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How to choose the best blender for bar

A bar blender is a standard fixture in diners, cafes, restaurants, and even food trucks. These commercial-grade blenders are the best bar blenders because they are designed with more power, have a more durable build, and can handle larger workloads without overheating or causing motor damage. 

Consequently, these models are anticipated to carry a higher price tag. A higher-priced blender only sometimes indicates a better one, but it usually shows a longer-lasting one. And this is a requirement for a high-quality bar blender. 

Bar blenders are heavy-duty models, so these machines do not have a small footprint. They are typically large, heavy units that do not require relocation and occupy a permanent location on the countertop. 

And because bar blenders are a significant investment, you’ll want to make sure you purchase the best one for your business. Here are my top three blender recommendations in this category. 

Our Top Picks 


Types of Bar Blenders 

As with other devices, several types of blenders are available for purchase and use. Depending on your needs and personal preferences, one may better suit your requirements. Here are a few common types of bar blenders for clarification purposes. 

Depending on Usage 

A commercial blender is not identical to a personal blender. Bar blenders intended for commercial use are typically bulkier, more robust, and more extensive. They are more expensive and have a larger capacity. 

You will find commercial bar blenders in restaurants with a cocktail menu and a separate bar. They must be quieter while maintaining efficiency and speed. In addition to having numerous options, the control boards are also easier to clean. 


Different bar blenders are available based on the material from which they are constructed. Whether stainless steel, glass, or polycarbonate, each material has its benefits and drawbacks. Consequently, you can choose a material based on whether you’re considering aesthetics or maintenance. 

Best blender for bar

Have you ever questioned the function of the front knob on your KitchenAid mixer? It is known as the “power hub” and is utilized by various mixer attachments. A mixer can perform multiple tasks with a simple attachment, from juicing to meat grinding.

We asked home cooks, personal chefs, and food writers about their favorite attachments and how they utilize them in inventive or nostalgic ways. The following are the best KitchenAid attachment options for your stand mixer. Examine their expected functions, discover unexpected ones, and obtain helpful usage instructions for your new tool. Adding new KitchenAid mixer attachments is the gift that keeps on giving, whether you’re looking for a gift for a special someone (or for yourself).

1. Best Overall: Vitamix 5200 C-Series Blender

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black – 001372

as of January 27, 2023 7:48 pm

The Vitamix 5200 has a hefty price tag, but it is simple to understand why. This bar blender is the most professional-looking and versatile commercial-grade blender available. 

Despite its commercial-grade quality, the Vitamix 5200 is the embodiment of simplicity. It includes a basic control panel with an On/Off button, a High/Variable button, and a dial that provides access to 10 incremental speeds. This unit’s RPM ranges from 500 to 37,000, allowing complete control over slower blends and high speeds for challenging tasks. 

This blender has a 64-ounce standard jar that is heat-resistant, BPA-free, lightweight for easy handling, and break-resistant. Its base conceals a massive 1,380 watts and two horsepower of power. The heat-resistant properties of the container also make it suitable for processing hot soup. The purchase also includes a tamper that allows you to blend without striking the blades. 

The Vitamix 5200’s higher speeds work well for frozen drinks and hot soups, but the lower speeds give this machine its versatility. The lower variable speeds, for instance, are ideal for everyday chopping and mixing. You can also make your seed meal, fresh flour, cornmeal, and powdered sugar by grinding seeds, wheat, corn, and sugar. 

The unit weighs slightly more than 10,5 pounds, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks due to its size and weight, which prevent it from moving while in use. 

  • Powerful
  • Variable Speed
  • Can Steam Soups
  • Aircraft-Grade Stainless Steel Blades
  • Very Pricey
  • Learning Curve

2. Budget Pick: Ninja BL642 Blender Duo With Auto-iQ

Nutri Ninja BL642 Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt Auto-iQ Base, 72-Ounce Pitcher, and 18, 24, and 32-Ounce Cups with Spout Lids

as of January 27, 2023 7:48 pm

The Ninja BL642 is an impressively versatile machine that performs as well as the market’s more expensive models and can almost do everything that more costly blenders can. This mega-machine has a commercial-grade 1500-watt motor that can perfectly crush ice, pulverize frozen fruit, and prepare creamy cold drinks. In addition to its strength, the BBL642 has intelligent features that automatically adjust the blend’s time, speed, and settings to your preferences. 

