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How to choose between a deep fryer and an air fryer?

There are many discussions around the best option for frying. Deep frying is popular around the world and with many restaurant chains promoting it. Air frying, on the other hand, is a relatively newer method slowly making its way into our kitchens.


The biggest difference between a deep fryer and an air fryer is the amount of used oil. A deep fryer has high levels of fats which most of the time don’t get changed too often. This can cause various health and hygiene problems.

Also, the extra oil used in deep fryers has a higher impact on the environment and in the context of renewable, green energy sources; the deep fryer seems to be the choice of the present, rather than the future. Air fryer also uses oil, but the quantities are way smaller. You can cook you favorite fries with just a tablespoon of vegetable oil.


In terms of health, deep fried foods can have a negative impact on the human body with the rise of cholesterol. Although limiting your fried foods can be a good option to combat this, actually reducing the oil levels used in the cooking process can also be a major boost. Air fryers use rapid air technologies which imply the hot air is quickly circulating around the food making it a healthier way to cook.

Air fryers can also replace some other appliances as they can also grill and bake which should already be enough to help you with your decision. From the health perspective you need to think of how often you will use the fryer. If you use it daily, you need to go with the air fryer to keep cholesterol level under control. If you fry just a few times per month you can use the deep fryer as long as the oil is clear and clean from any food leftovers.


If you’re looking for a device for your family you might consider safety as a top priority. Having kids running around a hot pan full of oil is not the best idea for any household. If commercial kitchens have trained staff handling the fryer and no accidents happen it doesn’t mean the same safe environment can be replicated into your home.  You need to consider that air fryers have many safety features in place which usually turn off the machine or control the temperature and time in an enclosed environment so accidents can really be avoided easier.

In the end, you need to consider what your personal needs are but with the way air fryers are advancing there are no reasons not to choose one. They are getting more affordable, they are healthier, they are safer and they have a limited impact on the environment. The options are endless and range from simple, manual machines to advanced, pre-programmed air fryers with full digital commands.


As you might expect, many people think about whether the food cooked in an air fryer has the same taste as the food cooked in a deep fryer.

To be quite honest, in some instances you may not be able to tell the difference! Both give regular food such as chicken a beautiful and crunchy-type texture. Of course, if you’re a die-hearted deep-fryer fan you may be able to tell a few differences.

Using hot air instead of oil means you’ll cut down on some calories. According to My Fitness Pal, the amount of calories in a hundred grams of fresh french fries cooked in an air fryer is 226g. But when you compare the same 100 grams cooked by deep fryer it is around 319g.

Long story short, if you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle or just looking to cut down on the amount of fried foods you consume then definitely an air fryer is what you need.

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