layers damascus steel VG10 Steel Core, Chinese Chef Knives Knife Meat Vegetable Cleaver with Ergonomic Wooden Handle and Gift Box


The Yangjiang, China-based Nanfang hardware-plastic general factory specializes in kitchen knives. Whether you are a professional chef, a home cook, or a cooking student, you need a beautiful and comfortable knife. The Damascus Cleaver is simple to slice and cut. The blade will be in your “right hand.” 

The handle fits my hand perfectly, and I no longer experience finger blisters. This knife is functional and aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its superior artisanship and extremely sharp stainless-steel blade.  

I wish it came with a sheath for storage, but the packaging is sufficient for storing it safely when not used. This Damascus stainless steel knife had an excellent price compared to other more expensive ones in its category. I highly recommend this knife; you will not be disappointed! 

Key Features 
  • 7 inches 
  • Made with 67 layers Damascus steel 
  • Micarta Wood Handle 
  • Multi-functional 
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • The handle is full tang
  • Triple-riveted
  • Made from micarta wood
  • Giving it a sleek black finish and making it extra strong
  • The knife is delivered with a storage box for extra protection
  • The handle has a synthetic anti-slip grip for additional safety.
  • The steel’s hardness makes the knife very fragile.
  • Requiring vast amounts of care to be taken.

9. ZWILLING Twin Signature Knife, 7-inch

ZWILLING Twin Signature 7-inch Chinese Vegetable Cleaver, Vegetable Cleaver Razor-Sharp, Made in Company-Owned German Factory with Special Formula Steel perfected for almost 300 Years, German Knife


User reviews

Great knife. I had always used western style chefs knives, but have been experimenting with this vegetable cleaver style as my kitchen workhorse.First one I got was a classic Dexter stainless steel knife (Dexter Russell 5178 Traditional Wood Handle 8″ Chinese Chef’s Knife). I found it to be too heavy for comfortable use (I am 5’11” , 200lbs, with big hands). Came dull and with an irregular curve to the edge. Even after I had it professionally sharpened and re-profiled it didn’t keep the edge for long. Seems like relatively cheap steel.Next, I picked up an unbranded carbon steel Chinese Chef’s Knife from a second hand store which had a similar handle but was lighter and better balanced. After some rust removal and professional sharpening, it was EXTREMELY sharp and kept the edge well. I knew to be mindful of not putting it away wet or using it with acidic foods, but it would start to rust AS I was using it! TOO MUCH HASSLE, as if I don’t have enough things to worry about!This knife was my third purchase and was a nice middle ground. Good balance and weight, comfortable handle (while I prefer the look of the traditional round style, this looks pretty good too IMO), comes sharp and after professional sharpening is not quite as sharp as the carbon steel but still very good. No rust.My only complaint is that the spine of the knife is not rounded, and can become uncomfortable when cutting for a long time. I used some medium grit sandpaper to dull the corners of the spine and it is very comfortable now.
Wow. Wow. Wow. Amazing. Got the veggies to prep. Chop chop chop. Faster and funner than anything electric. With every penny. Love it.
Sharp and good grip. Sharp. Good grip. Can cut/chop any food.
Great chopper, Definitely need to complete the 19 peice Twin Signature Set. I purchased the ZWilling Twin Signature 19 peice set, has the empty missing top slot in the wooden block, of course it’s extra. This is the last peice that slips right in place to complete this wonderful set.Quality is amazing. It’s extremely sharp to a point where it’s dangerous!Mine has the Made in Germany stamp.This is the best kitchen knife set for the money. All are extremely seriously sharp, I can not stress that enough. I got my 19 peice on sale for about $344 and the Vegetable Cleaver or as I call it hatchet was another $101. Have no doubt this can easily cut thru any meat and small boned meat.The wife loves it.
I still like this knife. This product I used many years still good quality!
Excellent lightweight cleaver to finesse vegetables (not meat) into food. Think of this as a razor-blade knife in the shape of a meat cleaver. The wide rectangular-shaped blade makes it convenient to line up straight cuts, even slices, and to lift and toss lots of cut vegetables into pot, pan or plate. But don’t expect this knife to serve as a meat cleaver, i.e., a kitchen axe. If you want to cleave through meat, cartilage, and gristle, then consider the ZWILLING Pro 6-inch Meat Cleaver. Not that this more delicate tool couldn’t chop your fingers off -effortlessly- if you failed to treat it with adequate respect. Band-aids sold separately.
EXCELLENT. As a avid cook who loves food I was excited to get this veg cleaver. Light weight, easy to hold even with wet and slippery hands. Chopping vegs has never been easier not to mention it scoops after the chop and into the pan with ease. I don’t know why I waited so long to get this but happy I did, makes food prep so easy. If you don’t have a veg cleaver this is a great tool to have. Not to forget but I consider Zwilling some of the finest knifes around and every good cook should own (IMO).
Decent. Not particularly high quality but usable.
Excellent knife- blazing delivery
It seems I received a wrong product.It’s not what’s advertised.
Returned. The one I received has a different tag than the ads shows. There is no ‘Germany’ under the label.