The different operation modes of the blender provide timed pulses and intermittent pauses to eliminate guesswork when blending. A digital timer displays the remaining time in a cycle to maintain order. Alternatively, mix the blender’s three manual speeds at your preferred speed. 

This purchase includes a 72-ounce mega blending jug and three individual pitcher cups. In addition to the two types of containers for extensive and personal blending, there are also two types of blades. 

The first is the Total Crushing blade for the 72-ounce XL pitcher. It is designed as a column with three pairs of protruding edges; this blade aids in pulverizing the contents of the blender. The personal pitcher cups are designed with Extractor blades, which concentrate the blending action on the smaller volumes of the cups for a smoother consistency. 

Overall, for its price, the BL642 is both powerful and durable, making it excellent value.

  • Makes fantastic smoothies.
  • Various preset speeds and modes.
  • Great build quality.
  • Can't hot blend.
  • Smoothies made in main jar aren't as good.

3. Blendtec Total Classic Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender – FourSide Jar (75 oz) – Professional-Grade Power – 6 Pre-programmed Cycles – 10-speeds – Black

as of January 27, 2023 7:48 pm

The Blendtec Total Classic continues to be a popular blender with an impressively powerful motor and exceptional usability. This blender can pulverize everything from raw vegetables to nuts and ice, making it suitable for professional use. It can make hot soup from scratch in minutes and your preferred smoothie in thirty seconds. The countdown timer helps determine how much time is left for your blend. 

The 1560-watt, 3-HP motor that powers this piece allows for much more. Ideal for making green smoothies, Total Classic produces drinks without grit or lumps. With its two-pronged stainless-steel blade spinning at 29000 RPM, this blender can easily handle frozen fruit and ice. You can select the desired settings and speeds, which include Batter, Ice Crush Smoothie, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup. Or you can use the 10 manual rates and the Pulse button for manual blending. 

Press the Up or Down speed buttons to achieve the desired speed. Each speed operates on a 50-second timer, stopping the cycle by pressing any other button. 

As simple as its operation is, so too is its cleanup. Add water and liquid soap to the pitcher, then pulse for a few seconds. Rinse your pitcher with water, and it will be ready for its subsequent use. 

  • Professional quality
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a Blendtec recipe book
  • Easy-to-understand buttons
  • BPA free jars
  • safe blades (dull)
  • 8-Year Warranty (for brand new models)
  • higher price point
  • loud

How to choose the best blender for bar

As a bar blender is likely to see significantly more use than a home blender, it is essential to consider certain aspects of its blending performance. Common considerations include: 

  • The blending you’ll be performing. 
  • The durability of the blender. 
  • It’s the capacity to withstand 50+ uses without overheating or motor failure. 

Given the variety of options available on the market, it can take time to select a single-bar blender. Every day, innovations and features are introduced, making it difficult to find something that suits your needs. So, here are some characteristics to consider when selecting the best bar blender! 

Power, Capacity, and Durability 

The bar blender’s power and capacity are crucial for personal or commercial use. You must have a moderately-sized and strong blender, but I would not recommend a commercial blender for a home bar. When picking out a bar blender, buying it from a trusted company that provides quality products is essential. 

Depending on usage, bar blenders may begin to depreciate. For this reason, buying a bar blender that will endure heavy use is essential. Since these blenders are intended to crush ice, it is crucial to consider the blades’ quality and the jars’ material. 

A bar blender needs the power to be of more use, regardless of how durable it is. When searching for blenders, you should prioritize power. A powerful blender reduces the time required to prepare beverages and is more efficient. 


As with any other blender, a bar blender requires proper maintenance! A blender that is difficult to clean or store will be problematic overall. Obtaining a blender with sufficient capacity for your needs is an essential step. 

The length of the product’s warranty is an excellent indicator of its quality. A more extended warranty period indicates the possibility of higher quality and the assurance that the product will be maintained. 

Noise Level 

Like any other blender, bar blenders are bound to make some noise. While some noise is unavoidable, purchasing an extremely noisy blender is not worthwhile. A loud blender does not improve performance, but it does cause headaches. 

