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Best Stand Mixer For Cookie Dough

There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked cookies. The sweet, buttery aroma fills your kitchen and makes your mouth water. If you’re a cookie lover, then you know that the best part is the dough. But making dough by hand can be tedious and time consuming.  

There are many stand mixers on the market, but which one is best for making cookie dough? In this post, we’ll compare two popular models and help you decide which one is right for you.  

We’ll also share some tips for making perfect cookie dough every time. So, whether you’re a novice baker or an experienced chef, read on to find out everything you need to know about choosing a stand mixer for cookie dough. 

Best Stand Mixer For Cookie Dough 

We’ve compiled a list of the top five stand mixers based on performance, features, and price. No matter what your needs are, we have something for you. 

1. KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield

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2. Cuisinart SM-50 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer

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3. Aucma Stand Mixer 6.5-QT 660W

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4. Sunbeam 2594 350-Watt MixMaster Stand Mixer

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5. KitchenAid Commercial Countertop 10-Speed Stand Mixer

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Things to consider before buying a stand mixer for Cookie Dough 

A stand mixer is an absolute must for professional bakeries. You can use them to mix batters, whip cream, knitting bread doughs and so much more. 

These are things to consider when buying one: 

  1. Power Output (W): This determines how powerful the motor of your mixer will be. As a general guide, the higher the watts, the more powerful your mixer will be. 

  1. Number of Speeds: The number of speeds your mixer will have determines how well you can control what you are mixing. If your mixer only has 2 speeds (low and high), then there is no way for you to slow down or speed up while mixing. 

  1. Maximum Dough Capacity: The maximum dough capacity is how much any one dough can be made without spilling out of the bowl and onto the stand mixer’s base (which will eventually short circuit your machine). The bigger the capacity, the more your mixer will cost, and they usually start at around 10 lb. 

  1. Attachments: Some mixers come with additional attachments, such as a sprayer or whisk attachment for whipping cream or egg whites. 

  1. Dishwasher Safe: This allows you to take your stand mixer apart, attach the bowl to the base and put it in your dishwasher without having to worry about hand washing the metal parts. 

  1. Color: This is purely personal preference to your own taste, but mixing machines usually come in white or stainless-steel finishes. 

  1. Warranty: If you buy a mix from a small business or from an individual, it will usually be a one-year warranty to cover any problems that might arise with the mixer. A three-year warranty is standard for new mixers for homes and businesses. 

  1. Shipping: Many manufacturers will not ship your stand mixer unless you pay the shipping costs, so it is advisable to build this cost into your overall budget or buy one from a reputable seller that will provide free shipping. 

There are many kinds of stand mixers, so do your own research and you will find the right one for you. 

FAQs About Best Stand Mixer For Cookie Dough

The most important features are the size of the bowl, power and warranty. A large 6-quarter model or larger will be useful if you’re trying to make big batches of dough.  

For smaller batches, a 5-quart should suffice. The power is typically expressed by wattage (w) with higher wattage indicating greater power (a watt is a unit of power or joules per second). 

The primary disadvantage is cost with most models being in the $300 – $400 range so you can probably save money by getting a good hand-held electric mixer instead.  

Also, some users find that the larger capacity models (6-quart or greater) can be very heavy and difficult to lift while the smaller capacity models (5-quart and below) require multiple batches of dough which can take longer than simply making it by hand. 

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Yes, some users prefer a different style like a handheld electric mixer, a food processor or their own arm muscles. 

This type of stand mixer is typically rated for mixing bread dough and the like so it’s probably best to stick to recipes for cookies and things like brownies, cakes and muffins which call for creaming together butter and sugar and adding eggs, milk and vanilla. 

Some users prefer a handheld electric mixer or their own arm muscles. If you’re looking for something more versatile like an appliance that can also make whipped cream and such, consider a food processor.  

For those who demand perfection in every single element of their cooking, consider a KitchenAid stand mixer. 

The most popular models are the Kitchenaid Artisan 5-Quart Tilt Head Stand Mixer and the KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer.  

The former has 4.5 out of 5 stars across 6,205 reviews on while the latter has 4.6 out of 5 stars across 1,299 reviews. 

Yes, but it’s much harder and more time-consuming than using a stand mixer. 

A handheld electric mixer typically cannot produce the same power as a stand mixer so it might not be able to blend thicker batters such as cookie dough as well as a stand mixer. 

Because it’s way easier to walk over and push a lever or switch than moving an entire mixing bowl back and forth from the countertop every few seconds (or minutes). 

The most popular online stores are Amazon, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Price varies across different retailers so check out Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and more to find the best price. 

The most popular models typically range from about $250 to $400. 

It’s not too likely but if you’re mixing something thick and heavy like bread dough and accidentally lift the head while the beater is still in contact with the dough, that could spell trouble for your hand mixer. 

Making cookie dough, of course! But some other good uses include whipping cream and egg whites, making bread and pizza dough, mixing meatloaf and pancakes. 

No way! Grease impedes functionality so definitely do NOT grease the bowl. Just cover it with plastic wrap instead. Also, make sure you clean the bowl after every use. 


While finding kitchen appliances worthy of your hard-earned money is undoubtedly tricky, it is not impossible, especially when you have a reliable source pointing you in the direction of reputable brands. 

That is why we compiled a list of the five best stand mixers for cookie dough. To compile this review countdown of the best models, our team researched dozens of tools, ranking each one on performance, affordability, and the manufacturer’s reliability, as well as reading real-world consumer reviews about each product. Feel free to peruse the list again to make the best stand mixer for cookie dough for your kitchen and budget. 

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