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Walnut caramel pie recipe

Everyone likes to eat dry food different nuts and if we combine these ingredients in pie using other healthy ingredients, this thing makes us mouth watering and hungry.

Here, we will tell you about a very delicious and easy way to cook Walnut recipe, which is famous all around the world, known as a “Walnut Caramel Pie Recipe”. You can make this recipe within 40 to 60 minutes.

Walnut caramel pie recipe & Nutritional information

Walnut is famous in nuts.You can bake walnut and make it tastier according to your need.Here, we will tell you about the recipe of walnut caramel pie.This recipe easily made at home within a short period of time.

Ingredients for pastry dough

  1. 1 cup butter
  2. One and a half cup white flour      
  3. 1 egg
  4. 3 tsp sugar
  5. Cold water as per need

Ingredients for filling

  1. One and a half cup walnuts
  2. 2 tsp Sugar
  3. 3 tsp Butter
  4. 1 Egg
Directions for Base
  1. Mix sugar, butter, and egg in a pan.
  2. Now add white flour in the mixture and leave this material till 30 minutes.

Directions for filling

  1. Put sugar and butter in the pan and mix it till melt.
  2. Stir walnut in mixture till not cook over medium heat.

Directions for walnut caramel pie

  1. Preheat your Oven at 180-degree centigrade
  2. Make pie from dough, then put 1 tsp oil
  3. Put filling mixture over dough.
  4. Now walnut caramel pie is ready to serve.

You can serve this recipe with a soft drink and tea. This dish is famous in North America because it’s an origin of Nut Production.

Walnuts Nutritional information

Walnuts are among the most nutritious of all nuts. On average,100g of shelled walnuts provide:

  1. 15g of protein
  2. 65g of fat of which 90% is unsaturated fat
  3. 14 g carbohydrates, including 7 g dietary fiber
  4. Calories per 100g: 650

Walnuts also contain the following vitamins and minerals (per 100g):

  1. 0.34 mg Thiamin
  2. 0.54 mg Vitamin B6
  3. 98 µg Folate
  4. 3.4 mg Manganese
  5. 1.6 mg Copper
  6. 158 mg Magnesium
  7. 346 mg Phosphorus
  8. 441 mg Potassium
  9. 3.1 mg Zinc
  10. 2.9 mg Iron
  11. 98 mg Calcium

Walnut caramel pie recipe Nutritional information

Here, we will tell you about the nutritional information of this recipe with quantity how much it contains.

                         Servings:  1            slice 1

Total Calories1,173Sodium3,147 mg
Total Fats26 gPotassium2,277 mg
Saturated11 gTotal Carbs184 g
Polyunsaturated2 gDietary Fiber8 g
Monounsaturated11 gSugar152 g
Trans0 gProteins70 g
Cholesterol158 mg  
Vitamin A11%Calcium26%
Vitamin C65%Iron66%

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