Online reviews can tell you a great deal about the noise level that the best bar blender might produce. Before purchasing in a store, it is prudent to inquire about noise levels. This is particularly important if you live in an apartment and do not wish to disturb your neighbors. 


You can choose the capacity and size of your bar blender based on how it will be utilized. Bar blenders are ideal for all liquids and are used to prepare everything from margaritas to smoothies. 

While this is advantageous, it is essential to consider how frequently you will use your blender. Important usage considerations include the number of people using the blender daily and the frequency of use. 

There is no point in purchasing a giant blender that will only take up space and collect dust if used frequently. 

Additionally, it would help if you determined its purpose. You will require different features if you intend to use it primarily for smoothies rather than creamy soups. 

The Correct Jars 

Whether for commercial or personal use, a bar blender requires jars of superior quality. The jars perform most of the work. They make it possible to customize the capacity. This indicates they are susceptible to failure after prolonged use, particularly in a commercial setting. 

Ensure that you are purchasing high-quality jars when looking for the appropriate ones. Stainless steel is the most accessible material to clean, while polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable. If you only need a blender for personal use, consider the glass jars, which look great when displayed. 

The benefits of a high-quality bar blender 

It is a common misconception that bar blenders can only be used for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. The best bar blenders are a lot more versatile. They can be used to create both smoothies and creamy soups. They are also of great assistance in the preparation of food. 

Bar blenders are a quick and convenient way to prepare food for a dinner party or your morning smoothie. 

Hands- free 

In contrast to standard blenders, bar blenders are entirely hands-free. You can initiate them and then move on to other tasks while they complete their studies. Whether preparing a daiquiri or a smoothie, there is no need to worry about the appliance. 

Different Settings 

Different controls and settings depend on what you’re cooking. Various speed settings and rules are available. Depending on your needs, you can purchase an electronic blender, a paddle blender, or a programmable blender. Most households prefer a paddle blender because it is user-friendly, inexpensive, and designed for low-volume work. 

Pulse Feature 

With the pulse function of bar blenders, crushed ice can be made and added to drinks. It is available in every bar blender and requires no additional effort. Ice can be crushed plain or into a glass for convenience and efficiency. 

Necessary Features of a Bar Blender 

Here are some of the features that are essential when choosing the best bar blender. 


Another consideration is capacity based on what your business demands. If your business requires you to prepare small portions at a time, a blender with a powerful motor but a 32- to 48-ounce blending jar will work well. However, if you need to prepare larger batches at one time, then your choice of blending capacity can go up to between 80-90 oz. 

Capacity is one of the most crucial characteristics of a bar blender. Depending on the commercial or residential usage type, you will require the appropriate capacity. Larger blenders will be necessary for commercial kitchens to keep up with demand. A smaller, easier-to-store blender will suffice for home use. 

When purchasing a blender, it is also essential to consider the number of users and the frequency of use. Based on this information, you can buy jars and blenders of various sizes and capacities. 


The strength of your blender should match the requirements of your business. If you’re interested in making smoothies and shakes on your own, you’ll need a device that works better with frozen ingredients and ice than, say, thicker mixtures or hot soups. 

Blenders with up to 2HP are typically suitable for preparing light foods, whereas those with more than 2HP are better suited for preparing medium to dense foods. However, if you must prepare heavy foods and frozen beverages throughout the day, look for blenders with 3 horsepower or more. 

A more robust blender is more efficient and performs better. To determine the power of your blender, look for the horsepower rating. Standard blenders are adequate for making smoothies and soup, but ice-based beverages require a more powerful motor. 

When purchasing a blender for ice-based or frozen ingredient-based beverages, a blender with more than two horsepower is optimal. 


A warranty is one of the essential features when purchasing a device. The same holds when searching for the best bar blender. If you intend to use your bar blender frequently, it will require maintenance beyond your capabilities. 

Look for a warranty with a more extended coverage period. Many companies provide a three-year warranty, but it is essential to read the fine print. Many companies only offer a one-year labor and parts warranty and a two-year parts-only warranty. 

NSF Certification 

On commercial blenders, the NSF certification is represented by a monogram. The sign indicates that the blender meets quality standards. The requirements for these blenders are stringent. 

