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Best Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a classic Thanksgiving side dish. This year, make sure your potatoes are the star of the show by using the best hand mixer for mashed potatoes.  

A quality hand mixer will make your potatoes light and fluffy, while a sub-par model will leave them heavy and dense. With so many different mixers on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.  

That’s where we come in! In this post, we’ll recommend four of the best hand mixers for mashed potatoes and give you a few tips on how to use them. Let’s get started! 

Best Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes 

If you’re looking for the best hand mixer for mashed potatoes, look no further. In this post, we’ll recommend three mixers that are perfect for making fluffy, delicious mashed potatoes.  

So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, we’ve got the perfect mixer for you! Keep reading to learn more. 

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1. BLACK+DECKER Helix Performance Premium 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer
Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer
  • 5 Speeds + Turbo Boost
  • 250-Watt Motor
  • Helix Beaters
  • Includes – 2 helix beaters, 2 dough hooks, 1 wire whisk, and a snap-on storage case
  • Reinforced Nylon Beaters
  • Snap-On Storage Case
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Hand mixers, such as the Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer blur the distinction between manual stirring and stand mixing.

They are more mobile and can reach challenging angles when mixing batters and doughs. Hand mixers must be powerful enough to handle thick mixtures while remaining lightweight enough to avoid fatigue in your shoulder or arm.

Additionally, they require simple-to-use attachments and storage. We put the Helix through its paces. Continue reading to learn how it performed and whether you should consider adding it to your kitchen.

pros PROS
  • Excellent color choices
  • Case with snap-on lid
  • Inexpensive
cons CONS
  • Attachments are difficult to remove
  • High speeds are required for thick doughs.
  • At high speeds, it’s pretty loud.


The Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer is a design that combines strength and simplicity. It lacks some of the more expensive models' extra features, such as increased speeds or LCD displays. The speeds are adequate for light cooking. However, if you're a severe baker who uses a hand mixer multiple times a week, the Helix may be insufficient.

We particularly liked the mixer's flat back, which doubles as a stand. This feature was included in each hand mixer we tested. However, because the Helix's cord exits from the side rather than the bottom, it fared better in our tests than some of the other models.

All accessories are conveniently stored in the cleverly designed storage case, which doubles as a snap-on cover for the mixer. The auto-eject button makes cleanup a breeze by quickly disconnecting the dishwasher-safe mixing tools.

Additionally, you can avoid messes by using the heel and bowl rest, which allows the mixer to sit upright on the bowl's edge.

This set includes two helix beaters, two dough hooks, and one wire whisk, enabling you to whip up cake quickly and cookie batters, bread doughs, spreads and dips, homemade whipped cream, and whipped cream egg whites for a delicious meringue.

Finally, the Helix is available in eight different colors. The Helix will be a welcome addition to your design scheme for those who enjoy color-coordinating your kitchen appliances. Some of the colors are pretty retro, perfect for those who can't get enough mid-century modern.


By maximizing beater overlap and mixing ingredients in multiple directions, the advanced helix design optimizes mixing performance. Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer features reinforced nylon beaters that provide double the surface area and double the mixing performance of standard nylon beaters.

The 250-watt motor has five speeds, one of which is reduced to help prevent splatters. Additionally, a unique turbo boost boosts the power at each mixing speed, quickly combining thick ingredients.

The Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer is not a model with a lot of features. Five manually adjustable speeds and a turbo boost button are included. The turbo boost is activated only while the button is pressed. We used it a few times when our doughs became too thick. Vibrations and shaking increased as the speed increased.

The only other features are the attachment release and storage case. The storage case is by far the superior of the two. It features a notch cut out on the side for the cord, which keeps it neatly tucked away when not in use.

Three different recipes were used to evaluate the Helix: chocolate chip cookie dough, pancake batter, and bread dough. We were confident that it would perform admirably with pancake batter, but the other two require vigorous hand mixing.

Creaming butter and sugar together was required for the cookie dough recipe. We neglected to defrost the butter in advance, coming straight from the deep freeze. We microwaved it to soften it, but it remained slightly frozen.

The bread dough presented the same difficulties as the cookie dough—a thick mixture that requires the beaters in part and the dough hooks in part. The Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer was capable of mixing the bread dough at its maximum speed. At the conclusion, it shook and whirred loudly, but it worked. We did not use it for the entire time, preferring to knead it by hand because the hooks break up the dough.

The Helix produces a great deal of shaking and noise. However, given the price, it performed admirably.

Should you buy Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer?

The Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium is a cost-effective hand mixer. You're preceding different speeds and a few other benefits in exchange for a lower price. However, it is an excellent model for casual cooking.