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Since 1731, ZWILLING has been producing knives in the renowned “City of Blades” Solingen, Germany, and we are constantly innovating to provide you with the best possible blades. 

As the world’s largest manufacturer of knives, we own our factories to maintain quality control at every stage of production. Even with minimal maintenance, ZWILLING knives begin razor-sharp and retain their edge longer. 

Knives manufactured by Zwilling are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort in the hand, making meal preparation a breeze. Precision-stamped from a single piece of German steel with a unique formula, TWIN Signature knives are lighter in weight without sacrificing sharpness.  

In conjunction with ZWILLING’s signature ice-hardening process, these FRIODUR blades are more complex, sharper, will not stain or chip, and keep their edge longer. The sharp laser-controlled edge is honed and hand-finished by the most skilled artisans to ensure an optimal cutting angle. The ZWILLING logo is embedded in the three-rivet handle for maximum durability. 

Key Features 
  • 7-inch 
  • Ultra-Razor-sharp 
  • Superior Craftmanship 
  • Ergonomic polymer handle 
  • The knife is lightweight and well-balanced.
  • The handle is triple-riveted, providing the full tang handle with increased durability.
  • It also has high corrosion resistance.
  • The handle is made from plastic, which can sometimes crack and split the handle under high tension.

10. Kiaitre Meat Chinese Chef Knife

Kiaitre Cleaver Knife – 7” Meat Cleaver High Carbon German Steel, Sharp Vegetable Cleaver, Chinese Chef’s Knife with Wood Handle for Kitchen, Home and Restaurant


User reviews

Sharpest knife in the drawer. This product was provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.I used to think I knew what the ‘good knives’ were, but this one just set a new bar. After years of trying my hardest to sharpen something resembling a point on my various knife sets, I decided maybe it’s time to take the plunge and go for something a bit more premium. And boy, did this deliver. Chopping potatoes, onions, meat – there’s simply no comparison. Right out of the box, this glides straight through everything, leaving no stringy bits dangling, taking very little effort. I was skeptical, but I definitely feel the difference right away.The handle has a nice and weighty feel; the wood seems finished well and the light plays off it like a tiger’s eye stone. It definitely seems like real wood, and the edges where it meets metal fit perfectly. It’s a comfortable grip, and makes the blade feel natural to use.Now the problem is realizing the ‘knife drawer’ doesn’t exactly cut it (pun intended) with this sort of knife. Some of our sets include little plastic blade protectors, but this one is definitely intended to go in a knife block. The case is decent, but I would use it only for long-term storage or protection.Second problem: now I want to use this massive knife for everything. The convenience of being able to toss the others in the dishwasher is nice (it’s recommended to hand-wash only) but the benefit of an edge that cuts effortlessly means this knife will likely be the first of many in my collection from this company.
Great For the Price. A very light cleaver with a comfy grip. Smaller in size than many other cleavers its very nice to keep in the home. Pretty sharp out of the box and not too difficult to sharpen with a stone. Very worth it product especially for the price.
Great knife – needs sharpening out of the box. This knife is great just like the chef’s knife of the same brand. This one, however, was far more full out of the box. If you don’t have a sharpening stone of some sort, invest in one or have this sharpened. It has a nice weight to it for butchering meat, but the edge could be a little sharper/hold a little better.
Great Knife at a Great Price. I have been using this for a few weeks now and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this blade. It does the job well, is comfortable to hold and well balanced, and holds an edge very well. Well worth the price.
Best Knife Ever. I truly love using this knife! It’s so sharp and easily cuts through all types of meat! You are not there struggling to cut with other knifes. It’s so smooth and such nice cuts. I also use it for veggies and watermelon. Highly recommend. It’s such high quality for the price. You need this knife!
Good knife for easy using. Well-built and comfortable. Not too heavy for ladies. Very versatile knife especially good for veggies. Just need to be sharpen a bit frequtenly but sharpening rod is enough. Great item.
Very sharp knife. The blade is a little thin but it is very sharp.Good value for the price.
Great addition to my knife drawer. I aspire to be better in the kitchen so have never used a cleaver knife before this one. It was sharp and got the job done. Beautiful presentation/packaging if you’re looking for a gift for the chef in your life.
Maybe it’s just me but this knife felt a little too light and the thin blade make it difficult to maneuver. Got used to it quickly though.Sharp as advertised. Overall ok for light cutting. Can’t recommend for heavy bone cutting tasks.