They are material safety requirements intended to prevent the leaching of harmful chemicals into food. Additionally, the design must be easy to clean and not likely to harbor bacteria and germs. Further, product performance is held to a high standard. 


A product with such a powerful motor, such as a bar blender, is bound to heat up. Internal cooling fans are essential, as excessive heat can cause product damage—a blender designed for commercial use. 

A significant portion of the noise produced by the blender can be attributed to the fan. To prevent the motor from overheating, they constantly spin when the machine is in use. Therefore, a fan that is as powerful as the engine is required. 

Sound Enclosure 

Blenders are audible; this is a proven fact. While some noise is unavoidable, constant loud noise can be annoying and uncomfortable for customers and guests. If you use the blender at home, a particularly loud blender can even disturb your neighbors. 

Sound enclosures are intended to reduce noise levels. These polycarbonate shields encompass the blenders. This shield reduces the amount of noise produced, but it may restrict access to the controls. A minor inconvenience is acceptable if it prevents permanent ear damage. 


Possessing power is advantageous but only sometimes makes something more suitable for your needs. Power must be paired with the proper components for a machine to function correctly. The most reliable bar blenders will feature metal drives, stainless steel blades, and impact-resistant blending containers. 

Settings and Functions 

Again, this will depend on the nature of your business. Depending on your needs, you can choose simple blenders with toggle switches that are easy to operate but have limited capabilities. Or, you may consider models with more dials, knobs, preset programs, and touchpads for a more excellent selection of blending functions. In a commercial setting, blenders with automated settings are highly preferred because they allow you to focus on other tasks while the blender does its job. 


Easy cleanup is necessary for blenders that work long and hard all day. Look for a model that can be easily disassembled and reassembled for a thorough cleaning, as required by safety regulations. Numerous models, such as the Blendtec, include a self-cleaning function that ensures a quick clean-up so that the blender can be used again in no time. 

How to choose the best blender for bar - FAQs

Speed: Look for blenders with between 3 and 10 speed settings. Less than three won’t give you enough control, and more than 10 settings isn’t necessary. Having a pulse button is essential, though! Power: 500 watts is generally enough for the typical blender workload, like making milkshakes and blending smoothies.

It depends on what you’re using your blender for. If you’re a frequent blender-user and want restaurant-quality purees and soups, then a more pricey blender could be a good choice. However, if you’re just use your blender to make a smoothie now and then, a more affordable option could be totally fine.

High-speed blenders have very powerful motors that make fibrous and hard foods silky-smooth. Kale leaves, spinach stems, stringy dates – they all become ultra-creamy purees in a high-speed blender. Smoothie enthusiasts love this because it lets them pack more fiber and nutrition into their drinks.

It is well made, free from bugs, and maintained or updated when it needs to be. Ideally, it works with the newest versions of Blender. Maybe it is one-of-a-kind, but maybe it isn’t

Bar blenders are pretty much intended to perform just one function. That is to turn ice, liquid, and sometimes fruit, into creamy, smooth, frozen cocktails. Of course most bar blenders can do more than that, but creating frozen drinks is their primary function.

Immersion blenders are handheld devices that allow you to press a set of small, rotating blades down into a container of ingredients and blend them as you go. Personal blenders are small blenders that allow you to mix smoothies one serving at a time and drink them right out of the pitcher.

Make sure the lid is securely on before operating. Begin processing on the lowest speed setting, then ramp up as needed. Don’t leave the blender unattended–the lid can fly off. Have a towel handy to cover the lid when gradually adding in liquids like oil to a hot puree, as steam and splattering may occur.

Best Bar Blender: Conclusions

It is undeniable that the Vitamix 5200 is an expensive investment, but considering all its features, it is the best bar blender. It can help you create the smoothest smoothies, ice-cold drinks, and even hot soup if your business requires it. 

With its preprogrammed settings and hands-free blending options, the Ninja BL642 offers the professional-grade convenience you’d expect from a blender. The blender offers the versatility of high-end blenders at an affordable price and does all the work for you. 

Blendtec Total Classic is an exceptional high-performance blender that stands out due to its mighty motor, which is ideal for commercial use. The Total Classic is equipped with manual and preprogrammed options to make life in the bar a little bit easier. 

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