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Why You Need a Bacon Slicer?

Whether you hunt, ranch, or purchase your meat in bulk from a butcher, it can take time to prepare significant cuts of meat at home. Without large professional tools, cutting meat exactly as desired can be difficult. This is especially true for bacon slabs! 

Some machines can be used at home instead of in a commercial setting. It can be challenging to distinguish between products that are suitable investments and those that are good paperweights. 

What are the most effective bacon slicers? The most reliable bacon slicers are constructed of stainless or carbon steel. They should be larger, as it will facilitate the slicing of more significant cuts of meat. Also advantageous are electric models with self-sharpening blades. 

We’ve compiled the seven most effective bacon slicers for your convenience. Read on to discover what you should consider when selecting the best bacon slicer for your needs, and then consult our list. Your ideal automobile may be awaiting you! 

How to Select a Bacon Slicer Machine 

A bacon slicer machine has many benefits. These benefits include precision, bidirectional motion control, power capacity, and adaptability. These considerations will assist you in making an informed selection. Find out which option best suits your needs by reading on. Below are some of the most crucial concerns when selecting a slicer machine. They will also assist you in choosing the ideal kitchen brand. In the end, you’ll be glad you did! 


A high-quality bacon slicer has numerous benefits. The blades should be sufficiently sharp to slice through entire slabs of bacon. The bacon slicer machine should ideally be heavy enough to support the meat slabs. It should also be simple to clean, with detachable blades and housing that restricts access to moving parts. Sharpness is the most critical aspect of a bacon slicer machine, so it is essential to search for a premium model with a premium blade. 

Every two shifts, the blades should be sharpened at least once. The time between sharpening’s depends on the product’s thickness and characteristics. Various manufacturers produce bacon slices with a range of blade sizes. Larger blades are utilized for models with larger throat sizes, facilitating the slicing of multiple logs. There are smaller blade options for models with more petite throats. The blades are made of stainless steel and have edges made of hard metal. 

Ensure that no food or debris is placed on the blades when cleaning your bacon slicer machine. Additionally, you can clean the device with a tamper or food pusher. Be sure to unplug the slicer before sharpening the blades. Then, wash and disinfect the blades. When cleaning is complete, reattach the blade unit. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and inspect the blade’s sharpness to prevent accidents. 

The removal of the stone is the next step in sharpening the blade. It can be located by unscrewing the knob on the machine’s left side. Before pointing, you should clean the edge with rubbing alcohol after removing the stone. After sharpening, the device should be turned off to prevent accidents. You can repeat the apple test if the slicer needs to be sufficiently sharp. However, if there is a problem, you should remove the stone to avoid it. 

Bi-directional motion control 

This type of slicer machine necessitates a bi-directional motion control system. The motion controller transmits the necessary instructions to the servo drive. The controller is configured to utilize encoder feedback from the servo drive, which sends +/ 10 V to the servo motor. This feature enables the slicer machine to slice even the most delicate and warm foods quickly and precisely. 

 To operate the slicer switches 150 and 156 must be ganged. When switch 150 is activated, piston 96 and cylinder rod 72 will move in opposite directions. Motor 96 receives power through lines 176 and 178. When switch 150 is closed, blade 60 of the meat slicer detaches from the meat. When switch 150 is reactivated, switch 154 will close. 

 The bidirectional motion control system will move the slicer blade assembly 14 in the opposite direction of the rotation of the drive motor. Ultimately, the relative rotational rate of the chuck assembly 11 will determine the thickness of the sliced meat. 

 On a main frame 12 are mounted the electrical and pneumatic parts of slicer assembly 10. A wiring harness connects these components, allowing the motor to move in either direction. This control system enables the slicer to slice boneless meat efficiently. This is a valuable function of the industrial slicer machine. This control system may be installed in several different ways. It may be installed in an existing slicer or a brand-new model. 

 While slicing meat, the new bi-directional motion control system enables the operator to feel the relative position of the bone or joint. This characteristic eliminates the need for manual effort. Using the present system, a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder housing 70 applies force to the bone to bring the slicer blade 60. This force assists the slicer 60 in slicing meat without slicing the bone or joint. 

Power capacity 

When selecting a bacon slicer machine, there are several factors to consider. The device should have a sturdy frame and a power output of approximately 150 watts. Additionally, the blade should be sharp, as this will affect how well the meat slices. Blades made of stainless steel are typically the best option, but you should also consider the blade’s sharpness when making your final selection. The bacon slicer machine’s blade should be sufficiently sharp for you to obtain the desired slices. 