It has the speed necessary for thicker mixes and a turbo function for quick bursts or dense combinations. Additionally, it receives a thumbs up for the included storage case. There is nothing more frustrating than attempting to locate all of the components for your kitchen appliances.

We would highly recommend the Black+Decker Helix Performance Premium Hand Mixer if you're on a budget and only intend to use it occasionally, as it excels at basic mixing.

2. Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

No product found

3. Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer

No product found

4. KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer
KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer
  • #1 Mixer Brand in the World*
  • 5 Speeds
  • 120 Volts
  • Lockable Swivel Cord
  • Beater Ejector Button
  • Stainless Steel Turbo Beater™ Accessories
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The KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer is ideal for almost all mixing tasks. Five speeds enable you to perform various tasks, from stirring to whipping, and the heavy-duty turbo beaters can handle even the heaviest ingredients.

When not in use, this KitchenAid compact hand mixer tucks easily into a cabinet or drawer. While blending, the cord-locking mechanism keeps it out of the way, and the cord is smooth and round for easy cleaning.

pros PROS
  • With 60 watts of power, this mixer provides more excellent mixing capability.
  • Dishwasher-safe components make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
  • Five built-in speeds enable you to mix ingredients for a wide variety of recipes.
cons CONS
  • Ordinary build may break easily


The design of KitchenAid is timeless. It is available in many colors that suit your kitchen. The mixer has two stainless steel turbo beaters that are dishwasher safe.

Swivel Cord with Lock allows the user to approach the ingredients from any angle and minimize tangles; they incorporated a lockable swivel cord that can be fastened to the hand mixer's left or right side.

Due to the product's high quality and durability, its smooth surface makes it simple to wipe clean without messing. Additionally, the swivel chord may be simply cleaned with a moist cloth.

The button for ejecting the beater enables the user to rapidly remove the hand mixer's accessories (Stainless Turbo Beater TM II). To remove the accessory from the product, press the button once.

They included a unique element to boost the user's comfort and performance while using the product by creating it with a comfort-designed handle. This feature is included to alleviate tiredness associated with lengthy and strenuous mixing procedures. The controls are located in a handy area that eliminates swapping hands.


The KitchenAid ultra-powerful 5-speed hand mixer is ideal for practically all mixing tasks. Five speeds and two stainless steel turbo beater attachments give you the power and control you need to make your favorite cookie dough, mashed potatoes, and more.

It will enable you to mix items at various speeds, which is a critical feature for a hand mixer. A feature may mix components from a leisurely stir to a vigorous whip with a single touch.

Levels 1 and 2 are ideal for slowly incorporating chunky components like chips and nuts. Level 3 corresponds to a medium speed suitable for whipping egg whites or cream.

Finally, levels 4 and 5 are excellent for smoothing out the texture of your doughs. Additionally, it features a quiet but powerful DC motor.

It has Soft Start to avoid splattering the contents of the mixing bowl. It would be best if you began at a low pace and gradually increased to the user-selected constant speed.

Shoul you buy KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer?

The KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer is an economical mixer that should be in any person's house or restaurant. Because the hand mixer is not large and cumbersome, it can be easily stored without taking up much space.

We've already provided an in-depth evaluation of the KitchenAid KHM512MY 5-speed Ultra Power hand mixer. If you're looking for the best hand mixer on the market at a reasonable price, we recommend the KitchenAid KHM512MY.

With all of the features mentioned above, perks, and advantages, you are sure to enjoy the best cooking and baking experience of your life!

5. VonShef 5-Speed Hand Mixer

No product found

6. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Best Seller
Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer
Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer
  • 275 Watts of peak power
  • Versatile with 6 Speeds and QuickBurst
  • No more lost beaters — they conveniently store in the snap-on case
  • Bowl Rest feature stabilizes mixer on the edge of the bowl when not in use
  • The mixer has a nonskid heel that reduces tipping
BrandHamilton Beach
MaterialStainless Steel
Model NamePower Deluxe 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Snap-On
Wattage275 watts
Voltage110 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH9.4 x 5.8 x 9.9 inches
Number of Speeds6
Item Weight2.97 Pounds
Is Dishwasher SafeYes
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If you're searching for a reasonably priced hand mixer that maintains a high level of reliability and quality, the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is a good alternative. Unlike other hand mixers in this price range, they are constructed with care and include enough additional functionality to make them suitable for multiple chefs of varying abilities.