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This Chinese chef’s knife from Kiaitre is exquisitely crafted for superior performance and a refined appearance. 

Again, this is a multipurpose knife ideal for preparing virtually any food imaginable, from meat and fish to fruits and vegetables. 

The only stated limitation of this knife’s functionality is that it cannot be used to cut through bone. 

The 7-inch blade has been hand-polished to a 15-degree edge by master artisans and is made from high-carbon German steel that has been vacuum and cold-treated for corrosion resistance and added strength. 

The non-slip properties of the ergonomic Pakkawood handle ensure your safety and cutting precision. 

The added benefit of Pakkawood is that it creates beautiful natural wood patterns along with the handle. 

The metal components of the handle (the rivets and the top of the hilt) are non-corrosive and straightforward to clean, allowing for effortless upkeep. 

This knife is packaged in a high-quality, lined wooden box that we adore. The exquisite packaging makes this Chinese chef’s knife the ideal present for the culinary enthusiast in your life. 

Key Features 
  • 7 Inch 
  • Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle 
  • Premium HC German Stainless Steel 
  • Peak Performance Sharp Blade 
  • Sharp German steel blade
  • Ergonomic pakkawood handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable 
  • High-quality packaging
  • Not suitable for cutting bone

How to clean and maintain Chinese Chef Knife  

To keep your Chinese chef knife in top condition, it is essential to clean and maintain it properly. Here are some tips on how to do just that: 

  1. After each use, wash your knife with warm water and soap. Avoid using harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners as these can damage the blade.
  2. Dry your knife thoroughly after washing to prevent rusting.
  3. Store your knife in a safe place where it will not be exposed to moisture or humidity.
  4. sharpen your knife extensively using a honing rod or sharpening stone.
  5. If you notice any damage to the blade, have it professionally repaired or replaced.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your Chinese chef knife will last many years. 

Best Chinese Chef Knife That Will Up Your Game In The Kitchen – FAQs

The best Chinese chef knife will be able to handle all your cutting needs in the kitchen, whether you’re slicing, dicing, or chopping. It should be made from high-quality materials and have a comfortable grip. 

When choosing a Chinese chef knife, you will want to consider the size, weight, and balance of the knife. You will also want to consider the blade and handle material. 

Some of the best Chinese chef knife brands include KONGYIJIA, ZWILLING, and WUSTHOF. 

To keep your Chinese chef knife in good condition, you should always hand-wash it and dry it immediately after use. It would be best if you also stored it in a safe place where it will not be damaged. 

It would help if you sharpened your Chinese chef knife every few months or whenever the blade dulls. 


As we can see, the Chinese chef knife is a versatile and handy tool every cook should have in their kitchen. It can be used for various tasks, from chopping vegetables to slicing meat. If you are looking for a knife to help you prepare delicious meals, then the Chinese chef knife is perfect. 

There are numerous excellent knife brands on the market, but for many of them, you would pay a lot for a knife that you could get for half the price elsewhere. This is a good starting point for learning more about the Chinese chef’s knife; however, you should conduct your research to obtain additional information. 

Try not to be persuaded by a knife’s attractiveness alone. However, go the extra mile to locate one of superior quality. Consider the extreme of seeking only longer-lasting, more durable blades. Since a dull blade can be dangerous, you may be able to keep a particular knife for many years. However, you’re asking for trouble if you do not frequently sharpen more resilient blades. 

This list of the best Chinese chef knives will hopefully provide you with an understanding of various diverse options that best suit your preferences and needs. 

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