It should also feature a no-volt release, allowing you to restart it by pressing the power button. This prevents the slicer from being unplugged when it must be cleaned. A safety interlock prevents the product tray from tilting or being removed from the machine, thereby safeguarding the operator’s fingers. The handle should also be temperature-controlled and slip-resistant to prevent accidents. 

Although power capacity is an important consideration when purchasing a bacon slicer machine, it should not be the deciding factor. Ideal for moderate to heavy use is a machine with 240-320 watts of power and a nine- to ten-inch blade. However, be aware that after 30 minutes, the smaller models may strain the motor. However, mid-range models can withstand heavy-duty slicing without straining the motor. 


A bacon slicer machine can simplify the process if you intend to prepare delicious and nutritious meals at home. Its blades can slice through thick and thin slices of cheese and meat. These machines are durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. They can also be used for commercial purposes. Select a device with a small footprint that will fit in your kitchen. There are several factors to consider before purchasing a slicer machine. 

The primary characteristic of a bacon slicer machine should be its adaptability. Examine the features and benefits of various models while comparing them. Also, consider the cost. Because slicer machines can be costly, you must ensure that the bacon slicer will last a long time. Ensure that you examine the thickness levels of the bacon slices. This will assist you in making the best decision for your needs. 

The safety of the slices is an additional factor to consider. Specific bacon slicers are challenging to clean. It is ideal to find one with a safety guard. These are useful because they prevent food from slipping while using the slicer. Additionally, a safety guard is recommended as it will aid in achieving the most precise cuts possible. While cleaning a bacon slicer can be cumbersome, a safety guard can protect your fingers. 

Finally, look for a bacon slicer with a strong motor and a large food capacity. Most bacon slicers are not designed for thicker cuts, so you may need to cut larger pieces of meat in half before using the machine. In addition, they lack a serrated blade, making them difficult to use for slicing. Also, consider the blade’s thickness. This feature is essential because it makes it easy to slice food thinly without tearing it. 


A bacon slicer machine is available for both home and commercial use. Depending on your requirements, you can select from a variety of models. These meat slicers are typically constructed from stainless steel or an aluminum alloy and are portable enough to be stored when not in use. They may have plastic components but are less robust and durable than commercial models. They are also not expected to work as hard as a commercial machine. 

When selecting a type of slicer, it is essential to consider its weight and size. Larger models can be cumbersome, so ensure you can easily transport them. Otherwise, you may need help to be able to use it. Choosing the best one is crucial for you and your loved ones. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of various types of bacon slicer machines. Keep in mind that there are a few things to look for when purchasing a slicer to get the most out of your investment. 

With specialized equipment, it can be easier to prepare large cuts of meat at home. Slab bacon is tough to cut without large-scale tools, so it is essential to have a suitable meat-slicing machine in your kitchen. On the market, there are a variety of devices that are compact enough for home use. Some of them are not worth the price, but they make it easy to cut bacon. 

A premium slicer can cost as much as $3000. However, a cheap model will suffice if you only need a slicer for occasional use. Machines in the middle price range can slice up to 50 pounds of meat at once. Choose a model with sturdy feet and suction cups to ensure stability when used on large slabs. Ensure that the unit you select can accommodate the size and weight of your kitchen and can be easily cleaned. 

What are the best bacon slicers? 

We’ve reviewed and evaluated the top bacon slicers for 2022. The leading candidates are the Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Automatic Bacon Slicer and the Gourmia RS-Series. You may also be interested in the Nesco Bacon Slicer and the Avantco Slicer. Here, we examine the pros and cons of each option and the reasons why they are superior to the others. 

Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Bacon Slicer 

The Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Automatic Slicer is an excellent slicer with a stainless steel blade and a plastic plate. It includes an integrated meat grip arm and guard cover to prevent accidental blade cuts. In addition to a high-quality blade, this bacon slicer features a stainless steel cutting tray and a cleaning brush. Because it can cut soft cheese, vegetables, and even bacon, it is an excellent investment for commercial kitchens. 

The automatic slicing function simplifies food preparation at home. Due to its variable thickness control, this slicer can easily slice meat, fruits, vegetables, and cheese. A ring guard assembly and dual whetstone sharpener are also included. A non-slip rubber base secures the slicer to the countertop. Additionally, this slicer is dishwasher-safe. 