Among these features is a clear case that clips to the bottom of your mixer. This significantly simplifies storage because you won't have to hunt for your mixer accessories. Another feature is the bowl rest, which allows you to rest the mixer on the bowl's lip while you tend to something else in the kitchen.

pros PROS
  • Affordable
  • Six speeds and a QuickBurst button are included.
  • The slower speed initially reduces the likelihood of the mixture spilling and creating a mess.
  • It includes beaters and whisks as additional accessories.
  • Ease of usage as a result of the Bowl Rest feature
  • Snap-on storage container to protect accessories from being lost
  • A mixer that is durable and long-lasting
cons CONS
  • Mixing speeds may not be as slow to reduce splatter
  • The motor may give off smoke or spark


Hamilton Beach hand mixer handles are ergonomically designed for maximum control and comfort. The mixer's unique Bowl rest feature allows it to sit on the edge of the bowl, preventing messy drips.

Snap-On storage cases conveniently organize attachments and cords, so you don't have to search for them each time.

Multiple attachments are available with various hand mixers, ranging from traditional beaters to wire beaters, whisks, dough hooks, and milkshake attachments.


This product is lightweight and features six speeds in addition to a boost button. Rapid bursts will instantly raise the speed and give the mix a lift. The Quickburst button is adjustable in speed. The hand mixer has classic whisks and chrome beaters for optimal mixing in the shortest amount of time.

The outstanding feature of this hand blender is that it minimizes spatter due to its unique low-velocity mechanism. Additionally, it includes a bowl rest to protect your counter from messy batters. Additionally, the Quick burst button allows you to mix even the most difficult ingredients.

The hand mixer has a peak mixing power of 275 watts, which is more than enough to get the job done, whether you're baking homemade cookies, preparing mashed potatoes, or whipping cream to top the homemade pie.

A slower initial speed helps keep ingredients in the mixing bowl and is ideal for folding dry ingredients such as flour into cake batter or combining liquids.

Shoul you buy Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer?

It has an excellent rating on Amazon, indicating that most consumers were happy. It is straightforward to use and can assist in mixing eggs, whisking cream, or even mashing potatoes. However, if you seek a mixer that will last a long time, this may not be the most excellent option.

This Hamilton Beach mixer is an excellent choice for people in the market for a low-cost, easy-to-use hand mixer. It features a 250-watt engine and six distinct speed levels, including a burst mode for adding a little extra power to any speed setting.

With its convenient bowl rest, you may set the mixer down to add additional ingredients or double-check something in your recipe book. Additionally, it includes a snap-on storage case, which eliminates the need to hunt through drawers to locate your whisks.

7. KitchenAid KHM7210CU 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

No product found

8. Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Best Seller
Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer
Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer
  • 220 watts of power with automatic feedback
  • Chrome-plated Cuisinart logo band
  • Easy-to-use speed control and beater eject lever
  • Swivel cord for right-handed or left-handed use
  • Extra-long self-cleaning beaters with no center posts
  • Spatula, instruction and recipe book included
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This Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer effortlessly blends even the most difficult ingredients.
With a single touch, the slide control transforms dense cookie dough into whipped cream.

This 200-Watt motor with automatic feedback can mix anything from light whipped toppings to the heaviest cookie dough.

Plus, cleanup is a breeze. It included a few of our favorite recipes at the back of this book so that you can get creative with your new mixer! What could be more desirable?

pros PROS
  • Excellent design
  • The build quality is excellent.
  • Outstanding in terms of performance.
  • Extremely simple to use and maintain
  • Perfect for routine baking jobs
  • Extra-long beaters are far too compelling for precise mixing.
cons CONS
  • Even at the lowest speed, the mixer is mighty.
  • Noisy
  • Not includes dough hooks.


This product is available in 14 vibrant colors, making it simple to select your favorite. However, this appliance's good appearance is not its only selling point. Five different speeds are selectable via the simple sliding control for one-touch operation and extra-long beaters.

The chrome-plated logo and stainless steel attachments make this product ideal for many people. Unlike many other items, this hand mixer is constructed of robust and long-lasting components.

It features a balanced design and an ergonomic grip that fits your hand pleasantly while using it. Additionally, the machine is not overly heavy, causing minor strain on your hands or arms. It is pretty simple to operate and enables you to perform various mixing tasks with no effort.

The beater is equipped with an unusual swivel rope that rotates. It can be positioned to suit the preferences of left- or right-handed users. Another fantastic feature of this mixer is the heel rest, which allows the appliance to rest comfortably on the countertop without causing unpleasant drips.


The Power Advantage HM-50 5 Speed Hand Mixer is a heavy-duty mixer that quickly whips up thick batters. Easily change speeds one-handedly. For family favorites and new ingredient adventures!

