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Top 5 Things To Know About Your New Stand Mixer- Facts You Should Not Ignore

The required attachments for a new stand mixer depends on both the type of baking you do and the model you choose. Cheap models may only come with beaters which you can comfortably make cookie batters, cakes, icing, and frosting.
If you are a frequent cake maker or bread bakers, you might require to purchase a model with interchangeable attachments. The most common attachments are dough hook, whisk, and paddle, with each attachment being designed for a particular mixing technique.

The whisk is usually used to introduce air into liquid mixtures, such as cream and egg whites. As the whisk rotates faster, the mixture becomes creamier and thicker. Frostings, thick sauces, and meringues are made using this attachment.
The paddle is used for mixing heavier and thicker cake batters and cookie where the incorporation of air is not essential to the recipe.
The dough hook is used in the preparation of bread dough of all types. The design of the hook is perfect for pulling sticky dough away from the side of the mixing bowl.

Some models come with additional smaller mixing bowls while all models come with a large mixing bowl.
To ensure that your attachments are safely stored, keep them in the mixing bowl wrapped with a towel. This will ensure that those attachment does not hurt you, and they do not scratch or bang against the bowl. After washing your attachment, toss it into the bowl and this will save drawer space while utilizing a bowl that would otherwise be empty.

1. How to minimize spillage

While making cookies and you cannot wait to try over and over again with your dishes, wrap your bowl with a clean towel. When you put in the flour mixture, wrapped with the towel, pulse the mixer for several times to ensure that the cookies are fully incorporated. This also assists in preventing messing when the mixer’s full speed button is switched on. Wrapping with a towel also makes cleaning the appliance easy.

2. Type of stand mixers

Stand mixers are of two types. Those with a bowl that lowers and raises and those with a tilting head. However, the technique of adjusting both models is almost identical. Adjusting the head makes the food taste better due to through mixing and your appliance last longer.
It is advisable to make an adjustment to your mixer before it is damaged. When the bowl is very high, you will notice the changes required to be done. The sides and bottom will not be continuously be scraped down. If you notice loose pieces of metal inside the bowl, it is time to purchase for a new beater or another bowl. Always ensure that you unplug your mixer before starting to repair it. Safety is the priority when dealing will electric appliances.

3. Locating the adjusting screw and making adjustment

• For Stationary head models (Bowl Lift Design): The screw is directly behind the part that encompasses the arms that hold the bowl. Ensure that you lower the bowl for you to see the screw.
• For tilt head models: The screw is right below where the head connects to the stand. Tilt the head back for you to see the screw.
To make the bowl and the beater further apart, you will turn the screw to the right. If you require to shorten the distance, turn the screw to the left.

4. Get a scraper blade and/or a new whisk

If your mixer has a coated or regular metal beater blades, it is better to replace it with a silicon scraper blade. The silicone edges on this blade resemble the scraping that a rubber spatula would do for you not to stop the mixer and do it yourself. Silicon scraper blade does not lose its finish and it is also safe when washing it, unlike metal beaters.

5. Tighten the hinge if the head wiggles

The metal pin located at the hinge connects the head with the body of the mixer, can start to change and sometimes pop out, making the head wobbly and loose when the mixer is running. Remove the bowl from the mixer and tighten the screw that connects to the pin with a screwdriver.

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