Best Meat Slicers for Home Use

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When it comes to slicing meat, a good quality meat slicer can make the process much easier. If you’re in the market for a new meat slicer, read on for our recommendations of the best meat slicers for home use.

We’ll help you choose the right model for your needs, whether you need a powerful and durable machine or something smaller and more compact. Keep reading to learn more!

Best Meat Slicers for Home Use

Meat slicers come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the right one for your needs can be tricky. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best meat slicers for home use, and we’ll share some tips on what to consider before making your purchase.

So whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a top-of-the-line model, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more.

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What is meat slicer and how it works?

A meat slicer is a machine for cutting thin meat, processed cheese, or vegetables. It works by feeding food and the rotating cutter, where sharp knives slice it to thin pieces. An electric motor, gear, or manual mechanism produces a rotary knife that turns the blade between two plates.

Meat slicer is a must-have equipment for fast and efficient cutting of meat.

Manual: Most manual meat slicers come with a single blade mounted on the side of two plates. One plate is fixed while another one slides along it to form the sharp edge of the blade between them. The rotation of such machine can be hand or foot operated.

Electric: Electric meat slicer is a much better option for commercial cutting work. There are two types of electric meat slicers available, automatic and semi-automatic.

Both these machines have upper and lower plates with sharp blades between them. The only major difference in their working is the power source that makes them move.

An electric meat slicer machine is powered by either a built-in motor or an external motor. The machine that has an internal motor to rotate the plates and blades is automatic, while semi-automatic comes with a manual crank to operate the blade.

The role of blade in turning between two plates: A stationary set of knives and sharp edges form a blade between two plates. The plate can be moved manually or powered to rotate the sharp knife, which turns out slices of meat. Manual slicers have a turning motion produced by moving plates back and forth along their length with a hand crank, while electric slicer machine can slice a large chunk of meat through automated movement.

Advantage of meat slicer over cutting with knife: A meat slicer can provide uniform, thin and straight slices of food. The cut is more even than it would be done by hand using a knife. The size of the product doesn’t matter too much as long as it is within the limit of the machine’s throat opening.

Precaution to take while using a meat slicer: The gap between the plates must be kept clean and free from food or any other objects. If there is even a small piece of bone, it can cause heavy damage to the machine. Never try to use broken or damaged equipment as they can lead to injuries.

Meat slicer is one such equipment that has many varieties to offer. A slicer with a manual plate is more suitable for home users, while commercial units work best with an electric motor powering the blade between two plates. It offers safe and fast way of cutting meat, vegetables or cheese into thin pieces on large scale.

Benefits of using a meat slicer

It is a popular misconception that a meat slicer can only be used to slice meat. While it is true that most meat slicers have the ability to shave off thin layers of frozen or fresh beef, pork or lamb, there are actually many other food items that can be sliced with a home appliance as well.

In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised to find fruit and vegetables on the list of items that can be sliced with a standard slicer. So, what is it exactly that makes a meat slicer such a great slicing tool?

What are some advantages of using a meat slicer?

  • A meat slicer provides consistent results.
  • It can be used to slice a wide variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables.
  • A meat slicer can easily replace a deli slicer for home use.

What is a meat slicer primarily used for?

  • Slicing meat.
  • Cleaning surfaces in the kitchen.
  • Making food more manageable.

What can a meat slicer be used for in creative ways?

  • Thicker slices of meats and cheese.
  • Slicing fruit and vegetables into smaller portions.
  • Cutting hard-boiled eggs into thin pieces.

How can you use flexible blades with a meat slicer?

  • To slice up cooked corned beef.
  • To slice up sandwiches.
  • To cut up coleslaw and related salad vegetables.

How does a meat slicer compare to the slicing services provided at delis?

  • It is less expensive than ordering from a deli.
  • It provides consistent results similar to those of a deli slicing machine.
  • It requires minimal effort during food preparation.
  • It provides a wider assortment of sliced foods than a deli slicing machine.

How Do I Select The Suitable Meat Slicer?

Meat slicers are, on the whole, quite simple machines. The essentials are a good motor, good blades, and a sturdy frame. The rest is icing on the cake, with any warranties or nice little extras enhancing the product’s quality and providing more bang for your buck.


Blades range from 7 to 14 inches, with an average of around 10 inches for a good meat slicer. You want one that is interchangeable between smooth and serrated blades, depending on the task at hand.

In many ways, the tray, set in the center, complements the blades by catching the meat and preventing it from slinging off into the great blue yonder. Trays can also be up to 14 inches in length on average, and you should ensure that the tray you purchase fits the largest item you intend to cut, as trays are typically not interchangeable, even on the best machines. You can use a hammer-like kitchen tool as a tenderizer.


You’re looking for a motor that produces a minimum of 1/3 horsepower, or 240 watts of power, as this will provide you with the best performance. Increased horsepower enables faster cutting of larger items, such as raw meat (which must be frozen) or cheese (surprisingly difficult to cut).

Attempting to cut something with a weak motor may result in motor burnout.

Additionally, keep an eye on the internals. While gears are helpful and typically last a long time, they are a nightmare to repair or replace once broken. To be sure, a good belt wears out much more quickly, but it retains its performance. Anyone easily replaces it with a basic understanding of how the motor works (and do-it-yourself repair tutorials are easily found).


Essentially, you’re looking for sturdy steel or cast aluminum frame, carbon steel blades, and thick rubber foot stops. That is, for the most part, all there is to it.

When it comes to belts and gears, nylon is advantageous. Nylon gears are highly durable and dependable.

A well-maintained meat slicer should last years, if not decades. It is certainly constructed with materials and techniques that will enable you to keep it running correctly throughout that time.


The price ranges from $50 for entry-level models to several hundred for premium-grade meat slicers. There is no upper limit on the cost of commercial-grade models. Still, we’ll typically avoid them because the quality of commercial models and whether their price is justified depends entirely on the type of business you run.


After reading this article, you should know the basics of how to purchase a meat slicer for home use. We hope that we’ve helped make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable!

If you’re still not sure which model is best for your needs, contact us or visit our website at to find out more information about any of the products listed in this article.

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