With 220 W of power, the mixer is more than capable of handling even the most demanding mixing chores. This one also includes an automatic feedback mechanism for the most sophisticated performance. It provides the mixer with more power while mixing big loads. As a result, it ensures a smooth operation conducive to precise mixing.

This Cuisinart model has five speeds for increased versatility. Thus, depending on the dish type, we'll progress from a gradual stir to a quick whip. Additionally, changing the speed is a breeze thanks to the sliding speed control, which puts total comfort at your fingers.

Shoul you buy Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer?

The Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer is great for preparing things that will be baked or simmered in a skillet pot. The included beater is extra-long and wide, resulting in increased performance. We recommend this product for daily use to our readers.

This is a great hand mixer for almost anyone, with simple-to-use features that allow you to easily switch from dense cookie dough to whipped cream with a single touch, courtesy of the slide control. Additionally, this powerful motor with automatic feedback can perform any mixing tasks your recipes require.

How do you like your mashed potatoes?  

Do you prefer buttery, creamy goodness with every bite, or are you more of a chunky, chive-studded kind of gal? 

Whether you’re enjoying them with dinner on Thanksgiving Day or hosting the whole family for Christmas dinner at your place, there’s one thing that’s inevitable: you’ll be making mashed potatoes for one or more of your holiday meals. It’s practically a cardinal rule, and no holiday meal is complete without them! 

Everyone has their own way of making mashed potatoes. Some people prefer to use milk instead of cream, some like to add horseradish, some swear by garlic-flavored mashed potatoes, and some insist on cream cheese. No matter how you slice it (or dice it), mashed potatoes are a yummy side dish that can be served with anything from appetizers to main courses. 

Going out for Thanksgiving dinner this year? Try these mashed potato recipes at home! 

Why Should You Mash Potatoes By Hand Mixer? 

Before the invention of mechanical potato mashers, people mashed potatoes with forks. It took a lot of patience and energy to get them smooth enough, but it was not impossible (although you might have to take a break halfway through).  

After the invention of mechanical potato mashers, people could get their potatoes smooth in less time and with less effort. Today even an electric mixer can be used to do this task. So why would anyone want to mash them by hand? 

There are three reasons you should use an old-fashioned hand mixer to mash your potatoes: 

The taste will be better.  

Once you realize how wonderful potatoes mashed by a hand mixer can be, you’ll want to make them this way all the time.           

It’s more fun.  

The experience is more rewarding when you do it yourself instead of using a machine.          

Your potatoes will be fluffier. 

With modern kitchen tools, it is easier to under-mash or over-mash your potatoes. By using a hand mixer, you can’t put in too little effort, and they’ll still come out perfectly fine. It is fun to watch the process and the result is a fluffy, creamy bowl of potatoes. 

Try it out! It’s cheap and easy to do with a little practice. And you’ll never go back to using a mixer ever again. 

Step By Step How To Mash Potatoes By Hand Mixer 

A hand mixer can be used to mash potatoes. It is quick, easy, and it gives you fluffy mashed potatoes. Here are the steps: 

First put your peeled white potatoes in water so they don’t oxidize (turn brown) while you get everything else ready. Then get them out. Make sure they are cut into small pieces. 

Next you will want to get a large pot and fill it with water about an inch from the top. Then put the burner on high until the water comes to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, take them off the stove for now. 

In a small bowl, mix some salt and pepper, maybe 1/2 teaspoon of each. Then get another bowl and pour in some milk or cream, about 1/2 cup. 

Now take your potatoes out of the water and drain them over a colander. Then dump the boiled hot water out of the pot. Put half a stick of butter into it with one tablespoon of flour, then put them on the burner and put the burner on medium. Then pour in your milk with cream mixture. While you are stirring, add about half of the salt and pepper mix you made earlier. 

Next take a large spoon and stick it into one of your potatoes then stick that potato into the pot and give it a push to get more potatoes in. Keep sticking potatoes into the pot and stirring. Keep doing that until you run out of potatoes, or the butter/cream mix runs out (whichever comes first). 

At this point, you should be able to mash your potatoes with a potato masher. But if they are still too chunky for you, just keep mashing them until they look the way you want them to look. 

Then when they are all mashed together, just take a spoon and serve them into a bowl or onto a plate. Garnish with salt, pepper, garlic powder, chives, rosemary – whatever you think goes well with your potatoes! 

Note: If there is any left-over butter/cream mix, you can always put it back on the burner and boil it again. Then pour it over your potatoes like gravy! 

