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Should i sift flour for bread machine?

Flour should be sifted when preparing certain baked goods, such as cakes or brownies, but it is unnecessary for other applications. Recently, while baking bread, I had a strange thought. I was curious whether sifting the flour prior to combining it with other ingredients would affect the final product. 

Having this idea in my head, I decided to conduct my research and experiment. I made two dough batches. One batch contained regular flour, while the other used sifted flour. Both weighed the same amount. 

What were the distinctions? There were none. 

Both loaves of bread were practically identical. I only observed that the sifted flour absorbed water more efficiently. So, is there any justification for sifting flour before baking bread? 

When making bread, it is not necessary to sift the flour. The purpose of sifting flour is to incorporate more air into a mixture, but bread rises due to the CO2 produced by the yeast, and any air added at the beginning will be pushed out during kneading. If flour contains impurities or bran, it may be necessary to sieve it. 

Sifting is to aerate, separate, and soften the flour so it can be combined with other ingredients more efficiently. In many baked goods, the flour (and other dry ingredients) should be combined with the liquid until it is barely incorporated. Sifted flour will require less mixing to combine these ingredients, resulting in a superior product. 

It makes little sense to sieve bread flour. You will thoroughly combine the wet and dry ingredients during the kneading process, so there is no need to worry about aeration. 

When To Sift Flour For Dough 

Although sifting does not always result in better bread, there are circumstances in which you should consider doing it. Flour stored for an extended period may have degraded and no longer be in the best condition for use. Depending on how it was stored and what quality it was when you purchased it, you may need to sift it before use for the following reasons. 


Certain flours may contain impurities that can be removed through sifting. These impurities may affect the bread’s rise or texture, so you’ll likely want to remove them. 

Flourcan also be infested with insects such as flour mites and weevils, which are unpleasant to discover. You can sift the mites out of the flour before using it, even though you’ll probably want to throw them away after spotting them. Keep in mind that this will not remove every egg. 

It is up to you to decide what to do if you have flour bugs, as they are harmless and have no effect on the bread. 

Lumpy Flour 

When flour is exposed to a humid environment, it can absorb some of the humidity in the air and begin to clump. When mixed, these clumps frequently do not disperse properly, causing several irritating complications. 

If your flour contains lumps, sift it and return it to the container. Thus, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with awkward lumps and that it will be ready to use the following time. 

Undesirable Bran 

If you intend to bake bread with bran-containing flour, sifting out at least some of the bran will likely improve the rise. The bran inhibits gluten formation and prevents the bread from rising significantly. Without the bran, creating a much stronger gluten network is possible, allowing the dough to grow more effectively. 

Passing the flour through a sieve with a fine mesh will reveal that larger particles have not entirely passed through. This reduces the fiber content of the flour, but it can still be used. Set it aside while you prepare the dough. Continue to make the dough as usual, but before proofing and baking, coat the shaped dough in bran. 

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