This slicer is ideal for large families because it can cut large portions of meat and vegetables. It is compact enough to fit in small kitchens, making it suitable for commercial use. There are two whetstones and an instruction manual included with the slicer. It is also equipped with safety features to prevent accidental cutting. Caution should be exercised when slicing items too thinly, as this could cause the blades to become too blunt. 

The Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer is expensive, but its blade is sharp and powerful enough for commercial use. It costs significantly less than $100 and is simple to clean. The 320W of power is sufficient for slicing bread and hard cheese. Overall, it is an excellent home kitchen slicer. The user manual is poorly written, but the slicer is straightforward. 


The Avantco bacon slicer is a convenient kitchen tool for quickly cutting meat, cheese, and bacon. This device’s steel carriage and die-cast aluminum blade are resistant to corrosion and rust. It also includes an integrated sharpening assembly. The slicer is powered by a 150-watt motor that can slice up to five inches thick. Adjustable slice thickness and a detachable meat carriage are features of the device. 

The meat slicer is ideal for both home and commercial use. Professionally, it slices meat and other materials. Adjustable blade thicknesses ranging from 0 to 17mm allow for easy and efficient bacon slicing. Additionally, it is CE-approved and has a broad base for stability. Due to the large diameter of the blade, it can be used both in restaurants and at home. Its compact size and powerful motor make it easy to store and transport. 

The Avantco bacon slicer includes a simple knob for adjusting the thickness. You may cut slices as thick as nine-eighths of an inch. The rear-mounted thickness stop enables quick adjustment of the desired consistency. Additionally, the thickness stop improves slicing efficiency. Adjustable horizontal clamps allow for the secure slicing of irregularly shaped products. The adjustable clamps also ensure slice uniformity. 

This electric meat slicer has a stainless steel blade that measures 12 inches. Its edges have a corrosion-resistant coating that extends their lifespan. Additionally, the blades are incredibly sharp. The Avantco bacon slicer is an ideal addition to any deli, butcher shop, or neighborhood market. This machine is powered by a 1/2 horsepower motor for precise cutting. Additionally, it reduces labor costs and saves time. 


The Gourmia bacon slicer is an excellent option for cutting bacon and ham. It features a tray that catches food as it is sliced. The slicer’s die-cast aluminum construction makes it simple to clean. Note that the slicer is not dishwasher-safe, but this is not a significant flaw. This design can also serve partially frozen meat. 

The Gourmia GFS-900 meat slicer has a 9-inch stainless steel blade and a safety guard to keep your hands safe during operation. The GFS-900 includes a food carriage with a large capacity and a removable blade guard. Additionally, it provides superior performance and is safe for use in the kitchen. This slicer is suitable for a variety of foods. 


You can purchase the Nesco Bacon Slicer to create the perfect bacon slice effortlessly. This product is constructed of durable stainless steel and features a German-made blade and a 180-watt motor. This meat slicer, unlike others, has a stand. It facilitates slicing, and the stand includes a safety switch and hand guard. 

The NESCO bacon slicer has a slanted slicing surface and a die-cast aluminum housing. In addition, the thickness control ranges from deli-thin to 1/2 inch. In addition, this slicer is equipped with a quick-release hand guard and a safety switch to prevent accidental slicing. Also compatible with a standard plug. Furthermore, it is dishwasher-safe, so you need not worry about rusting. 

The Nesco Bacon Slicer could be better, despite its affordable price and stellar reputation. It can only produce 1/4-inch-thick slices, and its switch broke after two years. Fortunately, Assurant paid for the replacement of the switch. In addition, the handle of the new model is curved, so it cannot cut perfectly straight slices. About 1/4 inch of the smallest slice will be crooked. 

The Nesco FS-250 meat slicer is one of the heaviest non-commercial meat slicers, weighing 13.2 pounds. While each product is unique, they all feature high-quality steel components and an integrated food guide. Although they may not be the most affordable, Nesco meat slicers are renowned for their longevity and durability. The benefits of the Nesco Bacon Slicer justify its cost. 


A Zica bacon slicer is an excellent kitchen tool. The 10-inch, 0.47-inch-thick blade is powered by a 150-watt motor and can be adjusted to any thickness between 0.47 inches. The feet of the slicer is equipped with suction cups for secure placement on the countertop. Additionally, the Zica food slicer is water-resistant. It weighs 34 pounds, and its dimensions are 18.9 by 16.1 by 14.2 inches. 

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