Factors to consider when buying Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes 

Although it is not as good as a stand mixer, a hand mixer can do your mixing for you easily and quickly. They are also affordable and easy to store when not in use. If you’re thinking about buying one of these mixers, here are some factors that should guide your choice: 


How much will be mixed at one time? If you are mixing large batches of things all the time, then it is probably best for you to choose a standard size mixer. However, if your needs are more modest, consider buying a mini hand mixer instead. 

Mixing speed 

How fast do you need the mixer to mix? The more speeds that are available, the more flexibility you have when choosing a speed that is ideal for the task at hand. In addition to different speeds, some mixers may also include a turbo mode–one touch of this gives added power to help the mixer perform faster and better. 

Number of attachments 

Do you have any other kitchen tasks that require a stand mixer? If so, you may want to consider getting one mixer for your kitchen instead of multiple ones. Most hand mixers come with at least two attachments–a whisk and beaters.  

Some more advanced models also include an attachment called a dough hook just like real stand mixers do. Other than that, some brands even offer additional add-ons such as a vegetable slicer and fruit juices. 

Built-in storage 

Although most hand mixers are lightweight, they can still be bulky to store away after use. Since you will probably keep it in your kitchen counter most of the time, find one that is designed with storage features such as removable attachments or built-in hooks for easy storage. 


How much are you willing to spend on a hand mixer? Although prices can range widely, most hand mixers will give you good value for your money.  

However, it is still best that you shop around since there are some hand mixers that are not worth the price they ask for. Read reviews of other buyers who bought the mixer to help you make an informed decision. 

FAQs About Hand Mixer For Mashed Potatoes

A small handheld kitchen appliance with beaters and other attachments for mixing and blending foodstuffs, such as eggs, cream, batters, doughs or liquids. It works like an electric mixer but has no electrical parts (no plug). For the sake of this article, we will call it a “hand mixer”. 

A kitchen utensil that is used to crush solids, such as cooked potatoes, while pressing out the lumps and grains, tends to have more of a “mashed” consistency than being entirely smooth. For this article we will call it a “potato masher” or “masher”. 

No, they are not. The reasons for that will become obvious as you read on. 

The process of mashing potatoes with a hand mixer to achieve the same consistency as when you are mashing them with a potato masher. 

That is how the title of this article suggests doing it, but if you prefer “Mash potatoes…” or something else feel free to replace “mash” in all paragraphs with your alternative phrasing. 

No, don’t be silly. Using a knife would be both dangerous and difficult to clean up. 

No. Food processors are designed with cutting vegetables in mind, not mashing them into potatoes or anything else for that matter. 

No. Mixers are designed to handle various types of ingredients, but mashing potatoes is not one of them.

No. Blenders are designed to break things down into soups, stews, sauces and other liquids, but potatoes do not make good soup, stew or sauce on their own (unlike applesauce). 

No. Food mills are designed to process everything you put into them at once so a little bit at a time by switching up between different types of blades depending on what you need. Mashing potatoes would require too much pausing and unpausing because the blade you need to use is too specific for this kind of task. 

No, don’t be silly. Potato ricers are designed with squashing potatoes into noodle-like pasta shapes in mind (because that’s what makes good, mashed potatoes), but they do not mash the potatoes smoothly enough to make good, mashed potatoes. 

No. Mortar and pestles are designed with crushing ingredients into powdery or paste-like substances in mind (because that’s what makes good sauce), but they do not mash the potatoes smoothly enough to make good mashed potatoes. 

No. Assuming that you are using the exact same ingredients, proportions and utensils for both mashing potatoes by hand mixer and mashing them with a potato masher, they should taste identical. 

They most likely have not been cooked long enough. Turn up the heat on your stove to high and stir constantly until they start boiling, then let them boil for another 5 minutes or so. 

They were probably not cooked long enough and/or you might have stirred them too vigorously at some point. Turn down the heat on your stove to medium-low and stir more slowly until they start boiling, then keep stirring for another 5 minutes or so. 

They were not cooked thoroughly, so some of the milk/cream/butter you added was not absorbed by the potatoes causing it to pool at the surface. Increase the heat on your stove and boil longer until they start boiling, then keep boiling for 5 minutes or so. 


So, what are the best hand mixers for mashed potatoes? The Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Hand Mixer is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time or patience to cook.  

It has an easy grip handle and whisk attachment that will save your wrist from fatigue. The Hamilton Beach 62625 mixer also does well with mixing up creamy mashed potatoes, but it doesn’t come with any attachments other than beaters.  

If you want something more versatile then the KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultrapower Stand Mixer might be better suited for your needs because it comes equipped with two whisks, dough hooks, flat beater and round beater attachments in one place where you can simply attach and detach as needed. 

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