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How does a bread machine work?

Throughout history, bread has been one of the most basic foods, as it is also one of the oldest artificial foods. People have been making bread since the dawn of agriculture.

Bread is undoubtedly an essential part of the worldwide dining table. Its name, form, or ingredient varies from culture to culture, but the passion for bread never changes. People of all cultures serve bread in many different states during any meal of the day. It can be used as part of a meal or as a separate snack.

Bread is a baked food that can be prepared from a variety of flour. Flour is often made from flour and water. Bread comes in hundreds of shapes, sizes, types, and textures. The ratio and type of powder and ingredients vary, as well as the method of preparation.

How Do You Cook Bread?

Bread is usually made from wheat flour, kneaded with yeast, and left on. Usually, people bake bread in the oven. However, more and more people are turning to special bread machines to bake fresh bread at home.

What is a bread machine?

A bread maker, or bread machine, is a kitchen device for baking bread. The appliance consists of a tin or bread pan with built-in paddles located in the center of a small special multi-purpose oven.

How is the bread machine made?

As we mentioned above, the bread machine consists of several parts. This machine is a compact electric oven with a large box of bread inside. The tin box itself is a little bit special – it has a shaft at the bottom connected to an electric motor underneath.

You can see it has a small metal paddle attached to the axle at the bottom of the tin and responsible for kneading the dough. The axle itself is covered with a waterproof seal. Let’s take a detailed look at each part of the bread machine:

  • The top lid of the bread maker has or without a view window.
  • The control panel is also located on top of the bread machine for convenience.
  • The center of the lid has a steam vent to help escape the steam during baking. Some bread machines also have air vents on the appliance side to allow air to go inside the tin to rise the dough.

How Does A Bread Machine Work?

First, you put the paddle inside the tin. Once the tin box comes out of the machine, you can measure the ingredients and load them into the tin.

Then it would be best if you put the pan inside the oven (machine), select the program you want over the electronic board, and cover it again. Your bread maker will do the rest.

One of the first things the bread machine will do is knead the dough – you will hear the sound. In case your appliance comes with a viewing window, you can watch the whole baking process, which is quite appealing.

After the kneading phase, everything will be quiet for a while – the rising phase will come. This machine lets the dough rest and rise. After that, there will be another kneading round and the stage of proving.

Finally, the bread maker will turn on, and you’ll notice steam rising through the steam vent. While the traditional bread-making process is automatic, most machines have recipe books that give you loads of interesting advanced bread-making recipes.

Type of Bread Machines

Most bread machines will be slightly different since each variant of the bread maker is designed to serve a specific purpose. Below, we will provide the most popular types of bread machines available in the modern market.


Most of the bread machines bake loaves are placed vertically, as the bread tin is shaped. This kind of bread machine often comes with a single kneading paddle.


Some bread machines have two kneading paddle inside the tin. These bread makers bake horizontal bread, just like the one you get from the supermarket or barkery.


The small bread maker is great for limited kitchen spaces or doesn’t eat a lot of bread. These small appliance does not take up much space on the kitchen counter and produce just enough bread for a couple or a person.


Large bread machines come in helpful in big families – bread can disappear quite quickly when you have many people at the table. The big bread machines that produce 3 lb loaves of bread are capable of feeding a big family.


With the wide variety of bakery machines on the market, there are specific models designed to cater to the healthy eating needs of healthy eaters. Likewise, a bread machine with a gluten-free setting is ideal for baking this kind of bread.

How To Use A Bread Machine?

Regardless of which bread machine you choose, the process of baking everywhere is the same. You put the ingredients in the tin, put the bread pan in the machine, and select the necessary program.

The typical baking process takes 2 to 5 hours, depending on the model. At the end of the baking process, put a loaf on a wire rack to cool down before eating. Just like a recipe for handmade bread, you’ll need four main ingredients:

  • Yeast (or a starter)
  • Flour
  • Liquid (usually water or milk)
  • Salt (to flavor and control fermentation)

Moreover, you can add any other additional ingredients you want, including raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, and the like.

While the baking process may seem primitive and straightforward, there are a few suggestions that will help you become a master using a bread machine:

  • It is essential to add the ingredients to your bread machine according to the instructions given in your owner’s manual. In general, manufacturers recommend adding the liquid first, followed by the dry ingredients; the yeast goes last. However, some bread machines advise dry ingredients should be added first. So you need to check and follow the manual carefully.
  • When reading bread recipes, keep in mind that not all bread machines are created equal – some products are 1 pound loaves, others make 1.5 to 2 pound loaves. Even some bread maker models are capable of baking 3-pound loaves.
  • When trying a new recipe, it is necessary to compare the number of ingredients with a recipe commonly used in a bread machine. It is essential not to exceed the capacity of the bread machine pan.
  • In case the recipe calls for milk, the delayed mixing cycle should not be used.
  • If you want to use your bread machine to make pizza dough, combine warm water, salt, flour, olive oil, and yeast in the bread box. Set the device for ‘Pizza Dough’ according to the instructions of your bread machine. Once your dough is ready, you can transfer it to a lightly floured surface for further processing.

Benefits Of A Bread Machine

While using a bread machine may seem unnecessary, others can not imagine life without freshly baked bread at home. Therefore, we specified the benefits of owning a bread maker below

Making your own bread is cheaper than buying it in a supermarket

Making bread using the bread maker is cheap, around 30p-50p for a simple loaf, including both ingredients and machine operation. This way, you will get a much better quality loaf of bread than you would buy the bread in the supermarket. Of course, you can get end-of-day deals and deals on cheap bread if you choose the right time.

There are easy-to-see health benefits.

Unlike the bread you buy, once using a bread maker, you can get to control the ingredients, so you give your family nothing but the best. This option is very helpful for people with allergies or those trying to control the absorption of certain ingredients.

When you buy a pre-packed loaf from the supermarket, it often has to travel, so it is not fresh. Things are added to it to keep it fresher and can cause adverse health effects.

Easy to use – Automatic and simple

Some people think that baking at home is a mess, and overall, it’s a strenuous process. However, baking bread with a bread maker is a breeze. Just choose the desired option and relax – the mixing, rising, and baking process is happening inside the bread machine with a zero-mess process.

Most of the bread makers available in the market are automatic. This feature of bread makers benefits its users by reducing the time and effort they put in. The chef, homemaker, or any other bread maker user can add the ingredients to it. It completes its function automatically, without any supervision on the part of its user.

Cleaner than Traditional Bread Making

It could be said, little or no mess to clean up than flour everywhere and the mixing bowl. Of course, you still have the bread maker insert to clean.

Great taste and quality

You need to accept that – nothing can beat the quality and taste of fresh bread. Since you are the one who is making bread, you can be sure that you only use fresh and high-quality ingredients. Therefore, homemade bread beats store-bought bread in terms of taste and quality.

Allows For Multi-tasking – great for busy people

The bread machine can produce many different types of bread: whole wheat bread, gluten-free bread, rye bread, and hundreds more. They can also make pizza dough, pasta flour, jams, and some other delicious dishes.


Therefore, buying a bread machine is a great idea even if you’ve graduated from a baker’s major or if you don’t have the energy to make your own.

Once you master how a bread machine works, making a simple white bread through this machine becomes a piece of cake. You will soon realize that your bread machine can do a great job in making bread and making pizza crust, scrambled eggs, fruit jams, and even doughnuts.

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